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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 95: A Plucked Fat Sheep

Chapter 95: A Plucked Fat Sheep

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“Mowan ah, if this alliance head had been a sheep, you would’ve already pluck all of this alliance head’s fur by now! I’m begging you, can’t you switch to plucking some other sheep? Although this alliance head is naturally unforgettable, right now I really wish that you could heartlessly forget that you ever heard of the name Yan Nansheng!” Yan Nansheng clutched the gold box in pain as he looked towards Yao Mowan.

“It’s truly sad, but to this day, Nansheng, you’re the only bankroller Mowan knows. However, you must have faith that you’ll be repaid one day for the investments you make now!” replied Yao Mowan in deadpan earnest.

“Nansheng doesn’t doubt this, but Nansheng can’t help but wonder if Nansheng will already be dirt poor by the time Mowan feels like repaying these favors.” Yan Nansheng tilted his head to look towards the sky and sighed. He could already see himself having to squat by a wall to beg for food and deep sorrow flooded up in his heart.

“Ahem… Nansheng, you put things too harshly. It’s not like Mowan’s a bandit.” It was just a few revival pills and a couple thousand in silver. Was there really a need for Yan Nansheng to be so worried about his future?

“I agree, you’re not a bandit… You’re way worse than a bandit!” Yan Nansheng nodded firmly.

“Saving someone is like putting out a fire so hurry and give me the inspissated fragrance pill.” Yao Mowan was worried that Yan Nansheng would regret his decision so she didn’t bother to banter with him like usual and just reached out for the gold box he was holding.

“You’re trying to steal in broad daylight!?” Yan Nansheng jumped back, his eyes wide and cautious.

“Just say it, what’s your condition?” When Yao Mowan saw Yan Nansheng eyeing her warily like an alarmed cat, she couldn’t help but feel slightly remorseful. For better or for worse, he was the grand martial arts alliance head. How did she end up trampling on him until his personality became like this? She had truly done evil!

“I can give you the pill, but this is the last one. Don’t try to get anything else from my Phoenix Feather Manor, not even a strand of grass!” said Yan Nansheng indignantly.

“About this… We can discuss that at further length!” Yao Mowan took another step forward.

“If you don’t agree, then just give up on ever getting the inspissated fragrance pill!” said Yan Nansheng firmly.

“Then forget it. Alliance Head, you can go. However, Mowan will kindly remind you that rumors of Eldest Sister dying in the cold palace is spreading through the entire imperial palace. As of now, Prince is searching for evidence like crazy. If he ends up finding anything…” Yao Mowan knew that the reason Yan Nansheng always agreed to her requests was because he was worried about Ye Junqing’s safety.

“Junqing will find out sooner or later…” Yan Nansheng’s voice gradually weakened as he said this.

“That’s right, the prince will find out sooner or later, but the outcome of him finding out sooner will definitely be different from the outcome of him finding out later.” Yao Mowan concisely stated the truth.

Yan Nansheng took a deep breath, then strode to the table and slammed the box down.

“If one can change after making a mistake, there is nothing better.” Yao Mowan nodded firmly as she looked towards Yan Nansheng with a smile. At this time, Ting Yue walked in respectfully.

“Your Highness, the noon meal has been prepared.”

“Have it carried in. Nansheng has traveled far to get here. Why not stay here for a meal so that we chat at leisure?” Yao Mowan extended this invitation sincerely.

“Is your food free?” Yan Nansheng decisively rejected this offer and turned to leave like he was fleeing for his life. Yao Mowan glanced over at the direction he had disappeared in with a smile, then turned to open the gold box. An elegant fragrance immediately filled the air of Guan Osprey Palace. It was like walking in a garden of a hundred flowers. The scent was indescribably refreshing.

“Yan Nansheng visited?” Ye Junqing smelled the fragrance the moment he stepped into Guan Osprey Palace and was surprised.

“Prince, have you gained anything from your visits to the imperial hospital these past few days?” Yao Mowan simply responded with a question as she closed the box carefully before sitting down.

“Was Liu Sha the one that told you? This prince has already seen Moxin’s medical records. Based on what was recorded, there were no signs that Moxin’s pregnancy was unstable. The imperial physicians had recorded that her pulse was very stable, so this prince is certain that Moxin definitely had not died due to difficult childbirth. As for what her true cause of death was, this prince will definitely get to the bottom of it!” Ye Junqing’s expression was very solemn and his voice was a little hoarse. The visible fatigue on his face made Yao Mowan’s heart ache.

“Liu Sha isn’t the only one tailing Prince, Qing Long has already reported Prince’s doings to Ye Hongyi. Prince, you’re probably aware of your current situation, right?” Yao Mowan’s gaze contained unconcealable worry.

“This prince thought that you would be more concerned about what this prince said just now. Moxin is your older sister. Don’t you plan to get revenge for her if it turns out that someone had caused her death?” Ye Junqing’s voice was cold as he looked towards Yao Mowan angrily.

“Mowan believes that, rather than worrying about how tragic Eldest Sister’s death was, it’d be better to spend that time thinking about how to protect the people who are still alive!” Yao Mowan met Ye Junqing’s gaze directly. She didn’t want to argue with Ye Junqing. She couldn’t even bear to raise her voice at him, but when she saw that Ye Junqing seeking that unsightly truth while disregarding his own life, she couldn’t control her emotions anymore

“If Ye Hongyi innocent, there would be no reason for him to fear this prince’s investigation.” Ye Junqing suppressed his fury to say this coldly.

“He might not mind how Eldest Sister died, but he definitely cares about how Prince will die! Prince, you should understand this better than anyone. Even if you are nothing right now, your very existence threatens his hold on the throne! As soon as Prince makes the slightest mistake in the imperial palace, no one will be able to keep your head on your shoulders!” Yao Mowan abruptly got up and yelled at Ye Junqing. What did she have to say to get through to him the fact that he was surrounded by danger!?

“Then he should just come right now to chop off this prince’s head!” Ye Junqing shouted back. Yao Mowan silently looked at Ye Junqing for a moment, then flung her sleeves back and walked into her bedroom with the gold box.

“This servant had only gone out for a moment. What exactly happened… Should I still bring in the food?” Ting Yue happened to walk in with the food right as Yao Mowan slammed the bedroom door.

“Why shouldn’t you bring it in? This prince is still sitting here!” said Ye Junqing angrily.

“Oh…” Ting Yue hesitated for a long time, but didn’t hear anything from the bedroom, so she started bringing the food to the table. Ye Junqing couldn’t taste the food at all during this entire meal. He glanced over several times at the door, but there was no sign of Yao Mowan coming out.

“Ahem… Don’t you think you should deliver some of the food to your master’s room?” Ye Junqing lowered his voice and prompted Ting Yue gently.

“I don’t think so,” replied Ting Yue earnestly. She was pretty sure that if anyone other than Ye Junqing had done this, Master would’ve mercilessly kicked them out already.

“…” Ye Junqing was speechless.

Inside the bedroom, Yao Mowan was currently looking at Huo Feng in surprise. She hadn’t expected for Huo Feng to appear and reflexively looked towards the door.

“This servant knows that it’s a bad idea to come during the day, but His Majesty is going to have dinner with Master tonight. This servant seriously could not wait until night. Your Highness, please give Huo Feng the inspissated fragrance pill.” Huo Feng understood what Yao Mowan meant and lowered her voice as she said this beseechingly.

“Take it with water. Huo Feng, if you trust this consort, it’s best if you swap out any wine Ye Hongyi pours for your master. Don’t ask why. You should know the reason better than this consort.” Yao Mowan handed her the inspissated fragrance pill as she gave this warning.

“Huo Feng, on behalf of her master, thanks Noble Consort Yao for this great grace!” said Huo Feng gratefully. She then took the gold box and left Guan Osprey Palace.

Inside Pure Flowers Palace, Ye Hongyi ordered for An Bingshan and Ming Yu to wait outside, then he grabbed Xiao Shunzi by the collar and dragged him into the main hall.

“What a rare guest.” Yao Suluan looked towards Ye Hongyi indifferently even though she was internally shocked.

“Yao Suluan! We have already tolerated you for a long time. This time, we will definitely consider carefully how we should kill you in order to vent this hatred!” Ye Hongyi abruptly threw Xiao Shunzi in front of Yao Suluan.

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