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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 8: A Naive Young Girl

Chapter 8: A Naive Young Girl

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“Who’d want to look at it! If this prince says that this place should be destroyed, then it should be destroyed! Get to it!” Chu MoxinL slapped aside the dice that the banker was offering as he shouted this loudly. Just as Huangfu Junxiu was at a loss as to what to do, a young girl with a white veil walked in.

“Uncle Tala, what happened?” A clear voice that was as pleasing as that of an oriole arose. The girl jumped over the dice on the ground and walked to the banker, then reached out with her small hands to stroke the banker’s scrunched up face as if she was trying to smooth out his frown.

“Sunshine Princess… Sunshine Princess, you must get justice for Tala! This young master says that Tala’s scamming him and wants to destroy Tala’s place.” The banker clasped his hands together as he poured out his grievances.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Tala, Zheer will settle things for you!” The young girl patted Tala’s shoulder in a comforting manner, then walked to Chu Moxin.

“You’re the one saying that Tala’s scamming you?” The young girl’s clear eyes were like round moons that hung in the sky, elegant and perfectly pure as they shone with faint light.

“That’s right, this prince is the one that said that. Is there an issue?” Chu Moxin lifted his brows as he looked at the girl. Her brows were slightly curved and beneath those brows, those eyes were so expressive it seemed like they could speak.

“Of course there’s an issue! Uncle Tala is the best person in Loulan, so how could he possibly scam someone!? Apologize to him!” said the young girl seriously with a pout.

“Is there something wrong with your head? What kind of logic is that? This prince’s not interested in your nonsense! Smash this place!” Chu Moxin gave a cold humph and lifted his hand, but before he could lower it, he felt a cold sensation come from his chest. When he looked down, he found that he had become like a drowned rat. His entire body was soaked with water.

“Haha! You’re a bad person, so you deserve to be punished by Allah!” The young girl tossed aside the water ball she was holding and dusted off her hands with a laugh that was like the tinkling of bells. Only her eyes were visible, but her appearance was already beautiful enough to topple a city.

Chu Moxin glowered and clenched his fists in anger when he saw that the young girl was making fun of him without the slightest bit of fear. If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t hit women, he would’ve already punched her. In this current moment, Chu Moxin’s hair was currently so soaked that water was still dripping down his face, so he looked extremely wretched.

“Preposterous! Destroy this place! This prince wants this place destroyed!” shouted Chu Moxin furiously.

“Little Prince sure doesn’t know to pity the fragrance and cherish the jade. The young lady’s just joking with you a little, why take it so seriously?” Yao Mowan slowly made her way through the crowd to walk towards Chu Moxin.

When Chu Moxin saw Yao Mowan, he abruptly turned around and hid behind Huangfu Junxiu.

“Stay away! Let’s go! Hurry and bring this prince away!” Chu Moxin pulled at Huangfu Junxiu in a manner of extreme fear and they almost instantly disappeared from Four Seas Gambling House.

Yao Mowan, who was now in the very center of the crowd, had frozen in place. Her lips twitched hard as three black lines dropped down her forehead. Was seeing her the same as seeing a ghost? That brat!

“Big Sister, you’re amazing! The bad guy ran away as soon as he saw you!” The young girl grabbed Yao Mowan’s arm happily while jumping in excitement.

“How could this big sister be anywhere near as amazing as you? What was that earlier?” Yao Mowan restrained the helpless expression on her face and turned around to take the young girl’s hand as she asked this gently.

“That’s called a water ball. It’s really soft and there’s a small hole on it. You only need to squeeze it a little for water to spray out. Imperial Father made Zheer a lot of them. Big Sister, do you like them?” The young girl looked towards Yao Mowan as she asked this childishly.

“Yes, I like them.” Yao Mowan nodded.

“Dage, bring me another one!” As Yao Mowan nodded in response, the young girl had already taken the water ball her maid was holding and offered it to Yao Mowan.

“Zheer will give Big Sister one. It’s really useful for self-defense. Every time Zheer uses this, all the bad guys will run away!” said the young girl firmly. It was only later that Yao Mowan found out that this so-called water ball was something King Loulan had specially made for his daughter. At the sight of this water ball, everyone in Loulan Kingdom, no matter how much they had to suffer, would swallow their anger and enact strategic retreats.

“Your name’s Zheer?” Yao Mowan remembered that the banker had called this young girl Sunshine Princess. If her guess wasn’t wrong, the girl in front of her was probably King Loulan’s most beloved daughter.

“That’s right, my name’s Kubu Zheer. My imperial father’s Zhubu Dan, but everyone calls him King Loulan,” replied Kubu Zheer straightforwardly.

“Princess, we should go. If we return too late, His Majesty will worry again.” Yao Mowan still had questions, but Dage had walked over to remind Kubu Zheer to head back.

“Alright, then Big Sister, Zheer’s leaving first! Goodbye!” Kubu Zheer waved goodbye to Yao Mowan, then skipped away.

“That’s the rumored sunshine princess? But didn’t rumors say that the sunshine princess is a fool? She only seems a little naive, it can’t really be counted as imbecility, right?” Feng Yihan slowly walked to Yao Mowan’s side as he said this.

“For people born within the imperial family, isn’t naivety the same as foolishness? The reason the sunshine princess is like this can only be attributed to the fact that King Loulan protected her too well. However, this kind of protection is not necessarily a good thing to her.” Yao Mowan inwardly sighed as a trace of sadness flashed through her eyes.

“If this prince didn’t see wrong, the person making a ruckus just now was Chu Moxin, right? Why did he run the moment he saw you?” Ye Junqing walked up as he said this in a teasing tone.

“That’s right! Could it be that this consort looks like an evil spirit? What did he run for?” When this was brought up, Yao Mowan’s face filled with anger again and she lost all desire to eat.

Even so, Yao Mowan and Ye Junqing was dragged to several different places by Feng Yihan and they ate until the sun set before heading back to the guest house.

As Yao Mowan took in the sight of the dazzling guest house, she couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. King Loulan seriously had so much money to the point that he didn’t have enough places to spend them. This was just a guest house for traveling officials, but the floor tiles were actually made with gold and the railings were made with white jade. The two golden lions guarding the entrance looked extremely imposing and spirited. When one looked closer, one would find that their eyes were actually made of the extremely rare red-colored night pearls! It was truly a case of being so luxurious that humans and gods alike were offended!

“Big Sister Mowan, this prince has been waiting for you a long time. Why did you come back only now?” Just as Yao Mowan was heaving another sigh, Chu Moxin ran out in a sky blue changpao to greet Yao Mowan with a happy expression.

Yao Mowan was speechless. She wiped all expression from her face and walked around Chu Moxin without looking at him to enter the guest house.

“Big Sister Mowan, wait for this prince!” When Chu Moxin saw that Yao Mowan was ignoring him, he ran to catch up with her and block her way.

“Who are you? Does this consort know you?” Yao Mowan purposefully looked towards Chu Moxin with a confused expression since she was still angry about what happened earlier.

“This prince is Chu Moxin! The austere prince of great Shu! I-it’s me!” Chu Moxin pointed at his own face as he said this anxiously.

“Sorry, no recollection,” said Yao Mowan coldly. Just as she was about to walk forward again, Chu Moxin pulled her back.

“How could you forget? Look at this outfit, you were the one that made it for this prince! And back at the gambling house you even spoke to this prince!” Chu Moxin was getting so anxious that he accidently brought up the gambling house.

“You also recall that this consort had talked to you at the gambling house? Then why did you run? Why? Huh?” Yao Mowan immediately exploded like a dog whose tail had gotten stomped on.

“Why are you being so fierce… This prince didn’t recognize you earlier…” Chu Moxin had never seen Yao Mowan so angry before so he was intimidated.

“Then what are your eyes there for? For eating? You didn’t recognize me? Who the hell would believe that!?” said Yao Mowan angrily.

“But I didn’t…” muttered Chu Moxin in a wronged tone with his head lowered.

“Then my apologies, this consort doesn’t recognize you either. Move aside!” Yao Mowan was still angry, so she pushed Chu Moxin aside to enter the guest house.

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