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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 88: Something Nice That Big Brother Gave

Chapter 88: Something Nice That Big Brother Gave

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Yin Xue appeared like a ray of moonlight in complete silence.

“Yin Xue kowtows in salute to Master.” Yin Xue cupped her fist in a salute as she stood by Yao Mowan’s side.

“His Majesty visited Splendid Veneer Palace? Did you hear anything?” Yao Mowan didn’t look towards Yin Xue and kept her focus on her current work.

“Yin Xue had been careless and was discovered by the maid inside the palace so we exchanged blows.” Yin Xue took out three thin needles and placed them in front of Yao Mowan.

“Wang Qinruo actually had such a strong helper? Did you get injured?” Yao Mowan was stunned to hear this and inserted the needle near the collar before looking up worriedly towards Yin Xue.

“Many thanks for your concern, Master. Yin Xue is fine. Although Yin Xue had been discovered, Yin Xue had still been able to hear some of Ye Hongyi and Wang Qinruo’s exchange. Ye Hongyi had asked her if she was behind what happened to Chu Moxin and she didn’t deny it,” reported Yin Xue.

“Yao Suluan actually guessed right! It seemed like Wang Qinruo’s sword is pointed straight towards Guan Osprey Palace this time. Regardless of whether her target is this consort or Ye Junqing, it will be a hard battle.” Yao Mowan frowned slightly. It was clear from the fatal poison that Wang Qinruo had used on Chu Moxin that she was very ruthless and was not an opponent to be underestimated.

That night, as Yin Xue was lying on the roof of Guan Osprey Palace, she suddenly sensed that there was someone behind her and whipped around only to find that her older brother was standing behind her.

“Big Brother?” Yin Xue looked towards Yin Xiong in shock, but her eyes contained unconcealable happiness.

“You got injured?” Yin Xiong’s expression was calm and his gaze was as still as the water in an ancient well.

“Yin Xue had been careless and hadn’t reacted in time to catch the needles that maid spat. Fortunately the needles weren’t poisoned, otherwise Yin Xue probably wouldn’t have been able to see Big Brother again,” replied Yin Xue with a bitter laugh as a faint shadow flashed through her eyes.

“This magnet plate is for you. In the future no matter how careless you are, needles won’t hurt you again.” Yin Xiong took out a magnet plate about the size of his palm and placed it in Yin Xue’s hands.

“This is…” Yin Xue started examining the plate. Suddenly, she felt a strong gust of wind. As she looked up, three needles were already right in front of her eyes. Just as despair arose in her heart, there was clangs as the needles were pulled towards the plate.

“It’s great! Thank you, Big Brother,” said Yin Xue gratefully.

“Take it as compensation for injuring you that day. Xue er… Good hidden guards…”

“Xue er knows. Good hidden guards should obey the instructions of their masters.” Yin Xiong understood what her brother wanted to say. In reality, she hadn’t taken that incident to heart.

“That’s good.” Yin Xiong nodded, then turned and disappeared into the curtain of the night.

But, Big Brother, if Chu Moxin had ordered you to kill Xue er, would you also attack without hesitation?

Chu Moxin had recovered slightly by now. He had been planning to stay in Chu for a couple more days, but unexpectedly Huangfu Junxiu got a secret order from Chu Mobei that told them to return to Shu immediately. Chu Moxin was extremely unwilling, but he couldn’t go against his older brother’s commands.

“This prince is leaving.” In the main hall of Guan Osprey Palace, Chu Moxin looked towards Yao Mowan impatiently with anticipation in his voice.

“Yes, this is already the tenth time Little Prince has said that. Mowan knows that you’re about to leave. Please go ahead.” Yao Mowan forced herself to be patient and respond calmly with a slight smile.

“This prince is really about to leave! You! Isn’t there something you should express?” Chu Moxin didn’t want to say things so plainly because it sounded like he was demanding something. In addition, with Yao Mowan’s intelligence, would she really miss the true meaning behind his statement about leaving?

“Express? Then Mowan will wish Prince safe journey,” replied Yao Mowan after a moment of thought.

“This prince will have a safe journey even without your well-wishes!” Chu Moxin finally exploded and angrily turned away.

Just as Chu Moxin was about to storm out of Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan suddenly spoke.

“This is the first garment Mowan has ever made in this lifetime, but no one wanted it even though Mowan wanted to gift it out. If Little Prince doesn’t find it too disdainful, then please accept it. If you can’t wear it, just toss it.” Yao Mowan took the outfit she had carefully made from Ting Yue’s hand and walked slowly to Chu Moxin.

“It’s seriously ugly!” Chu Moxin just glanced at it casually before remarking this angrily.

“Since little prince doesn’t like it, then…”

“Junxiu, help this prince hold it for now. Once we get back, I’ll bestow it to a servant!” Chu Moxin stopped Yao Mowan from finishing her words and gave this command loudly. Huangfu Junxiu knew what Chu Moxin meant and respectfully took the garment from Yao Mowan’s hands.

Yao Mowan and Ye Junqing only returned to the main hall once Chu Moxin was very far away from Guan Osprey Palace. Before they even had a chance to sit down, Huangfu Junxiu had come back.

“Noble Consort Yao, this ice silk garment is the little prince’s return gift. Although the little prince refuses to admit it, he actually loves the garment Your Highness gifted him a lot,” said Huangfu Junxiu sincerely as he placed the ice silk garment by the table.

“Look after the little prince well.” Yao Mowan nodded slightly. She really didn’t know when they would be able to meet again after parting this time. She was already starting to miss that little brat.

“Don’t worry, Your Highness Noble Consort. Junxiu will definitely look after the little prince well. Actually, Junxiu has already reported the incident about the little prince getting poisoned to His Majesty the crown prince. In regards to the incident in which Your Highness risked your life to protect the little prince, the crown prince had Junxiu help deliver a message to you. The future is long, so the crown prince will definitely return this favor.” After saying that, Huangfu Junxiu cupped his fist in a salute and left.

It was only after Huangfu Junxiu left that Ye Junqing sighed.

“Say, is there something wrong with Huangfu Junxiu’s head?” asked Ye Junqing rather abruptly.

“Why would Prince ask this?” Yao Mowan lifted her brows as she looked towards Ye Junqing. From what she remembered, Ye Junqing rarely verbally insulted others.

“If this prince’s memory isn’t wrong, the one that had risked his life to save Chu Moxin seemed to have been this prince?” Ye Junqing felt that Huangfu Junxiu should celebrate the fact that he had encountered a prince with high character. If it was someone else, that person would definitely rush up to grab him by the ear and loudly demand to know if he was going senile!

“Ha. What need is there for Prince to mind these things? Oh, right, Mowan used the left-over silk to make Prince a changpao. Wonder if Prince likes it?” Yao Mowan glanced at Ting Yue and Ting Yue immediately carried the other changpao that had been placed to the side to Ye Junqing.

“Are you sure that this was leftover silk?” Ye Junqing clearly remembered that the changpao he saw just now was sky blue, but the one in front of him now was azure.

“Ting Yue, take it outside and trash it!” Yao Mowan’s face flushed as she said this indignantly to conceal her embarrassment.

“Ahem… The color’s pretty nice. This prince will go try it on.” Before Ting Yue had a chance to turn around, Ye Junqing got up and grabbed the changpao, then quickly left Guan Osprey Palace.

As Yao Mowan watched Ye Junqing’s figure fade out of sight, her lips hooked in a bitter smile. The Heavens sure had a sense of humor. The one Ye Junqing loved was clearly her, but he didn’t know! And she had fallen in love with Ye Junqing, but she couldn’t let him know. It was quite ironic. So this is what was meant by strange combination of fate.

“Master, this subordinate saw Wang Qinruo head to Pure Flowers Palace.” Yin Xue’s voice interrupted Yao Mowan’s sigh.

“Ye Hongyi had called Wang Qinruo back to the palace, and now she was going to look for Yao Suluan… How interesting!” Yao Mowan nodded slightly, then had Yin Xue withdraw.

“Ting Yue, we’re going on a walk.” Yao Mowan leisurely got up and slowly started walking out of Guan Osprey Palace.

Inside Pure Flowers Palace, Yao Suluan was currently eating pastries at the table. Suddenly her brows furrowed tightly and she slapped the plate off the table.

“What is this smell? It stinks! You didn’t check the pastry before you brought it to this consort?” Yao Suluan looked towards Ming Yu angrily. She had been in a bad mood ever since what happened with Yao Mowan last time.


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