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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 80: Would You Die If You Came Sooner?

Chapter 80: Would You Die If You Came Sooner?

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“If you don’t want Chu Moxin to die right now, then have everyone in the room withdraw, including you!” Ye Junqing took a deep breath, then closed his eyes without saying anything else.

“Sire, Esteemed Prince is probably trying to use his own inner strength to force out the poison inside the little prince’s body. The most dangerous part of this process is if there are any disruptions. If there are any outside hinderances or disruptions, the esteemed prince and the little prince would both lose their lives,” explained an imperial physician.

“Then what are you guys still standing there for? Hurry up and scram!” There was no reason for Huangfu Junxiu not to trust an imperial physician of his own nation, so he immediately started urging them out. Upon hearing this, all the imperial physicians quietly left the room.

Huangfu Junxiu turned towards Ye Junqing whose forehead was already covered with sweat and spoke solemnly.

“If you can save the little prince, Junxiu will remember this favor.” Huangfu Junxiu took a deep breath, then left the room and personally closed the doors before turning around to stand guard. Since this process could not afford any disruptions, then he would personally stand guard. Even if it was the Heavenly Emperor that came, he would not allow anyone inside.

After a few minutes, Ye Hongyi rushed into the west wing of Guan Osprey Palace.

“Why are all of you outside? How is the austere prince?” asked Ye Hongyi anxiously when he saw that all the imperial physicians were standing in the main hall in an orderly manner.

“Replying Your Majesty, the little prince has fallen to a fatal poison that has no antidote. The esteemed prince is currently inside helping the little prince force the poison out, so we subjects can only wait outside,” replied an imperial physician fearfully.

“A fatal poison? Let us see!” When Ye Hongyi heard this news, he was alarmed and delighted. He was alarmed because if something happened to Chu Moxin, war would definitely break out between Chu and Shu. However, he was delighted that Ye Junqing was present when this happened to Chu Moxin because no matter who was behind this, he’d still be able to push the blame onto Ye Junqing.

However, when he got to the door, Huangfu Junxiu showed no intention of moving aside.

“Audacious! His Majesty wishes to enter, so hurry and move aside!” shouted An Bingshan sternly as he flicked his horsetail whisk.

“Junxiu has no intention to be rude, but the esteemed prince is currently using his inner strength to help force the poison out of the little prince’s body and cannot be disturbed,” said Huangfu Junxiu coldly in a neither servile nor overbearing tone.

“What do you mean by that? His Majesty is worried about Austere Prince’s current condition, how could you call it a disturbance?” exclaimed An Bingshan in a tone of outrage. He hadn’t forgotten how Huangfu Junxiu had cursed at him back then.

“Regardless of whether it’s a visit or a disturbance, Junxiu will not be moving aside. This is great Chu, so King Chu can order for Junxiu to be dragged out and beheaded, but there’s one thing to keep in mind. If King Chu insists on going inside, then that means King Chu is purposefully trying to harm the austere prince. At that time, who was behind the poisoning doesn’t matter, great Shu will still make King Chu take responsibility for it!” said Huangfu Junxiu sternly.

“You seriously are blind to the kindness of…” An Bingshan was about to refute, but Ye Hongyi stopped him.

“We can understand how Envoy Huangfu must be feeling. Since Esteemed Prince is here, Austere Prince’s misfortune will definitely turn to blessing, so we are relieved. An Bingshan, wait here. As soon as there’s updates, head to Noble Consort Yao’s palace to report.” Ye Hongyi forced his anger down and turned to leave.

Time seemed to trickle past unbearably slowly. Within the west wing, everyone’s hearts felt heavy. They understood very well that if Chu Moxin died, the entire world would fall into chaos. Before they knew it, four hours had already passed, but there was still no movement from inside the room.

Inside the bedroom, Ye Junqing had already used up over half of his inner strength and his clothes were now soaked by sweat, but Chu Moxin wasn’t responding at all. His lips were purple and his pallor had gotten even worse.

“Prince, Yin Xue shall help you!” Suddenly, Yin Xue who had been hidden in the shadows stepped out to place both her hands on Ye Junqing’s back and push all the energy she had into him.

“Yin Xue, there’s no need for you to do this.” Ye Junqing struggled to speak when he sensed Yin Xue’s inner strength flowing into him.

“Master’s desire is Yin Xue’s desire. Since Master wishes for Chu Moxin to live, then Yin Xue must also give all her effort!” Back then, when Yin Xue saw Yao Mowan kneel down heartbrokenly in front of Ye Junqing, she had cried as well.

Ye Junqing didn’t say anything else because he knew that Yin Xue wasn’t the type to listen to persuasion. Perhaps it was due to Yin Xue’s aid, because Chu Moxin’s facial color was gradually getting better and white steam started rising from his back.

Another two hours passed. The people outside were becoming increasingly uneasy, and the people inside were also nearly out of strength. At this time, Yin Xue was leaning weakly against the frame of the bed, but she was still pouring every drop of inner strength she had into Ye Junqing’s body. Ye Junqing was in an even worse of a state. His face seemed almost paler than Chu Moxin’s. However, Chu Moxin’s facial color was gradually recovering and there was now a slight flush.

“Prince… You can’t…” When Yin Xue sensed that Ye Junqing was about to push out the last bit of inner strength that remained in his body, she spoke to dissuade him. She knew that although Master hoped for Chu Moxin to live, she’d never take it at the price of Ye Junqing collapsing.

“There’s only a little bit left! This prince can’t give up halfway!” Ye Junqing knew that he had reached his limits, but during these past six hours, the image that kept reappearing in his mind was that of Yao Mowan’s tearful eyes. This was his first time ever seeing Yao Mowan cry. She cared about Chu Moxin so much and she also had so much faith in him, so no matter the price, he wouldn’t let Yao Mowan down, even if the consequence was death!

“Prince!” Just as Yin Xue sensed that Ye Junqing was about to push the rest of his energy out, she suddenly felt a flow of cool inner strength pour in. Yin Xue glanced back in shock just in time to see that incomparably beautiful and captivating face smile towards her.

“How is it? Your former master sure has good timing, right?” Yan Nansheng’s lips hooked in a beautiful arc. However, in this instant, Yin Xue seriously couldn’t bring herself to praise him.

“Would you die if you came sooner!?” The retort Yin Xue was thinking was shot out by Ye Junqing.

“Where’s Yao Mowan? I gave her three nine revivals pills, but there’s not a single one left?” In reality, Yan Nansheng had rushed here as fast as he could. He had never tried getting to Guan Osprey Palace from Phoenix Feather Manor in only four hours.

“If there was one, would this prince be going through all this trouble?” Ye Junqing only stopped once he had forced all the poison inside Chu Moxin’s body out.

“Prince, are you alright?” asked Yin Xue worriedly once Ye Junqing had helped Chu Moxin back down and turned to get off the bed.

“This prince is fine…” As Ye Junqing replied, he was suddenly hit by a bout of severe dizziness, then passed out. It was only because Yin Xue was nearby that he didn’t crash to the ground.

“Yin Xue, help him back to his room first. I’ll be here.” When Yan Nansheng saw that Ye Junqing’s face was nearly pale as frost, a grave expression flashed through his eyes. Once Yin Xue left with Ye Junqing, Yan Nansheng knocked light on the door. Huangfu Junxiu immediately pushed open the door and entered. When he saw that flamboyant red garment, he quickly moved to shut the door.

“Envoy Huangfu, what do you mean by this? I still need to see Austere Prince’s condition in order to report to His Majesty!” shouted An Bingshan angrily.

“Junxiu’s just worried about Austere Prince’s safety, so please wait outside for a while.” After securing the door, Huangfu Junxiu strode past Yan Nansheng to rush towards the bed.

On the bed, although Chu Moxin hadn’t woken up, his cheeks now had color and his breathing was even.

“Although using inner strength to force the poison out is capable of clearing out the poison, since the poison has been in his body too long, it’d take at least three days for him to wake up. During these three days, he might have symptoms like fevers, however it’s normal and nothing to be worried about,” explained Yan Nansheng.


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