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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 86: Rest Properly

Chapter 86: Rest Properly

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“It’s probably Splendid Veneer Palace. When this servant was running over, this servant heard them say that His Majesty had bestowed all the flowers with fragrances in the greenhouse to Consort Shu who had just returned from the hunting park.” Ting Yue took a couple hard sniffs. It was already autumn so it’d be hard to get the chance to enjoy these flower fragrances again for a while.

“Wang Qinruo really has returned… Go find out when Consort Shu had returned,” said Yao Mowan, her brows slightly furrowed. This autumn was truly eventful.

When Yao Mowan got back to Guan Osprey Palace, she headed straight towards the west wing.

“Who allowed you to get off the bed!?” Yao Mowan immediately walked up to support Chu Moxin when she saw that he was supporting himself by pressing on the table and that his forehead was covered with sweat.

“This prince was thirsty and wanted some water.” Chu Moxin looked towards Yao Mowan with a wronged expression. His pitiful appearance made it hard for her to stay angry.

“If you wanted water, you can just call someone. Where did everyone go? Where’s Huangfu Junxiu?” It was only now that Yao Mowan realized there was no one else in the room aside from Chu Moxin.

“This prince sent them all to the east wing!” replied Chu Moxin.

“Why?” Yao Mowan looked towards Chu Moxin in confusion.

“Esteemed Prince almost lost his life for the sake of saving this prince, so he must be very weak right now. To return the favor, this prince has decided to lend all the people here to him for him to use,” replied Chu Moxin like it was obvious.

“Could he possibly be more weak then you? I’m going to go call them back!” Yao Mowan looked towards Chu Moxin helplessly. She seriously didn’t know what went on inside his head.

“No! Ahem… I doesn’t need them to take care of me…” Chu Moxin immediately pulled Yao Mowan to stop her.

“Right now you’re even struggling with drinking water and you’re still saying that you don’t need anyone to take care of you?” asked Yao Mowan with lifted brows as she glanced towards the cup on the table.

“Isn’t there still you? It’s enough if you just stay,” said Chu Moxin as anticipation lit up in his eyes.

“This consort? How could this consort possibly stay?” Yao Mowan chuckled as she looked towards Chu Moxin. She had a pretty good guess now of what he was trying to do. However, it would be hard for people to not be suspicious about his actions.

“Why can’t you stay? Does this prince have to faint for you to be willing to stay?” Chu Moxin looked at Yao Mowan in disappointment as his voice got higher from his nervous agitation.

“Then why are you insisting that this consort stays? Is it because you like this consort? But this consort heard that you like a woman called Qing er.” Yao Mowan’s lips hooked as she looked towards Chu Moxin teasingly.

“Pei! Who the heck is Qing er? There is no Qing er!” Whenever Chu Moxin recalled that absurd rumor, he’d feel his blood boil from anger.

“Then you do like this consort?” Yao Mowan stared at Chu Moxin in amusement. When she saw that little face flush helplessly, she couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“This prince doesn’t like you…” muttered Chu Moxin weakly with a pout.

“Since you don’t like me, then you shouldn’t make things hard for yourself. Head back to bed and rest. This consort will go call them back.” Yao Mowan helped Chu Moxin to the bed, then tucked in the corners of the blanket before turning to leave.

Just as Yao Mowan opened the door to the east wing, she almost crashed into Ye Junqing who in the middle of rushing out.

“Prince sure looks well!” said Yao Mowan teasingly. She knew that Ye Junqing liked the quiet, so there was no way he’d look well with so many people hovering around him.

“Prince, where are you going? If you need something, just instruct us servants.” Before Ye Junqing could retort, the maids behind him had caught up with him.

“Is Chu Moxin doing this on purpose!?” Ye Junqing paid no attention to the palace maids and looked towards Yao Mowan indignantly. Yao Mowan smiled, then looked towards the servants in the room.

“You guys should return, the little prince is still waiting for you guys to attend to him.” Everyone in the room looked at each other upon hearing this, but none of them moved.

“You don’t believe me? Then just stay here. When the little prince punishes you guys, don’t blame this consort,” said Yao Mowan indignantly. When the servants saw that Yao Mowan seemed serious, they hastily left the east wing and the bustling building finally calmed down.

“Good thing you returned quickly.” Ye Junqing sighed in relief, then turned around to head back to this room.

“Prince, what do you know about Consort Shu, Wang Qinruo?” Yao Mowan walked slowly to the table and sat down with her legs elegantly crossed as she looked up towards Ye Junqing.

“Consort Shu? Why are you asking about her?” Ye Junqing sat down opposite Yao Mowan and reached out to pour her a cup of tea.

“I heard that she’s returning from the hunting grounds, so I was curious,” replied Yao Mowan offhandedly.

“You hit on an interesting question this time. The current minister of the Court of Judicature and Revision was once the imperial tutor. This prince remembers that we had known her since childhood. At that time, Wang Qinruo probably counted as a study companion of us princes,” said Ye Junqing as he thought back to that time.

“You guys knew each other since childhood… Then that’s childhood sweethearts?” Yao Mowan lifted her brows as her eyes flashed with a sharp light.

“You’re talking her and His Majesty?”

“Of course. After all, it couldn’t be her and Prince, right?” replied Yao Mowan with a smirk.

“Ahem! So, this prince only remembers that she had liked His Majesty since childhood. Back then, no matter where His Majesty went, she insisted on following behind him. Even when the imperial tutor wouldn’t allow it, she’d still sneak out to follow him. In addition, though she was young, she was extremely observant. She knew His Majesty’s preferences like the back of her hand. This prince still remembers that she would often make pastries and bring them to the palace to give them to His Majesty in private. One time His Majesty had shared them with us brothers and even now, this prince still remembers that taste!” sighed Ye Junqing.

“It’s disgusting to that degree?” Yao Mowan shrugged in annoyance when she saw that infatuated look on Ye Junqing’s face.

“It’s definitely something that only exists in the heavens,” corrected Ye Junqing solemnly.

“Then this consort doesn’t understand. If she loved Ye Hongyi so much, why does she leave the palace so often to ‘recuperate’ after she married into the palace? Normally shouldn’t she be trying to stay by His Majesty’s side as much as possible?” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing in confusion.

“How would this prince know? However, if you have the chance to see Consort Shu, you should ask her to teach you a thing or two!” replied Ye Junqing seriously. However, Yao Mowan just flung her sleeves back angrily and left.

That night, the round moon hung high in the sky and the stars glowed enchantingly in the night sky. As the autumn breeze passed by, it swept up a burst of flower fragrance.

Inside Splendid Veneer Palace, Huo Feng watched with heartache as her master yanked a fistful of petals and threw it on the ground to stomp on it. The hazy light contrasted with Wang Qinruo’s exquisite features and highlighted her dark brows and delicately pink cheeks. However, currently those black eyes were filled with such intense darkness that it caused her face to look a little sinister.

“Huo Feng, put out the incense!” The resentful voice was extremely cold. Wang Qinruo trembled with rage, causing the small beads in her hair to shake slightly as she glowered at the incense on the table.

Huo Feng didn’t dare to be slow in her movements and immediately walked to the table to pour tea onto the incense. Right at this time, An Bingshan’s voice abruptly came from outside. Huo Feng hastily put down the teapot to head outside to greet them, but Wang Qinruo called for her to stop.

“Come here and help this consort rip off all these flowers. Don’t spare a single one!” Huo Feng knew her master’s temper well and so she hastily walked to Wang Qinruo’s side.

“Wang Qinruo! What exactly were you trying to do? We didn’t have you come back to cause us more trouble!” Ye Hongyi’s voice was extremely cold and with a fierce gust of wind, he had already arrived in front of Wang Qinruo and was glowering at her angrily.


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