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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 77: Graceful Words, Flowery Speech

Chapter 77: Graceful Words, Flowery Speech

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“Envoy Huangfu, please hurry and rise. This consort had just arrived as well. Actually… it’s truly improper for this consort to meet with you like this, but this consort couldn’t help but worry that it was something urgent after you sent three messages in a row. Envoy, if you have something to say, please say it. This consort can’t stay here for long.” Due to her upbringing, although Huan Caier was already overjoyed to the point she could barely stop herself from jumping around inside, she maintained a troubled expression on her face.

“Junxiu had been presumptuous, but Junxiu seriously could not take this yearning anymore. Ever since Junxiu’s first meeting with Your Highness, Junxiu had not been able to forget Your Highness’s celestial-like beauty. In a few days, Junxiu will have to leave Chu with Austere Prince. If Junxiu didn’t see Your Highness once before that, Junxiu will probably die from longing,” said Huangfu Junxiu, his brows tightly furrowed. His good-looking eyes were flickering with unconcealable adoration.

After Chu Moxin had suggested using seduction, Huangfu Junxiu had thought through things carefully. He had come here with a task, so as long as he could succeed in the task the crown prince had entrusted to him, even if he had to resort to some slightly disgraceful means, it didn’t matter!

“Huangfu… Envoy Huangfu, do you understand what you’re saying?” Huan Caier was astonished by Huangfu Junxiu’s confession and for a moment, didn’t know how to respond. Yao Mowan who was watching from the shadows sighed. She had overestimated Huangfu Junxiu’s adherence to principles!

“Junxiu knows that these words are a little sudden, but Junxiu really doesn’t want to have this regret of not having confessed to Your Highness. Junxiu knows that Junxiu’s status is humble and cannot match up to Your Highness, but Junxiu is satisfied just to let Your Highness know that there exists another person in this world whose dreams are captivated by Your Highness.” Huangfu Junxiu kept a flawlessly sincere expression on his face as he said these honeyed lies that made him disgusted to the point he felt the urge to vomit.

“You… You really have fallen in love with this consort at first sight?” If it weren’t for the moonlight, Huangfu Junxiu definitely would’ve seen the flush on Huan Caier’s cheeks.

“Junxiu swears on the heavens that if any of Junxiu’s words were lies, let the skies send lightning to strike Junxiu to ashes! Let…” As Huangfu Junxiu was making these harsh vows, Huan Caier had already moved forward to press her finger against his lips.

“Envoy, no need to continue. This consort believes you.” When Yao Mowan heard Huan Caier say this, she started to despair. It seemed that her past efforts were going to go to waste.

“Your Highness… However, you’re a noble consort of great Chu and Junxiu is a subject of Shu. After this parting, it’ll be hard to even meet again…” Huangfu Junxiu took advantage of this moment to take Huan Caier’s hands. When he saw that she didn’t resist, he was inwardly relieved.

“Actually…” Huan Caier hesitated in her words when she recalled her father’s warning.

In the shadows, Ye Junqing suddenly felt pain from his arm. He looked towards Yao Mowan and saw that she was completely focused on Huan Caier. However, she was grabbing his arm tightly with both hands in clear nervousness.

“Actually, even if Junxiu can’t see Your Highness, Junxiu will still hang a painting of Your Highness up in the room so that Your Highness can be the first thing Junxiu sees upon waking.” Huangfu Junxiu looked towards Huan Caier with an extremely gentle gaze as his lips curved charmingly.

“Junxiu… Actually, compared to Chu Moxin, isn’t it a better choice to follow Chu Mobei?” Huan Caier couldn’t stop herself from asking. This was the first time in her life that she had encountered someone that stirred her heart. Although she was a noble consort, she viewed Ye Hongyi only as a tool to stabilize the Huan family’s power. Their relationship was only that of mutual utilization. However, what woman didn’t wish to encounter someone they admire from the heart and have a soul-stirring romance?

“Your Highness… What do you mean? Junxiu has always been serving the crown prince?” Huangfu Junxiu looked towards Huan Caier in confusion.

“Aren’t you Chu Moxin’s strategist? Could it be that you’re serving him as a pretense?” asked Huan Caier with hard to conceal excitement.

“Why would Your Highness say this? Regardless of whether it’s the austere prince or Junxiu, we are both whole-heartedly loyal to the crown prince. There is no pretense!” Huangfu Junxiu was completely confused.

“Are you trying to trick this consort?” Huan Caier looked at Huangfu Junxiu warily as her heart prickled with pain. The news that Father had obtained was completely different from what Huangfu Junxiu was currently saying. There was only one truth, and there was no way Father would lie to her.

“Junxiu dares to swear on the lives of all nine extended clans that everything he had said earlier is true. In reality, His Majesty the crown prince has heard that Sire Huan Heng has been facing oppression in court and due to Ye Hongyi’s lack of trust, he has also gotten his military power taken away. The crown prince felt heartache hearing that such a good general is suffering such undeserved humiliation which was why he commanded Huangfu Junxiu to come with the austere prince to get in touch with General Huan. If General Huan is willing to seek asylum in great Shu, His Majesty the crown prince will definitely welcome him as an honored guest and hand over control of the military power in ten regions to General Huan!” Huangfu Junxiu straightforwardly revealed his purpose since no matter what, he had to take advantage of this chance.

“Is that really true?” Huan Caier felt like her head was buzzing. Huangfu Junxiu had dared to swear upon the lives of his clan so he was definitely telling the truth, but hadn’t Chu Mobei sent secret envoys to make negotiations a long time ago?

“If Your Highness does not believe Junxiu, Junxiu can have Austere Prince meet with you.” Huangfu Junxiu sensed the astonishment in Huan Caier’s tone and spoke to reassure her.

“Wait… Let this consort think about this properly… What you mean is that Chu Mobei has never sent someone to make negotiation with my father and I?” Huan Caier’s face was pale and she fell back weakly against a tree trunk, her eyelashes trembling. If the person who has been making contact with Father all this time wasn’t someone Chu Mobei sent, then who was that person? And why was he pretending to be a secret envoy from great Shu? Could it be Ye Hongyi? If it was, then Huan Residence was done for!

“Junxiu doesn’t understand what Your Highness means?” Huangfu Junxiu frowned slightly, confused by Huan Caier’s reaction.

“Just answer this consort. Did Chu Mobei send anyone to make contact with this consort’s father before sending you?” asked Huan Caier, her voice trembling slightly.

“His Majesty the crown prince… Should’ve send a secret envoy to get in touch with Sire Huan first…” replied Huangfu Junxiu very slowly. It was difficult for him to get these words out because saying these words were a completely gamble.

Yao Mowan who was watching from the shadows just felt that Huan Caier was seriously dumb. If it had been her, she would’ve also given the same reply as Huangfu Junxiu! It seemed that it was time for her to personally make an appearance.

“Are you sure?” Even though Huan Caier had feelings for Huangfu Junxiu, there was no way she could not care about the lives of the Huan Residence. When she heard the hesitation in Huangfu Junxiu’s voice, her heart chilled.

“Junxiu is certain!” Huangfu Junxiu nodded firmly.

“This consort is tired…” Huan Caier felt like her head was a mess. She needed some time to think.

“Your Highness, what about what Junxiu has said?” Huangfu Junxiu walked forward urgently to ask.

“Allow this consort to think about it! Before that, this consort can’t meet with you again.” Huan Caier staggered a little as she walked and left the garden in low spirits. Huangfu Junxiu stood there for a long time before leaving helplessly.

After the two of them left, Ye Junqing abruptly got up with a frown.

“Chu Mobei is seriously going too far, to actually dare to recruit inside the Chu palace!” said Ye Junqing indignantly.

“Mosquitoes don’t sting flawless eggs. If it weren’t for the fact that Ye Hongyi was too suspicious and took away Huan Heng’s military power, how could this opportunity have appeared for Chu Mobei to exploit?” Yao Mowan walked slowly to Ye Junqing’s side, her eyes extremely calm.

“As a general, what he views as most important is the emperor’s trust. Ye Hongyi’s doings have indeed hurt Huan Heng, but this prince’s just worried…” Ye Junqing restrained the indignance in his heart and spoke worriedly.

“Is Prince worried that Huan Heng will leave great Chu? He won’t, he doesn’t have that chance anymore.” A captivating smile spread over Yao Mowan’s lips as she said this softly.


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