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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 82: Trodded on Her Tail

Chapter 82: Trodded on Her Tail

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“What are you doing?” A clear voice filled with confusion arose. Yao Mowan was shocked to hear this voice and glanced over only to see that Ye Junqing was scrutinizing her with a strange look on his face.

Yao Mowan swallowed hard. In this instant, she really wanted to cut off the finger that was on Ye Junqing’s face, then nonchalantly tell him that it didn’t belong to her.

“Ahem… Your nose bridge and your cheekbones are the same height, so that means there’s no way your life will be short.” Yao Mowan patted Ye Junqing’s face in an unperturbed manner before moving her hand away.

“This prince has heard of fortune-telling based on the person’s face, but this prince has never heard that there was a need to touch the face?” As Ye Junqing struggled to get up, he continued looking towards Yao Mowan with a puzzled expression.

“That’s why I’m saying that Prince is too ignorant. In all honesty, it’d be best if Prince learns a little bit about topics besides military tactics,” replied Yao Mowan with forced calmness. Inside she had already cursed that quack doctor nine thousand nine hundred and eighty-one times. Didn’t he say that he wouldn’t wake up until noon? What was with this current situation!?

“Oh right, how is Chu Moxin right now?” Ye Junqing felt like Yao Mowan was just purposefully picking faults with him, so he just ignored her. Right now he didn’t have the energy to discuss who exactly it was that needed to expand their knowledge.

“Mowan had come precisely because of this matter. Yin Xue said that for the sake of saving Chu Moxin, Prince was about to throw away his own life? Mowan wishes to know if Prince truly just cares so little about himself?” Yao Mowan’s sudden indignance baffled Ye Junqing.

“That’s not the case?” Ye Junqing thought that Yao Mowan had come here to thank him. Even if it wasn’t for that, her attitude should still be a little better than this.

“Then why did you try to trade for Chu Moxin’s life with your own?” Yao Mowan just wanted to make Ye Junqing understand that there was no one whose life was more precious than his in this world.

“It was due to the circumstances. That point had been a crucial moment, so this prince didn’t have a choice.” Regardless of if it had been for great Chu or for Yao Mowan, or if it had just been for an innocent life, he couldn’t give up in the middle.

“It’s not that you didn’t have a choice but that you were seeking death! You think that you can reunite with Eldest Sister if you die, but if you give up on your life so easily, even if Eldest Sister is down at the Ninth Spring, she’d refuse to see you!” said Yao Mowan angrily.

“What’s with you? Could it be that it was wrong for this prince to save him? Back then, you were the one that knelt in front of this prince to request that he must be saved!” Ye Junqing frowned slightly. He couldn’t understand why Yao Mowan was angry.

“That’s because…” Because at that moment, she had mistaken Chu Moxin to be Zhong er. However, how could she say something like this out loud?

“Because what?” Ye Junqing really wanted to know what could possibly cause Yao Mowan to give up her dignity and face to kneel in front of him.

Right at this time, there was a soft knock at the door, then Ting Yue walked in carrying ginseng soup. The moment she entered the bedroom, she felt a gust of cold wind fly towards her.

“Your Highness… This is the ginseng soup you instructed for us to prepare for Esteemed Prince,” said Ting Yue respectfully, keeping her eyes down to avoid Yao Mowan’s gaze.

“He doesn’t even care about his own life, so what does he need to drink these things for? Carry it back!” said Yao Mowan angrily. When Ting Yue heard this, she knew that her master was currently angry so she silently obeyed the command and turned to leave.

However, before she could walk out the door, Yao Mowan called her back.

“Forget it, leave the soup in here. Whether he drinks it or not is his own business!” Even though Yao Mowan was angry, she still couldn’t bear to let Ye Junqing be hungry. As Ting Yue was turning around, Yao Mowan walked past her to head outside.

After the door closed, Ye Junqing exhaled heavily, then looked towards Ting Yue.

“Ting Yue, who stomped on her tail?” Ye Junqing was pretty certain that someone must have provoked Yao Mowan before she came here, otherwise she wouldn’t be unreasonable to this degree.

“This servant doesn’t know this, but Her Highness was still in a good mood before she walked in here.” Ting Yue’s meaning was very clear.

“It was this prince? But this prince hadn’t even gotten off the bed! She had definitely gotten her tail caught in the door as she was walking in!” Ye Junqing sincerely believed this. When Ting Yue heard, her lips subconsciously twitched and she didn’t say anything else.

After leaving the east wing, Yao Mowan headed to the pear garden and sat down on the swing in vexation. What was with her? When had her feelings started to show on her face so easily? What exactly went wrong?

Yao Mowan sat quietly on the swing, allowing the pear flower petals to fall on her. She needed to calm down, she needed to settle down. She had to find the root of the problem.

After sitting there for a long while, her face suddenly lit up with realization. She finally understood why she had gone out of control in front of Ye Junqing. It was because she cared about him. It was no longer due to the fact that she felt grateful to him. Before she had noticed it, she had already grown to care about him so much that he was her everything.

After lunch, Yao Mowan set aside all those confusing questions and headed to the west wing. However, the moment she entered, she was stopped by two guards.

“This consort just wishes to visit the little prince,” said Yao Mowan calmly when she saw Huangfu Junxiu walk out.

“Withdraw.” Huangfu Junxiu indicated for the guards to leave, then made a gesture to invite Yao Mowan in. Yao Mowan hadn’t expected Huangfu Junxiu to be so cooperative and was inwardly relieved.

“The little prince has had a high fever since last night. Although they said that this was normal, Junxiu is still worried. If it’s possible, Junxiu hopes that Your Highness will be able to think of something to help.” Huangfu Junxiu’s voice contained a trace of beseeching and hope. Upon hearing this, Yao Mowan stopped walked and turned to look towards him.

“If Junxiu had said anything to offend Your Highness in the past, please do not take them to heart. Since the little prince tried to protect you with his life, you shouldn’t be the one behind this,” said Huangfu Junxiu in a meaningful tone.

“This consort doesn’t understand what you mean?” Yao Mowan knitted her brows slightly as she looked towards Huangfu Junxiu in confusion.

“The little prince was concerned for Your Highness’s safety even after getting poisoned and insisted that Junxiu didn’t report this incident to the crown prince. The little prince understands the crown prince better than anyone. If the crown prince knew that the little prince had gotten poisoned in Guan Osprey Palace, regardless of whether or not Your Highness had been behind this, the crown prince still wouldn’t let you off,” said Huangfu Junxiu.

“Chu Mobei truly loves this younger brother of his. This consort believes this fully.” Yao Mowan nodded slightly, but inside she was quite shocked. She couldn’t understand why Chu Moxin would think of her even at the brink of death. Their friendship shouldn’t be that strong?

As Yao Mowan walked into the bedroom, Huangfu Junxiu waved to dismiss the maid. When Yao Mowan got a clear look at the person on the bed, she saw that Chu Moxin was lying there weakly, his cheeks purplish red despite the towel on his forehead and his lips cracked to the point they were bleeding.

“Why is it so severe? It’s so hot!” Yao Mowan hastily walked up to sit on the stool next to the bed. She stroked Chu Moxin’s hot cheek, then abruptly pulled her hand back. When she saw how bad Chu Moxin’s fever was, her heart twisted in pain.

“Your Highness…”

“How can one towel be enough? Have people bring more over! And, change out the water!” Just as Huangfu Junxiu was about to speak, Yao Mowan cut him off. When he saw the worry in Yao Mowan’s eyes, he quietly exhaled in relief and instructed for the maid to follow Yao Mowan’s orders before silently leaving.

If it weren’t for the fact that Chu Moxin had been talking in his sleep last night saying that he wanted to go find Yao Mowan, Huangfu Junxiu wouldn’t have let Yao Mowan stepped into the west wing. However, as of now, he was willing to do anything to make Chu Moxin feel even just a little better.


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