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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 6: Torment of an Enjoyment

Chapter 6: Torment of an Enjoyment

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“Prince, could you try persuading Her Highness? She’s already been standing there for two hours…” said Qing Long helplessly.

“Do you feel like she would listen to this prince?” Ye Junqing was also a little speechless. Even though he knew that Yao Mowan wouldn’t delay their travels for no reason, at the very least she should’ve given him a warning first.

“If Her Highness continues to be this willful, I really don’t know how many years it’ll take for us to reach Loulan.” Qing Long glanced back at Bai Hu, Zhu Qiao, and Xuan Wu who were standing nearby. The three of them looked even more impatient than he was.

After about another hour, Ye Junqing finally couldn’t take it anymore and strode over to Yao Mowan.

“You’ve already been in this position for an hour, aren’t you tired? At the very least, take a couple steps?” asked Ye Junqing in a lowered voice as he looked towards her, only to find that her beautiful face was covered with a sheen layer of sweat.

“Do you think I want to do this? My legs have gone completely numb!” Yao Mowan’s voice contained faint anger. Ye Junqing was made speechless by these words and his lips twitched involuntarily.

Right at this time, Qing Long and the others suddenly moved to surround Yao Mowan protectively while looking around in alarm.

“You guys are so impatient! Fine, this consort will get back on the carriage, happy?” said Yao Mowan in a childish tone as she took advantage of this moment while all four of them had their backs towards her to hammer at her legs.

“Replying Your Highness, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to leave now! Who’s there? Show yourself!” Qing Long shouted coldly. Almost at the exact same time, ten men in black masks suddenly appeared in the forest to encircle Yao Mowan’s group.

“Who are they?” Yao Mowan tugged at Ye Junqing’s sleeve, her voice trembling.

“Prince, we’ll handle things here. Please take Her Highness and leave first! We’ll catch up with you as soon as possible!” Qing Long and the other three pulled out their weapons as they moved in front of Yao Mowan protectively.

“Be careful!” Ye Junqing nodded firmly, then pulled Yao Mowan to leap back on the carriage. Ting Yue jogged to follow after them.

“Go!” As Ye Junqing drove the carriage away, Qing Long and the other had already started fighting with the masked group of men.

Even after leaving the forest, Ye Junqing didn’t see any of the masked men chasing after them. Naturally, there was also no trace of Qing Long and the others. On the contrary, an unexpected guest elegantly landed in front of them.

“Yan Nansheng, why are you here? What are you doing here?” Ye Junqing looked towards Yan Nansheng in puzzlement, then his eyes lit up with realization.

“You were the one that sent those people?” Ye Junqing finally understood why Yao Mowan was pretending to be enjoying the fresh breeze so much even though her legs had already gone numb. So it turns out that she had been waiting for someone.

“That’s right. Wan er didn’t tell you?” Yan Nansheng already got his answer from Ye Junqing’s expression. As of now, Yan Nansheng was already sitting on the carriage. His beautiful red garment lifted slightly in the wind like a fiery red maple leaf that was adding a stroke of brilliant beauty to this soft scene.

“Yan Nansheng, you actually still have the nerve to appear in front of me? The time we agreed on was ten in the morning! Look at what time it is now!?” Yan Nansheng had barely even gotten settled in before he felt a furious gust of wind sweep towards him. Yao Mowan had rushed out with a sinister expression and lifted him by his collar.

“Ahem… It’s still broad daylight, yet Wan er‘s already tugging at this alliance head’s clothes so urgently. Isn’t it… a little too early? Of course, if Wan er doesn’t mind it, this alliance head’s fully willing to make do in this carriage!” As Yan Nansheng’s lips smoothed into a smile, his already flawless face seemed to bloom like that of a demonically charming peony. Yao Mowan was so distracted that her anger instantly faded.

“If it weren’t for this face, I definitely would’ve beat you up until your parents couldn’t recognize you!” Yao Mowan gave a cold humph, then released Yan Nansheng’s collar.

“My, I was a little late, but I didn’t delay your business, right?” said Yan Nansheng in an ingratiating way when he saw that Yao Mowan was still peeved.

“Is there anyone that can tell this prince what exactly happened?” Ye Junqing couldn’t take Yan Nansheng and Yao Mowan’s seemingly flirtatious banter anymore and abruptly pulled on the reins.

“Uh… This alliance head will be leaving first! You guys can take your time talking.” When Yan Nansheng saw how irritated Ye Junqing looked, he immediately got up and leaped out of the carriage. Yao Mowan couldn’t help but sigh as she watched that winding red garment spread out in the air. Even a descending celestial probably couldn’t compare to this beauty.

Just as Yao Mowan was captivated by this beautiful sight, her vision suddenly darkened. She looked up and found that Ye Junqing had moved in front of her to block her view like a large mountain.

“Why are you intercepting Qing Long and the others?” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan, his eyes filled with questions.

“With them around, this trip will be so dull.” Yao Mowan lifted her brows as she said this as if it was a matter of course. However, she had actually done this because of other considerations. In Guan Osprey Palace, Yin Xue was familiar with the territory so it was easy for her to conceal herself, but right now they were heading on a long journey. With the imperial guards following them, not only would it be hard for Yin Xue to remain hidden, it would also be hard for her to call Yin Xue out to give her instructions. That was why she had Yan Nansheng help her intercept Qing Long and the others.

“They’ll catch up eventually though.” Although Ye Junqing agreed with what Yao Mowan said, those four were His Majesty’s personal bodyguards after all. Their martial arts were nothing to sneer at.

“Don’t worry, all we have to do is leave secret marks for them. As for the speed… Those masked people know what to do.” Yao Mowan gave a sweet, confident smile.

Ye Junqing was speechless, but no one could stop Yao Mowan when she wanted to do something. In addition, without Qing Long and the others around, it really was more comfortable.

Just as Yao Mowan had said, every time Qing Long and the others got free from the masked people and were about to catch up, those masked people would suddenly appear again. After a round of fighting, they had to spend time looking for tracks again before renewing pursuit.

As the color of the night deepened, it gradually became chilly. There were flames flickering in the depths of the forest, lighting up a completely different scene. Ye Junqing sat by the fire and used bamboo to skewer snake meat before placing the skewers over the fire to roast. The delicious fragrance soon drifted into Yao Mowan’s nose.

“It smells so good! Your skill’s pretty good!” As Yao Mowan looked at the dazzling golden snake meat that was roasting over the fire, she felt her stomach stir with hunger. Ye Junqing chuckled as he handed the snake meat skewer to Yao Mowan.

“Yes, it’s no inferior to the work of the imperial chefs at all!” said Yao Mowan with a firm nod.

“Moxin had once praised this prince this way before too, but it’s a pity…” Ye Junqing pressed his lips together. The light of the fire reflected in his clear eyes created two small flames that contrasted sharply against the desolate on his face.

Yao Mowan was stunned by what he said. How could she have forgotten? This wasn’t her first time eating Ye Junqing’s personally roasted snake meat. She had once tasted this back then when they were heading to Shu for negotiations.

“Damn him…” Whenever she thought of Shu, she couldn’t help but recall Chu Mobei’s infuriating faint smile that was like the entire world was moving according to his plans.

“Damn who?” Ye Junqing snapped out of his thoughts and he looked towards Yao Mowan in confusion.

“Chu Mobei! I have a premonition that Chu Mobei definitely isn’t making this trip personally just for the iron mines in Wake Mountain! That guy’s unbelievably crafty. If it’s possible, I never want to see him again in this lifetime!” Yao Mowan took a fierce bite of the snake meat as if the meat had been hacked off Chu Mobei’s body.

“See him again? You’ve seen Chu Mobei before?” Ye Junqing’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“I… Of course I’ve never seen him before. I’ve only heard Eldest Sister mention this person before. Eldest Sister said that this person was definitely her fated nemesis and that he was extremely crafty with all kinds of tricks up his sleeve. Someone as magnanimous as me naturally doesn’t want to associate with someone like that.” Yao Mowan realized that she had slipped up and quickly made up an explanation.


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