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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 84: Poisoned Pastries

Chapter 84: Poisoned Pastries

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For the next two days, Yao Mowan stayed in the west wing to look after Chu Moxin until he opened his eyes.

“Ugh, seeing you the moment I wake up is so annoying!” grumbled Chu Moxin when he saw that Yao Mowan was napping by his bed.

“You’re awake? Do you feel dizzy? Any nausea? Someone, bring ginseng soup! The little prince is awake!” Yao Mowan heard the sound of someone’s voice in her half-conscious state and looked up to find that Chu Moxin had already sat up.

“This prince isn’t that weak! I’m perfectly fine!” Chu Moxin was inwardly happy when he saw that Yao Mowan was worried about him.

“What are you getting up for? Hurry up and lay back down!” When Yao Mowan saw that Chu Moxin wanted to get off the bed, she immediately reached out and pressed him back onto the bed. Right at this time, Huangfu Junxiu and Ye Junqing walked in.

“Say ah, eat.” Yao Mowan took the ginseng soup from the maid and lifted the spoon to blow on it before moving it towards Chu Moxin’s lips.

“This prince can eat on his own!” Chu Moxin hated being treated like a kid the most, especially when it was in front of so many people.

“You’ve been unconscious for three days, how could you possibly have the strength? I’m telling you to eat, so hurry and eat!” When Chu Moxin refused to cooperate, Yao Mowan just shoved the spoon into his mouth. She did feel heartache for Chu Moxin, but she understood his temper well. If she talked nicely to him right now, it’d only make him even more unreasonable.

“Mmmph! You’re seriously barbarous…” Just as expected, when Chu Moxin saw that fierce expression on Yao Mowan’s face, he obediently opened his mouth without arguing anymore. At the side, Huangfu Junxiu almost choked. There probably didn’t exist a single person in the entirety of great Shu that dared to be so fierce towards the little prince. Yao Mowan truly wasn’t an ordinary person.

“If you don’t behave, I can become even more barbarous. Do you want to try me?” asked Yao Mowan with a dark smile.

“This prince is super well-behaved!” refuted Chu Moxin with a pout.

“You’re well-behaved? Who was it that snuck out of Guan Osprey Palace and ate something given by a stranger?” said Yao Mowan probingly. Huangfu Junxiu and Ye Junqing simultaneously looked towards Chu Moxin. Both of them wanted to know who exactly it was that had poisoned the little prince.

“How did you know?” Chu Moxin lifted his brows as he looked towards Yao Mowan.

“If you didn’t eat something from outside, how could you have gotten poisoned?”

“Ahem… This prince just wanted to visit Changle Palace, but who would’ve thought that halfway there, this prince bumped into a woman who called herself Consort Li…” Before Chu Moxin could finish speaking, Yao Mowan’s eyes had turned cold and she abruptly got up to hand her porcelain bowl to Huangfu Junxiu before storming out of the west wing.

“Why did she leave? Does she still want to hear?” asked Chu Moxin in confusion as he watched Yao Mowan disappear from sight.

“Consort Li was the one that poisoned you?” asked Ye Junqing sternly.

“No, she only said a few things that this prince didn’t understand. She didn’t have that chance. After that, this prince walked into Changle Palace and found that there were pastries on the table. This prince thought that you guys had found Fluffy and Jewel and left this here, so this prince…” Chu Moxin was a little annoyed with himself. He really shouldn’t have been so careless, but who aside from Yao Mowan would go to Changle Palace?

“You hid Fluffy and Jewel in Changle Palace? Then did they eat those pastries?” asked Ye Junqing worriedly.

“If they ate it, would this prince still eat it?” If he had still reached out for those pastries after seeing two cat corpses, then he seriously deserved to die.

“Who could it be?” muttered Ye Junqing contemplatively.

“Forgive Junxiu for interrupting, but has Noble Consort Yao gone to find that Consort Li to get revenge? If she did, perhaps we’ve wronged an innocent party,” reminded Huangfu Junxiu worriedly when he recalled that murderous expression on Yao Mowan’s face as she stormed out.

“Crap!” Ye Junqing’s face filled with sudden realization and he immediately turned to go after Yao Mowan.

Once Ye Junqing left, Huangfu Junxiu walked to the bed to feed Chu Moxin.

“Yao Mowan dares to be unbridled in front of this prince, but you also dare?” When Huangfu Junxiu saw that Chu Moxin was staring at the spoon he was offering, he obediently placed the spoon back into the bowl and handed the bowl to Chu Moxin.

“Oh right, you didn’t tell Big Brother about this incident right?” Chu Moxin lifted his brows as he looked towards Huangfu Junxiu.

“Junxiu wouldn’t dare to go against Little Prince’s commands,” replied Huangfu Junxiu in a sincere tone. In reality, after Ye Junqing saved Chu Moxin, Huangfu Junxiu had reported everything that occurred in the palace of Chu in full detail by pigeon mail. He even wrote about how Chu Moxin insisted on protecting Yao Mowan even though he was at the brink of death.

“That’s good… And, why was Yao Mowan sleeping here? How long has she been here?” Chu Moxin sighed in relief, then continued asking questions.

“Replying Prince, actually, during these past two days while you were unconscious, Yao Mowan had been looking after you the entire time. She had stayed up nearly all night yesterday, which was why she ended up napping by Prince’s bed,” answered Huangfu Junxiu.

“She was looking after this prince?” remarked Chu Moxin in surprise.

“Yes, for a full two days. Junxiu even heard from the servants of Guan Osprey Palace that for the sake of saving Little Prince, Yao Mowan had not only knelt to beg Ye Junqing, she even fainted afterwards.” Although Huangfu Junxiu felt that Yao Mowan was a person that was full of schemes, reality was reality, and her concern towards the little prince definitely hadn’t been feigned.

“She had done that for this prince…” muttered Chu Moxin. He was extremely shocked.

Inside Pure Flowers Palace, Yao Suluan was currently pointing at the pastries on the table while shouting.

“These are the pastries you’ve prepared for this consort? It’d be better to feed it to dogs!”

“Your Highness, please don’t be angry. These are the almond pastries the imperial kitchen has prepared according to Your Highness’s wishes…” Ming Yu didn’t understand why Yao Suluan was angry at all.

“Pei! What this consort wants is almond pastries of the highest quality and what is this? Look, there’s even pine nuts in this! Do you think that this consort is blind!?” Yao Suluan abruptly knocked over the plate, causing the almond pastries to fall all over the floor.

“Replying Your Highness… These are the almond pastries the chefs had prepared based on Your Highness’s rank, so…” replied Ming Yu fearfully.

“What a bunch of audacious slaves! Even though this consort is no longer the imperial noble consort, this consort is still a consort! They actually dared to mess with this consort!? Fine, let them be unbridled. This consort will definitely make them pay for this in the future once this consort regains power!” snarled Yao Suluan between gritted teeth.

“You’ll never regain power in this lifetime! You, get out!” Just as Yao Suluan was snarling this, Yao Mowan stormed in. Ming Yu didn’t even have a chance to salute her before she was chased out.

“Yao Mowan, this consort has already stopped going to provoke you, but you’re actually still coming to seek trouble!” After recovering from her shock, Yao Suluan moved up to meet her angrily.


Before Yao Suluan even had a chance to react, Yao Mowan had already slapped her. Yao Suluan was caught completely off guard. She was still shocked when she felt the stinging pain from her face.

“You… You actually dared to hit me!?” Yao Suluan covered her face with one hand as she looked towards Yao Mowan indignantly.

“Can it be that I need to pick special days to hit you? Yao Suluan, you brought this on yourself! For every ounce of pain you make this consort suffer, this consort will return it tenfold!” Yao Mowan’s dark eyes were filled with bone-piercing coldness.

“Yao Mowan! You’re going too far!” Yao Suluan ignored the stinging pain from her face and abruptly rushed up, but she ended up being subdued by Yao Mowan the moment she lifted her hand.

Yao Mowan lifted her hand again and the sounds of fierce slaps rung out in Pure Flowers Palace. Even Ming Yu who was guarding the door could almost feel that pain on her face.


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