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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 94: Loved Too Deeply

Chapter 94: Loved Too Deeply

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“Everything started with my master developing feelings for His Majesty. Huo Feng has followed Master for over twenty years, and Master had been in love with His Majesty for over twenty years. For as long as Huo Feng could remember, Master was always talking about His Majesty. Master has already fallen so deeply for His Majesty that she could no longer extricate herself.” As Huo Feng spoke, her voice choked up and tears filled her eyes.

“What do you mean?” If it weren’t for what she had seen today, Yao Mowan probably wouldn’t have believed what Huo Feng said next.

“On the night of their wedding, to give His Majesty a pleasant surprise, Master heated an embroidery needle until it was red and endured the pain to carve the words ‘Hong’ ‘Yi’ onto her chest. However, when His Majesty saw, he didn’t react with pleasant surprise or heartache. Instead, he turned and left the room without ever coming back that night.”

“Afterwards, although His Majesty would often rest in Splendid Veneer Palace, but… But he never touched my master. Huo Feng still remembers when His Majesty had casually remarked that he liked the scent of roses. After that, Master seemed to have become possessed. She started trying all sorts of methods to make that scent emit from her body. At first, she took a lot of baths with flower petals, but there was minimal effect, so she started directly eating perfume. However, Master’s perseverance didn’t manage to earn His Majesty’s love and instead, just brought her that terrible stench. Others may find the smell on Master’s body repulsive, but to Huo Feng, that smell is the purest proof of Master’s sincerity.” Huo Feng’s tears spilled down silently as she said these words hoarsely.

Yao Mowan sat there silently with her brows furrowed. Why did there still exist women who were so fixated on things in this world?

“She’s too deeply in love, so she’s gone blind. Even if Consort Shu digs out her heart and offers it to Ye Hongyi, Ye Hongyi still wouldn’t give her a glance, isn’t it so?” said Yao Mowan slowly, sorrow flickering in the depths of her eyes. Consort Shu was a pitiful woman, so perhaps she should be more magnanimous.

“That love is already engraved in Master’s bones. Huo Feng can’t dissuade her, and also doesn’t wish to dissuade her. This is already Master’s only reason for living. How is she supposed to live if she loses this reason?” said Huo Feng, her voice pained.

“Have you heard of a phoenix’s rebirth through fire?” Yao Mowan looked towards Huo Feng.

“Huo Feng understands what Noble Consort means, but not all phoenixes succeed in being reborn through fire. Huo Feng doesn’t dare to take this risk, and Huo Feng doesn’t have the ability to convince Master into trying it. Huo Feng only wishes to continue to accompany Master, no matter where she ends up…”

“Huo Feng, this consort will make a bet with you. As long as you’re willing to follow this consort’s instructions, this consort will definitely allow you to see a reborn Wang Qinruo. Are you willing?” Yao Mowan’s eyes sparkled like gems. What could she do? She couldn’t resist her nature of being a good person.

“This…” Huo Feng hesitated.

“My offer still stands. You can leave right now and I’ll treat it as nothing ever happened,” said Yao Mowan. She wanted Huo Feng to make the choice for herself. Only those who were sincerely willing would have unswerving will.

“Huo Feng will follow Your Highness’s instructions!” When Yao Mowan saw Huo Feng’s decisively kowtow, her lips curved and her eyes glittered with her smile.

“This consort has already prepared someone. As long as you hand him to Consort Shu, I’ll give you that inspissated fragrance pill,” said Yao Mowan leisurely.

Huo Feng looked up in disbelief.

“You should understand what this consort intends and you should trust that everything this consort does only benefits Consort Shu.” Yao Mowan smiled lightly. Her eyes, despite being clear, also seemed to contain unfathomable depths, making it impossible for people to see through what she was thinking.

Two days later, when Huo Feng brought the young eunuch to Wang Qinruo, Wang Qinruo’s eyes lit up with delight.

“You’re the one who’s been making contact with Consort Li in secret?” asked Wang Qinruo with lifted brows.

“Mmmph, mmphff…” The young eunuch’s face was completely red and he couldn’t get any words out. Huo Feng finally realized that she had forgotten to undo his seal, so she moved to tap a couple points on his body.

“It stinks… Ugh… Your Highness, please spare me! This servant didn’t do anything! This servant really didn’t do anything!” The young eunuch reflexively covered his nose, but when he saw Wang Qinruo’s cold gaze, he immediately dropped to his knees to kowtow.

“What’s your name? Why did you visit Pure Flowers Palace in the depths of the night?” asked Wang Qinruo coldly.

“This servant is Xiao Shunzi and serves Eunuch An. Pure Flowers Palace… This servant was only passing by!” Xiao Shunzi hesitated in his words, then continued kowtowing to beg for mercy.

“You serve An Bingshan?” Wang Qinruo’s gaze flickered with interest and her smile deepened.

“Huo Feng, go invite His Majesty!” instructed Wang Qinruo coldly even as her heart filled with delight. It would be perfect if this incident could end up implicating An Bingshan as well! She had always been envious of An Bingshan who was allowed to always be by Ye Hongyi’s side.

Perhaps it was due to the joy that a big problem had been resolved, but Ye Hongyi arrived very quickly with a happy expression.

“We heard that our beloved consort has managed to reap a great harvest. It’s truly a pleasant surprise! Where is the person?” Wang Qinruo was captivated by the sight of Ye Hongyi’s bright smile. How many years has it been since she had last seen him smile this way? In this instant, Wang Qinruo forgot about all the torment and grievances she had suffered these past years. If it could win her a smile from Ye Hongyi, she’d be happy to even give up her own life.

“It’s him?” Ye Hongyi glanced towards Xiao Shunzi who was kneeling on the ground.

“Ah… Replying Your Majesty, this person had snuck into Pure Flowers Palace last night near midnight and was caught by Huo Feng. This subject wife believes that he’s likely Consort Li’s hidden contact,” said Wang Qinruo as she restrained the infatuation in her eyes.

“Your Majesty! This servant is wrongly accused! This servant was only passing by…” Xiao Shunzi seemed to finally understand how bad his current situation was and knelt down to desperately beg for mercy.

When An Bingshan heard his voice and looked over, his heart chilled. Xiao Shunzi was one of his most trusted aids, why would he be here? And why was he said to be colluding with Yao Suluan? As these thoughts flashed through An Bingshan’s head, he had already come to a decision.

“Passing by? Where were you trying to go to end up passing through Pure Flowers Palace’s main hall?” Wang Qinruo’s gaze was as sharp as a blade as she interrogated Xiao Shunzi.

“This servant truly is wrongly accused…” Xiao Shunzi resorted to just begging for mercy and looked towards An Bingshan for help.

“Whether you’re wrongly accused or not, we’ll find out soon enough! An Bingshan, grab him and prepare a carriage to Pure Flowers Palace!” Ye Hongyi gave a cold humph, then looked towards Wang Qinruo.

“My dear consort, you should rest. We’ll have the imperial kitchen prepare a banquet for you. Let’s have a proper feast together later!” Ye Hongyi placed both his hands on Wang Qinruo’s shoulders as he said this with a faint smile.

Even after Ye Hongyi left, Wang Qinruo was still soaking in the warmth she had seen in Ye Hongyi’s eyes. She touched her shoulders absentmindedly. To her, this sort of contact was as precious as the spring rain.

“Your Highness?” Huo Feng’s voice jolted Wang Qinruo out of her daze.

“Huo Feng! Did you hear that? His Majesty’s going to accompany this consort in the evening meal! This consort didn’t hear that wrong, right?” Wang Qinruo’s eyes were glowing with joy as she excitedly grabbed Huo Feng’s hands.

“This servant heard, but…” Huo Feng looked towards Wang Qinruo with worry. As a third party looking in on this situation, she couldn’t shake off her bad feeling about tonight’s banquet.

“Hurry and help me get out all the clothes and hair ornaments. This consort wants to give His Majesty a pleasant surprise! No… I’ll do it myself!” Wang Qinruo excitedly let go of Huo Feng to head towards the bedroom. The worry in Huo Feng’s eyes deepened when she saw how excited Wang Qinruo was.

In Guan Osprey Palace, the captivating figure in brilliant red was currently the most beautiful sight in the main hall. Even though that breathtakingly stunning face currently had an expression that was as cold as ice, it didn’t affect its beauty at all.


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