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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 87: A Woman Whose Entire Body Gives Off A Strange Smell

Chapter 87: A Woman Whose Entire Body Gives Off A Strange Smell

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“Qinruo doesn’t know how Qinruo had caused trouble for Your Majesty? Your Majesty, please explain?” How long has it been since she’s seen him? Wang Qinruo asked herself silently as she looked at that cold and handsome face.

“Don’t try to tell us that Chu Moxin getting poisoned has nothing to do with you!” said Ye Hongyi between gritted teeth. There was no trace of warmth in his eyes.

“This consort had done it. Was it wrong?” Wang Qinruo’s lips parted in a beautiful, bitter smile.

“Chu Moxin almost died in great Chu! You almost caused a war to start between great Chu and Shu! Could it be that you think there’s nothing wrong with that!?” shouted Ye Hongyi.

“The place Chu Moxin almost died in is Guan Osprey Palace and Ye Junqing is the one staying Guan Osprey Palace. There’s no need for Qinruo to explain the logic of making sure to eliminate the roots when cutting weeds, right?” Wang Qinruo lifted her jade fingers lightly to brush back Ye Hongyi’s hair which had fallen slightly over his face, but he abruptly stopped her.

“But Yao Mowan’s also staying in Guan Osprey Palace! Chu Mobei could’ve taken out his rage on her as well!” Ye Hongyi finally smelled that sour stench and he took a couple steps back in disgust.

Wang Qinruo’s hand froze in midair as the light in her eyes gradually dimmed. It felt like her heart had been bit fiercely by a poisonous snake. The pain was unbearable.

“Qinruo doesn’t know anything about Yao Mowan, Qinruo only knows that Your Majesty had asked Qinruo to return in order to help resolve some of your headaches. However, even though Qinruo had done it, Your Majesty is unhappy. Since that’s the case, why did Your Majesty ask for Qinruo to come back?” Wang Qinruo walked to the table with a bitter smile and lifted the silver pick to adjust the candle wick. As the hazy candlelight illuminated Wang Qinruo’s face, there was an indescribable eeriness.

“We had you come back to deal with Yao Suluan! That wretch is threatening us with Yao Moxin’s death! If anything goes wrong, the entire world will know about what happened to Yao Moxin and that bastard child! At that time, how can we still face the ministers of court and the citizens?” Ye Hongyi forced down his fury and slowly walked to sit down opposite Wang Qinruo. He subconsciously covered his nose with his sleeve to try and block that sour stench.

“Your Majesty is doting on a fool and raising her higher than the heavens, so your face has long been thrown past the ninth heavens,” scoffed Wang Qinruo as she looked at Ye Hongyi. His gesture of covering his nose stabbed her heart like a blade.

“Since you know that Mowan is a fool, what need is there to bicker with her? The position of empress of great Chu will become yours sooner or later. No one will fight over it with you,” said Ye Hongyi enticingly.

“If the world found out that the empress of great Chu is a woman whose entire body emits a stench, Your Majesty will lose face all the same, no?” Wang Qinruo’s gaze was dark as her lips hooked in an ironic smile.

“Qinruo, we’ve promised you that we’ll definitely find a cure for this, so why mind it so much?” Ye Hongyi’s expression stiffened for a moment, then he spoke to comfort her.

“Is it Qinruo that minds it, or is Your Majesty the one that minds it? Your Majesty had already carried all the flowers that had been in the greenhouse to Splendid Veneer Palace before Qinruo had even returned to the palace. The sandalwood in this burner had also been swapped out with pollen-dyed red sandalwood. Is Your Majesty trying to remind Qinruo how much she stinks?” questioned Wang Qinruo, her eyes flickering brightly.

“Why would you think that? We did it for you!” However, Ye Hongyi’s voice revealed his guilty conscience.

“Really? Then Your Majesty still cares about Qinruo?” asked Wang Qinruo slowly with complicated feelings.

“Of course. No one can take your place in our heart!” said Ye Hongyi firmly.

“Then prove it to Qinruo…” Wang Qinruo suddenly got up and walked gracefully towards Ye Hongyi as she undid the belt at her waist. With every step she took, a garment fell and the faint sour stench that filled the air gradually intensified. Ye Hongyi really wanted to cover his nose, but he forced himself to endure it. He had something to ask of Wang Qinruo, so he had no choice but to tolerate this.

As Wang Qinruo leaned towards Ye Hongyi, her soft inner garment slid off, revealing her flawless, smooth skin. As of now, the only thing left on Wang Qinruo’s upper body was her pink chest garment.

“Qinruo… We just remembered that we still…” Ye Hongyi seriously couldn’t endure that disgusting stench anymore and was about to make an excuse to leave when Wang Qinruo stopped him.

“Your Majesty, do you still remember the tattoo in front of Qinruo’s chest?” Wang Qinruo hoarsely voiced the deepest pain in her heart. As she spoke, the chest garment fell to the ground. Ye Hongyi really wanted to avoid it, but Wang Qinruo hooked his jaw and forced his eyes to turn towards her chest.

As Ye Hongyi looked at the shocking ‘Hong’ and ‘Yi’ characters carved on Wang Qinruo’s sumptuous chest, that in combination with that strange stench made his stomach churn.

“Ever since seeing Your Majesty for the first time when Qinruo was five years old, Qinruo had fallen head over heels in love. For the sake of learning about your interests, Qinruo had given her favorite pearl hairpin to a young eunuch. As long as it could make Your Majesty happy, Qinruo was willing to do anything. Finally! Your Majesty was willing to accept Qinruo into the palace! Qinruo was overjoyed! For the sake of giving Your Majesty a pleasant surprise, Qinruo had used a red hot silver needle to tattoo Your Majesty’s name onto Qinruo’s chest. Was this wrong?” Wang Qinruo leaned over to look straight into Ye Hongyi’s eyes as she greedily inhaled his scent. Who would’ve imagined that five years after entering the palace, she was still untouched?

“Urgh…” Ye Hongyi couldn’t take that stench anymore and abruptly pushed Qinruo aside to run to the pots of flowers to take deep breaths.

“Look, Your Majesty still minds it, isn’t it so?” As Wang Qinruo took in Ye Hongyi’s expression of flinching disgust, she heard the sound of her heart break. Who exactly had she ended up with this stench for!?

“No… We…”

“There’s no need for Your Majesty to say anything. Even if Your Majesty views Qinruo as an extremely dangerous existence, Your Majesty is still the man Qinruo loves the most. Qinruo’s feelings are still the same. For the sake of Your Majesty, Qinruo is willing to do anything. Although Yao Suluan is troublesome, it doesn’t mean that there’s no way to deal with her.” Wang Qinruo calmly bent over to pick up her chest garment and once again concealed the striking characters carved into her chest.

“If you’re able to get rid of Yao Suluan, this great plague, we’ll definitely reward you generously!” Ye Hongyi had to take a deep breath of the flower fragrance before he could bring himself to approach Wang Qinruo again.

“Since Qinruo agreed to Your Majesty’s request to return to the palace, then everything Qinruo does is naturally for the greater good of Your Majesty. Yao Suluan is only one of them. Qinruo won’t let off Ye Junqing either.” Wang Qinruo fixed her clothes before looking towards Ye Hongyi calmly.

“We naturally understands how much Qinruo cares for us, but if even if the city doors catch fire, there’s no need to harm the fish in the moat. Yao Mowan is nothing but a fool. Qinruo won’t bicker with her, right?” Ye Hongyi looked towards Wang Qinruo probingly.

The reason Ye Hongyi had asked Wang Qinruo to come back was because he understood her too well. Her love towards him had already grown to the point it became a perverted obsession. For him, she would die without hesitation. The characters on her chest, that stench that covered her body were the best evidence. Back then, due to his one remark that he liked the scent of roses, she started drinking all sorts of things to try and make it so that her body would be able to emit a rose-like scent at all times. Although the outcome wasn’t as wished, it was still a show of her true feelings.

This nearly twisted love made Wang Qinruo become very scheming and ruthless. The poison she used on Chu Moxin illustrated this point clearly. If it weren’t for the fact that he seriously didn’t know what to do with Yao Suluan, he wouldn’t have allowed Wang Qinruo to come back to the imperial palace since he couldn’t take Wang Qinruo’s love.

The interior of Guan Osprey Palace was currently well-lit by candles. Yao Mowan was sitting by the table with a needle flying beneath her skillful fingers. It only took four hours for the soft silk to become a luxurious changpao. At this time, Yao Mowan was currently embroidering a heavens flying dragon pattern on the collar of the changpao. She didn’t need to refer to a pattern because she had already sewn this pattern at least a dozen times. Back then, when Zhong er was still yet to be born, she had started sewing clothes for him, so she had gotten pretty familiar with this process.


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