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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 79: The Little Prince Has Gotten Poisoned

Chapter 79: The Little Prince Has Gotten Poisoned

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Right at this time, Ting Yue suddenly rushed in from outside.

“Your Highness, it’s terrible! Fluffy and Jewel have disappeared! This servant has searched the entire imperial palace, but they were nowhere to be found!” Ting Yue knew that Fluffy and Jewel mattered a lot to her master, so she hastily came in to report this.

“They have eight legs total, so of course you can’t find them!” Before Yao Mowan even had the chance to speak, Chu Moxin had already snapped back in a displeased tone.

“Your Highness?” Ting Yue looked towards Yao Mowan for instructions.

“It’s fine, you can withdraw for now.” Yao Mowan glanced at Chu Moxin, then looked towards Ting Yue. She only shifted her gaze back to Chu Moxin once Ting Yue had left.

“It’s best if you release them. If they get thinner or lose even a single strand of fur, this consort will make you pay for it in full!” Although Yao Mowan cared for Chu Moxin, it didn’t mean that she would allow him to do whatever he wanted. Even if he was angry with her, that didn’t mean he could take it out on the people around her, especially when it was two innocent cats.

“Do you think this prince has that much free time? What would this prince catch them for?” Chu Moxin avoided Yao Mowan’s gaze, then lifted the porcelain bowl to take big gulps of the soup.

“This consort also wants to know why a grand prince holds such a grudge against two cats… Are you alright?” Originally Yao Mowan wanted to tease him a little, but she found that Chu Moxin had started frowning and his facial color had turned deathly pale. His forehead soon became covered with cold sweat.

“I… I’m fine!” Chu Moxin suddenly felt a blunt ache in his heart like someone had hit it hard with a hammer.

“Austere Prince, are you really alright?” Ye Junqing saw that Chu Moxin’s hand was shaking as he held the porcelain bowl and his legs were trembling uncontrollably as sweat dripped down his face.

“I’m… Pfff!” Before Chu Moxin could even finish his words, he abruptly coughed a mouthful of blood. When Ye Junqing saw this, he immediately looked towards Yao Mowan.

“I didn’t do anything! Someone! Hurry and call for an imperial physician!” After recovering from her shock, Yao Mowan hastily went up to support Chu Moxin. Almost at the same time, Huangfu Junxiu walked in from outside.

“Little Prince… Little Prince! What’s happening? Yao Mowan! Why’s the prince in this state? Was it you that poisoned him?” After what happened before, the first person Huangfu Junxiu thought of was Yao Mowan.

“Saving the austere prince first is more important!” Ye Junqing’s expression was grave as he quickly moved to seal Chu Moxin’s meridians. Following that, he pressed his palm against Chu Moxin’s back to transfer energy to him.

“If anything happens to the little prince, the crown prince will definitely send an army to attack Chu and make sure you two die without an intact corpse!” Huangfu Junxiu felt like his heart was breaking when he saw Chu Moxin’s agonized expression.

“Junxiu… Cough cough… This prince commands you… Don’t tell Big Brother about this incident… You hear me?” Chu Moxin grabbed Huangfu Junxiu’s collar. His stern gaze was sharp like that of an eagle’s, but every word he spoke seemed to take all of his strength and blood spilled out the corners of his lips, soaking his garments.

“Prince! Why!?” Huangfu Junxiu hugged Chu Moxin as he asked this sorrowfully.

“This prince says you can’t, so you can’t… Cough cough… Don’t worry, this prince has a strong life. If not, this prince wouldn’t have caused Imperial Mother’s death…” Chu Moxin forced a smile. His gaze slowly shifted towards Yao Mowan, then his vision went dark.

“Imperial physician… Hurry and call an imperial physician!” In that instantly when Chu Moxin closed his eyes, the image of Zhong er‘s soft pinks cheeks suddenly appeared in Yao Mowan’s mind. The way he had looked towards her made her heart tremble with unbearable sorrow and heartache.

“Little Prince! Prince! Yao Mowan, Ye Junqing! If anything happens to Prince, Huangfu Junxiu will definitely make you two pay! The crown prince will not let this go! Great Shu will not let this go!” After vowing this, Huangfu Junxiu hastily carried Chu Moxin out of Guan Osprey Palace’s main hall.

“Moxin… Please be alright… I beg you…” Tears streamed down Yao Mowan’s cheeks and she staggered as she moved to follow them, but Ye Junqing pulled her back.

“You can’t go over there right now! His Majesty will soon be here. In this state, how are you going to conceal anything from His Majesty?” Ye Junqing sensed Yao Mowan’s abnormality and hastily reminded her.

“I beg you, save him! I’m begging you… He can’t die… He can’t die!” Her taut nerves completely snapped and she knelt down in front of Ye Junqing to clench the hems of his clothing. Her tears overflowed like a breached dike. Her Zhong er had barely come to this world for a day, he had been still so small! Why!? The Heavens were unjust!

“Mowan…” Ye Junqing looked at Yao Mowan in astonishment. He couldn’t bring himself to believe Yao Mowan’s reaction. She was actually kneeling in front of him for Chu Moxin’s sake? In this instant, he couldn’t imagine what would happen to Yao Mowan if Chu Moxin actually died.

“Ting Yue, hurry and help your master to her bedroom. Don’t worry, this prince won’t let him die! Since this prince has promised you this, this prince will definitely achieve it!” Ye Junqing helped Yao Mowan up with both hands as he said this with a determined gaze. Yao Mowan had gone so far as to kneel to him, so he must save Chu Moxin.

“I believe you! Junqing, you’re the only one I believe in this world!” Yao Mowan grabbed Ye Junqing’s hands tightly as tears blurred her vision. She believed that if there existed someone in this world that could save her Zhong er, that person would be Ye Junqing.

“Your Highness, don’t be like this, the little austere prince will be fine. This servant will help you back to the room.” Just as Ting Yue reached out, Yao Mowan fainted.

“Esteemed Prince?” Ting Yue caught Yao Mowan in a fluster.

“Look after your master carefully. This prince will be back soon!” As Ye Junqing took in Yao Mowan’s unnaturally pale complexion, he felt like countless vines were tightly wrapping around his heart and stifling him.

When Ye Junqing walked into the west wing, there were at least five of the imperial physicians that had come with Chu Moxin surrounding the bed. The other three imperial physicians from the palace couldn’t really get involved, so they just waited at the side.

“How is the little prince?” Huangfu Junxiu looked towards the imperial physicians worriedly.

“Sire, it’s not good. This is a fatal poison. Although his meridians have been sealed, the poison is too strong and has already started permeating his heart. We subjects can do nothing to reverse this!” reported the imperial physicians with bitter helplessness.

“No… You must cure the little prince! Otherwise you all can just wait to be buried with him!” Huangfu Junxiu abruptly lifted an imperial physician by his collar, his eyes bloodshot.

“Sire, even if you kill us now, we’d still be helpless! Crane’s Red-Crown in addition with La Yan Sand is something that not even a descended immortal would be able to cure!” The imperial physician didn’t struggle. They too, wished to save Chu Moxin, but reality was harsh. No one was capable of curing such a fatal poison.

“Let this prince try!” said Ye Junqing coldly as he strode towards the bed.

“Stay away! If it weren’t for you and Yao Mowan, how could the little prince have become like this!?” Huangfu Junxiu blocked Ye Junqing’s way and glared at him hostilely.

“This incident has nothing to do with this prince and Noble Consort Yao. If you wish for Chu Moxin to die, then just continue standing here! If you want him to still have a chance at survival, move aside!” said Ye Junqing forcefully.

“Cough cough…” On the bed, Chu Moxin was coughing violently. His clothing was already soaked with his blood.

“If anything happens to the little prince, Huangfu Junxiu will make you pay with your life immediately!” After a moment of hesitation, Huangfu Junxiu moved aside. Ye Junqing silently moved to the bed to lift Chu Moxin up, then he sat down in a mediation position as he placed both hands against Chu Moxin’s back to slowly transfer his energy into Chu Moxin’s body and revolve it.

“That simple?” bellowed Huangfu Junxiu angrily when he saw Ye Junqing’s seemingly pointless action.


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