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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 93: Will Depend on Your Performance

Chapter 93: Will Depend on Your Performance

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“What’s the use of telling him? And it’s a rare occasion for His Majesty to not notice this consort’s smell. If you had told the truth, you would’ve ruined His Majesty’s mood.” Wang Qinruo slowly crouched down to pick up the broken pieces on the ground so that she could bring what remained of the green liquid to her lips. Tears whirled in her eyes. This medicine might be effective, so she couldn’t waste it.

“Your Highness…” Huo Feng hastily walked over to help Wang Qinruo pick up the pieces of the broken bowl as tears continued to fall from her eyes.

Right at this moment, she abruptly looked up and saw that Yao Mowan was standing at the palace doors.

“Your Highness, it’s Yao Mowan,” said Huo Feng softly. Internally, she was berating herself for being so careless as to miss the fact that Yao Mowan was here.

When Wang Qinruo heard this, she abruptly got up and returned to her seat. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment.

“Huo Feng, close the doors. This consort doesn’t welcome fools!” commanded Wang Qinruo indignantly. Upon hearing this, Huo Feng strode forward to push Yao Mowan out and close the doors.

“Yin Xue.” Yao Mowan’s expression was calm, but her heart was pounding hard. What had she just seen? That ruthless and vicious Wang Qinruo, in front of Ye Hongyi, had actually lowered herself to the point that she didn’t seem to even have a grain of ego.

At Yao Mowan’s command, Yin Xue moved out of the shadows to brush Huo Feng’s hands aside and stand sternly in front of Yao Mowan. She had been wanting to fight against Huo Feng and get revenge for those three needles she suffered back then.

“You’ve finally shown yourself!” Huo Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly and she leaped forward to attack Yin Xue. Meanwhile, Yao Mowan was able to walk forward without any more obstructions into Splendid Veneer Palace.

“You’re not planning to play dumb anymore?” Wang Qinruo swiftly sorted out her feelings and when she looked towards Yao Mowan again, her expression was once again unperturbed.

“Obviously.” Yao Mowan’s lips curved slightly as sat down in front of Wang Qinruo. After witnessing that scene just now, she was starting to consider a different plan.

Originally she had come to tell Wang Qinruo that although her plan was good, she had already warned Yao Suluan so Wang Qinruo wouldn’t be able to obtain what she was hoping for.

“How rare for Noble Consort Yao to be willing to face someone with her true appearance. Hopefully this consort’s smell won’t ruin Noble Consort Yao’s mood. If Noble Consort Yao minds the smell, you are welcomed to head over to the pile of flowers to talk.” Wang Qinruo meticulously fixed her collar as she said this coldly.

At this time, Yin Xue had already sealed Huo Feng’s acupuncture points and had returned to stand respectfully behind Yao Mowan.

“Who would’ve thought that Consort Shu actually had such an expert as an subordinate?” Yao Mowan was sincere in this remark.

“Even Huo Feng could not last ten blows against your subordinate. If you want to praise yourself, just do it directly. No need to pull this consort’s servant into it!” However, Wang Qinruo didn’t feel Yao Mowan’s sincerity at all.

“If you knew Yin Xue’s true ability, you wouldn’t think that. Cough cough… Actually, this consort has a way to get rid of the smell on your body, Consort Shu.” Yao Mowan involuntarily coughed due to the strong stench. As she finished her words, she glanced briefly towards Huo Feng and caught the light that flashed through Huo Feng’s eyes. Upon seeing this, her lips curved in an imperceptible arc.

“This consort doesn’t feel like there’s anything bad about things being like this!” Wang Qinruo rejected this offer without even considering it. First of all, she didn’t believe that Yao Mowan had this ability, and second, even if Yao Mowan had this ability, she refused to accept this kind of charity.

“It looks like this consort was over meddling.” Yao Mowan sighed softly and slowly got up.

“You’re leaving?” Wang Qinruo looked towards Yao Mowan in confusion. She couldn’t read what Yao Mowan was after at all.

“Oh, and one more thing. In reality, there’s no need for Consort Shu to consider Mowan an enemy because in Mowan’s eyes, Ye Hongyi isn’t even worth a cent!” Yao Mowan’s lips curved slightly in a captivating smile, but that expression of contempt in her eyes caused Wang Qinruo’s heart to pulse with pain.

Not even worth a cent? The man that mattered more than the world to her was actually that worthless in Yao Mowan’s eyes? She couldn’t tell if the heavens were joking with her. The woman that Ye Hongyi cherished so much was actually like this!?

“He cherished you for nothing!” said Wang Qinruo coldly.

“You’ve cherished him for nothing.” Yao Mowan’s simple sentence made Wang Qinruo’s face turn pale.

As Yao Mowan was leaving, she had Yin Xue undo the seal on Huo Feng.

“Your Highness, are you alright?” When Huo Feng saw that Wang Qinruo was lying on the chair weakly, her eyes dull, she hastily went over to see if she was alright.

“If this consort didn’t have this smell… Would His Majesty care about this consort a little more… Huo Feng, this consort doesn’t wish for much. I only want him to look at me…” Wang Qinruo clutched at Huo Feng tightly like she was trying to grab at salvation as tears overflowed the rims of her eyes.

“He will, he definitely will!” Huo Feng knew she was lying to both of them. If His Majesty had cared about her master back then, her master wouldn’t have gone to the lengths of madly trying perfume and ending up like this. But how could she voice the truth? How was her master supposed to keep living after having lost all hope?

That night, after Yao Mowan washed up for the night, she had Ting Yue withdraw and sat down by the table to call Yin Xue out.

“Master, you’re waiting for someone?” asked Yin Xue as she landed next to Yao Mowan.

“It’s quite late, so Consort Shu is probably asleep by now.” Yao Mowan lightly adjusted the wick of the candle as she said this. Right at this time, a gust of wind swept past. Yin Xue was just about to step forward when Yao Mowan stopped her.

“This consort was waiting for her.” Yao Mowan smiled as she looked towards Huo Feng who was standing in front of her with a grim expression.

“You were expecting me? Then have you already guessed what I’ve come for?” Huo Feng lifted her brows as she looked at Yao Mowan warily.

“The smell on Wang Qinruo is truly unpleasant. You’ve had it hard, enduring for such a long time,” remarked Yao Mowan as she leaned back in her chair and languidly placed her hand by the table.

“Don’t you dare insult my master!” Huo Feng glowered at her.

“If you are the same as your master and views this consort as an enemy, then it’s going to be hard for us to keep conversing.” Yao Mowan sighed and was about to get up when Huo Feng suddenly knelt down on the ground.

“Your Highness, please help get rid of that smell on my master’s body!” beseeched Huo Feng as she knocked her head against the ground in a hard kowtow.

“Get up.” Wang Qinruo might have bad luck in men and had fallen in love with a man she never should’ve loved, but at the very least, she had such a loyal follower, so the Heavens hadn’t been too unfair to her.

“If Your Highness doesn’t agree, then Huo Feng will kneel until you do!” Huo Feng’s voice was filled with resolution. Yao Mowan had no doubt that she was serious.

“This consort possesses an ‘inspissated fragrance pill’. As long as your master takes it, your master’s body will emit a faint elegant fragrance that’s more delightful than any that’s emitted by flowers.” As Yao Mowan spoke, Yin Xue’s lips reflexively twitched. Back then when Yao Mowan asked her whether there were any more treasures in Phoenix Feather Manor, she had casually listed a few. She never imagined that her master’s memory was this good. She wondered if Yan Nansheng’s ears were burning right now…

“Noble Consort Yao is willing to give this to Huo Feng?” Huo Feng looked towards Yao Mowan in surprise.

“That will depend on your performance. Actually, this consort is pretty curious. Why does Consort Shu have that smell?” Yao Mowan looked towards Huo Feng curiously.

Huo Feng didn’t reply. She was hesitating. She didn’t know what to say, nor did she know if she should say it.

“This consort was telling the truth when this consort said that the thing your master desires so much is the one thing this consort cares the least about. Your master’s just too sensitive about this topic, which is why she labeled this consort as an enemy. If she calmed down and considered things carefully, she would naturally come to understand this. Of course, you can choose to trust this consort or choose to just leave. This consort will just treat it as this meeting never happened and won’t speak about this to anyone.” Yao Mowan expressed her sincerity.


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