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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 89: Quiet Confrontation Between the Two Consorts

Chapter 89: Quiet Confrontation Between the Two Consorts

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“Replying Your Highness, this servant had checked. It didn’t have this smell earlier…” replied Ming Yu fearfully. She had already been assigned to Pure Flowers Palace for a while. It had been outside of An Bingshan’s expectations that Yao Suluan would fall to this point. He had once mentioned transferring her somewhere else, but she had avoided it. Due to what Yao Mowan had said back then, she decided to stay here. Although she had to suffer a little, she didn’t mind.

“Then why… It’s getting even more stinky. Did you step on dog poo as you were heading back?” Yao Suluan took a couple steps backwards in disgust as she reflexively glanced towards Ming Yu’s shoes.

“For better or for worse, Consort Li is also a consort. How can you make such cutting remarks? This consort feels that there’s nothing wrong with this smell. There even seems to be a faint rose fragrance. Huo Feng, don’t you agree?” Before Ming Yu could react, Wang Qinruo was already outside Pure Flowers Palace and looking over with quiet, cold eyes.

“Cough cough… this consort Yao Suluan kowtows in salute to Consort Shu.” Yao Suluan didn’t dare to be impolite when she saw that it was Wang Qinruo and immediately went up to curtsy. However, the closer she got to Wang Qinruo, the more intense that stench became. It was so strong that Yao Suluan couldn’t stop coughing.

“If Consort Li is facing health issues, then you should invite an imperial physician over. It’d be bad if you ended up infecting other people.” Wang Qinruo glanced at Yao Suluan coldly, then slowly walked into the main hall.

As Wang Qinruo moved, that smell dissipated through the air. It was only now that Yao Suluan realized where the smell was coming from. However, half a year ago when Wang Qinruo was leaving, she hadn’t had this smell. It was hard to imagine what could’ve happened to Wang Qinruo during this past half a year at the hunting park.

“Suluan will have an imperial physician come over later. Ming Yu, what are you still standing there for? Hurry and offer Consort Shu tea!” In Yao Suluan’s current situation, she really didn’t need to be too respectful towards Wang Qinruo. She had already thoroughly offended His Majesty, so why would she fear a consort? The only reason she was acting this way was because she wanted to know if she’d be able to use Consort Shu.

“No need. This consort can’t get used to the tea you drink here. This consort came to talk to Consort Li about Guan Osprey Palace. Does Consort Li have time?” said Wang Qinruo, her expression as cold as a winter lake.

“Ming Yu, head to the kitchen to prepare some pastries.” Yao Suluan was rejoicing on the inside when she heard these words and immediately had Ming Yu withdraw. When Wang Qinruo saw Yao Suluan glance towards Huo Feng, she snorted.

“You can’t even trust the people at your side? Consort Li’s life truly is difficult.” When Yao Suluan saw that Wang Qinruo didn’t have any intentions of sending Huo Feng away, she suddenly started to miss Cai Ying.

“Thanks to the master of Guan Osprey Palace, Suluan’s life indeed is a little difficult,” said Yao Suluan with a self-mocking smile as she sat down opposite Wang Qinruo.

“This consort hadn’t heard that Consort Li had offended the esteemed prince?” As Wang Qinruo spoke, she accepted the dark green plant Huo Feng offered her and started chewing on it.

“Even if Suluan has the chance, Suluan doesn’t have the ability to offend the esteemed prince. Suluan is talking about Yao Mowan!” Yao Suluan immediately corrected her even as she forced down her reflexive urge to cover her nose. Even though that smell was so strong that it caused her a headache, she had no choice but to endure it.

“No way? They say that Yao Mowan is a fool, but even if she isn’t a fool, there’s no way she would trouble you. Aren’t you her older sister after all?” Wang Qinruo looked towards Yao Suluan in puzzlement.

“Although it’s said that the disgraces of the family shouldn’t be shown to the world, but Suluan has always viewed Consort Shu as family and has no reservations about sharing this. The entire world knows that Yao Mowan is a fool, but that’s a complete act! In reality, she’s craftier than anyone! After entering the palace, she first instigated a fight between Yao Suluan and Consort Chen to make Suluan fall from the position of imperial noble consort to a rank lower than hers by two. Old General Huan had also gotten his military power taken away due to what happened with Consort Chen.”

“Following that, Consort Xian, Yu Funing, went missing. After that, there was the incident in which Consort De, Xie Siyin, had hung herself in Ordinance Palace. Yao Mowan had been behind all of this! Your Highness, Suluan is truly concerned for your safety!” Yao Suluan looked towards Wang Qinruo worriedly with tears whirling in her eyes.

“Isn’t Consort Li exaggerating too much? How could Yao Mowan have such ability?” Wang Qinruo glanced at Yao Suluan skeptically even though the news honestly made her feel relieved. After all, there was no way she could take it if it turned out that even a fool was able to win Ye Hongyi’s heart.

“Your Highness, you shouldn’t forget that there’s the esteemed prince in Guan Osprey Palace as well. The esteemed prince has always been skilled in devising strategies and seems capable of planning victory from a thousand miles away. With him coming up with strategies for Yao Mowan, then it’s not surprising at all that Yao Mowan has such ability!” That day, Yao Mowan had slapped her to the point her entire face was swollen, but although Ye Junqing saw, he didn’t even react. It was clear that they had already been working together for a long time.

“Then Esteemed Prince’s obstinate personality seriously hasn’t changed at all. Back then he openly declared his admiration for Yao Moxin, and now he’s protecting Yao Mowan from the shadows. He couldn’t have fallen in love with Yao Mowan, right?” Wang Qinruo hated Yao Moxin to the bone. Her hatred had only disappeared after she found out that truth behind Yao Moxin’s death because she finally realized that Ye Hongyi didn’t love Yao Moxin at all. He couldn’t even tolerate the existence of her child! This was such a satisfying outcome.

“Yao Mowan is Yao Moxin’s younger sister, so it’s not impossible that Esteemed Prince’s feelings had shifted to her!” Yao Suluan nodded firmly.

“If this consort’s memory isn’t off, Consort Li is also Yao Moxin’s younger sister.” Wang Qinruo glanced at Yao Suluan with a faint smile.

“Suluan always keeps in mind the fact that Suluan is His Majesty’s consort and would never do something so immoral.” Yao Suluan hastily made things clear.

“Consort Li’s way of thinking is very good. After all, the fate of anyone in this inner palace that commits such immoral acts is bound to be tragic. Yao Moxin is the best example,” said Wang Qinruo meaningfully.

“Yao Moxin… She died of childbirth, so her fate is quite tragic…” Yao Suluan was inwardly startled as she answered in a probing manner.

“She died of childbirth?” Wang Qinruo’s tone lifted as she looked towards Yao Suluan in confusion.

“If not then what?” Yao Suluan had always believed that there were only two people in this world that knew the truth. With Yao Mowan counted, it was only three. And Yao Mowan, due to her circumstances, would never spread the truth.

“Oh, then this consort must have remembered wrong… Huo Feng, help this consort back. This consort is tired from the walk.” Wang Qinruo’s eyes flickered as she made up an excuse to leave.

“Suluan respectfully sees off Your Highness Consort Shu.” Once Wang Qinruo had gotten far away, Yao Suluan immediately called Ming Yu inside.

“Cough cough… Hurry up and open all the windows!” Yao Suluan covered her nose with both hands as she choked on that suffocating stench. Her eyes were even tearing up. Everyone knew of the fact that Yao Moxin had died of childbirth, but Wang Qinruo actually said that she remembered wrong? Did she actually remember wrong, or was there more to this?

Yao Suluan’s brows furrowed. She couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Although Ye Hongyi seemed to have his hands tied about her on the surface, he was definitely still doing everything he could to figure out who she entrusted with this secret. He had called Wang Qinruo back with such timing and she had visited Pure Flowers Palace on the very next day. This probably wasn’t a coincidence!

Once they left Pure Flowers Palace, Huo Feng hastily walked forward to her master’s side.

“Your Highness, the person that was eavesdropping that day wasn’t in Pure Flowers Palace,” reported Huo Feng.

“This consort had expected this. Based on Yao Suluan’s miserable condition, how could she possibly have someone that strong serving her?” said Wang Qinruo with a cold laugh. Back then Yao Suluan had once also been a grand imperial noble consort, so she thought that Ye Hongyi had liked her a lot. However, from the looks of things now, His Majesty’s feelings towards Yao Suluan were nothing special. Based on this, His Majesty’s interest in that Yao Mowan was probably also just temporary. She still had a chance.


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