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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 85: Unsolvable Riddle

Chapter 85: Unsolvable Riddle

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“Yao Mowan, what the hell are you doing? What did I do for you to treat me this way?” Yao Suluan only had a chance to fight back after she had been served a dozen slaps and she shoved Yao Mowan away.

“Is there a need to ask this consort about something you yourself did?” Yao Mowan’s eyes were filled with hatred. Whenever she recalled the pain that Chu Moxin had suffered these past few days, she felt the urge to throttle Yao Suluan to death!

“I didn’t do anything at all!” Yao Suluan covered her swollen cheeks with both hands as she glowered at Yao Mowan. Right at this time, Ye Junqing burst in.

“You came just in time! Did you bring a sword?” Even though Yao Suluan’s face was already badly swollen and the corners of her lips were bloody, Yao Mowan still felt that she hadn’t vented enough of her hatred. Chu Moxin was only a fifteen-year-old child, how could Yao Suluan be so cruel? Yao Mowan couldn’t imagine how much pain Chu Moxin must have suffered when the Crane’s Red-Crown and La Yan Sand flared up at the same time inside his body.

“Esteemed Prince… Esteemed Prince! You saw it, right? It was Yao Mowan that hit this consort! You must act as this consort’s witness! This consort wants to see His Majesty!” The instant Yao Suluan saw Ye Junqing, she struggled to her feet while crying delicately.

Ye Junqing glanced briefly at Yao Suluan, then silently walked to Yao Mowan’s side.

“Austere Prince said that it wasn’t Yao Suluan that poisoned him. Someone had placed a plate of pastries in Changle Palace. It was that plate of pastries that was poisoned. Also, Austere Prince had hidden Fluffy and Jewel in Changle Palace, that was why he went there.” Ye Junqing leaned over by Yao Mowan’s ear to say this in a low voice.

“Pastries?” Yao Mowan furrowed her brows slightly when she heard this and lifted her brows to look towards Ye Junqing.

“You… You know that she’s not a fool? As expected, you guys are working together!” Yao Suluan’s heart chilled when she saw Ye Junqing like this.

“Why don’t we head back first to consider this at length?” Ye Junqing paid no attention to Yao Suluan and suggested this softly.

“Mowan knows what she’s doing. Prince, you should leave first lest someone with ulterior motives takes advantage of this.” Yao Mowan looked towards Yao Suluan coldly. Ye Junqing nodded slightly, then left.

“So you two are actually fellow rats!” Yao Suluan leaned against the wall in shock even as she glared at Yao Mowan.

“This consort sure isn’t a rat. Talk, what gave you the nerve to enter Changle Palace? Aren’t you scared of Eldest Sister’s ghost coming after you?” Yao Mowan walked to the table with a cold humph and sat down while rubbing her slightly painful palm. If it weren’t for the fact that she had seriously been furious, she wouldn’t have personally taught Yao Suluan a lesson. Hitting this sort of person only served to dirty her own hands.

“Changle Palace? Why would this consort go to Changle Palace? Oh! You suspect this consort of being the one that poisoned Chu Moxin?” said Yao Suluan in sudden realization. She had heard about the events that had recently occurred. However, Chu Moxin seriously had a strong life. He had actually managed to survive despite being fatally poisoned. This had made her quite disappointed.

“Mowan can’t think of anyone aside from you. In the imperial palace, you’re the one that wants Mowan to die the most. If Chu Moxin had died in Guan Osprey Palace, even if His Majesty could help Mowan out of this, Chu Mobei who’s in great Shu still wouldn’t let Mowan off! What a nicely implemented step of borrowing someone else’s knife to kill!” Yao Mowan laughed coldly as her eyes flashed with murderous intent.

“Yao Mowan, you’re wrong! All the women in the inner palace wish for you to die! It’s just that this consort is in more of a rush. It’s a pity, but this consort wasn’t behind this incident. Who would’ve thought that there was someone that hated you as much as this consort does!? Isn’t it wonderful? I wonder who this person is?” Yao Suluan smiled brightly and forced herself to endure the pain as she walked towards Yao Mowan.

“Do you think this consort would believe you?” Yao Mowan looked at Yao Suluan coldly even though she was convinced by her words. With their current relationship, if Yao Suluan had been behind this incident, she would definitely claim the credit. In addition, she believed in the supernatural. If not, she wouldn’t have killed her own child just on account of Bai Mei’s lies. Making her step inside Changle Palace would be harder than ascending to heaven.

“What? You can’t think of anyone? Should this consort give you a hint? Although of the four main noble consorts, one had died, one had fled, and Huan Caier has also fallen into your plot, you shouldn’t forget that there’s still one more!” Yao Suluan narrowed her eyes as her grin widened in a grotesque manner.

Wang Qinruo! This name suddenly appeared in Yao Mowan’s mind. Wang Qinruo had always been a mysterious existence to her. She remembered that the night Wang Qinruo had entered the palace, Ye Hongyi didn’t grace Splendid Veneer Palace and had remained in her Changle Palace. Back then she had tried to persuade Ye Hongyi to go, but Ye Hongyi refused to go. She didn’t know the details of what was behind this.

The things that happened afterwards made her even more baffled. Although Wang Qinruo became one of the four main consorts, Ye Hongyi would often send her to the imperial hunting park to rest. Wang Qinruo had entered the palace for five years, but the sum of the days she had spent in the imperial palace couldn’t even make up three years. Could it be that she was like Xie Siyin and had someone she cared about?

“Are you scared? Both of us knows that Wang Qinruo is a complete mystery, a puzzle that no one has been able to figure out. As of now, since she’s come back, your good days are about to come to an end!” Yao Suluan’s voice snapped Yao Mowan out of her daze.

“Since she’s a puzzle, then how is Second Older Sister so sure that she would view Mowan as an enemy?” Yao Mowan made herself calm down, then turned leisurely to look towards Yao Suluan. It seemed like a dozen slaps were truly nowhere close to enough. Yao Suluan’s current unbridled expression made this very clear.

“You want to trick information out of me? Give up! It seems like this inner palace is going to become lively again! There will be someone to pay you back for these ten slaps that this consort suffered!” Yao Suluan purposefully made things sound mystifying as she looked towards Yao Mowan, hoping to see fear in her eyes. However, instead what she saw was unnatural calmness.

“You’re not scared?” Yao Suluan frowned.

“Setting aside the fact for now that Wang Qinruo doesn’t have any reason to target this consort, even if she did, this consort would just kill the gods and buddhas as needed. Didn’t Second Older Sister want to watch a good show? Then make sure to open your eyes wide lest you end up missing the most exciting parts!” Yao Mowan leisurely got up and walked out of Pure Flowers Palace as Yao Suluan watched in astonishment.

Yao Suluan’s gaze filled with hatred as she looked at Yao Mowan’s back. Perhaps she had grinded her teeth to hard, because she was in pain from having tugged at her cheeks. Yao Mowan! You shouldn’t be so smug. Even if this consort is at the end of her road, she still had one last trick that could destroy indiscriminately!

After leaving Pure Flowers Palace, Yao Mowan continued mulling over what Yao Suluan had said. The reason Wang Qinruo had been able to become one of the four noble consorts was because her father, Wang Luolin, was a minister of the Court of Judicature and Revision. He was a person of virtue and prestige and had countless students in all levels of society, so his influence was wide spread. Even the new prime minister, Du Xian, was a student of his.

“Your Highness, are you alright?” Ting Yue suddenly ran over while Yao Mowan was deep in thought.

“How did you know that this consort was here?” asked Yao Mowan when she saw Ting Yue arrive in front of her, panting for breath.

“It was Esteemed Prince that told this servant. Esteemed Prince said that Your Highness’s emotional state seemed unstable and had told this servant to look after you well,” report Ting Yue honestly.

“Is that so…” Yao Mowan suddenly laughed. Ye Junqing had definitely been worried since he saw the palm marks on Yao Suluan’s face.

“Your Highness, you didn’t suffer losses, right?” asked Ting Yue tentatively when she saw the solemn expression on Yao Mowan’s face.

“Since the day this consort entered the palace, this consort has long forgotten how the words suffer losses are written, especially in Pure Flowers Palace,” replied Yao Mowan with a cold laugh. As she looked up, she just happened to see a group of palace maids walk across the corridor with flowerpots, leaving a trail of fragrance. Yao Mowan could smell the beautiful scent even from ten meters away.

“Where are they going?” asked Yao Mowan.


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