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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 10: To the Highest Bidder

Chapter 10: To the Highest Bidder

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“Who’d be interested!?” Ye Junqing humphed. As he got up and passed by Ben Lei, he said angrily, “Next time, get the place right!”

Once Ye Junqing left, Ben Lei fell to a kneel on the ground.

“Ben Lei kowtows in thanks for Master’s great grace towards the prince!” Back then, when Yao Mowan found Ben Lei, she said that everything she had Ben Lei get ready in Mangyuan were preparations for the day that Ye Junqing would become emperor.

“It’s good that you don’t feel wronged.” Yao Mowan’s lips curved slightly. When it came to great grace, she was the one that owed Ye Junqing more.

“As long as it’s for Prince’s sake, Ben Lei will not hesitate to go through fire or water!” said Ben Lei convictedly.

“This consort knows how loyal you are. If not for that, this consort wouldn’t have left matters in Mangyuan to you. Back to the main topic, this consort had you bring the Elements to Loulan this time because of Wake Mountain’s iron mines. As of now, the envoys from Chu, Shu, and Qi have all arrived, so King Loulan will probably reveal his conditions soon. At that time, we’ll wait for an opportunity to try to get a share of this soup,” instructed Yao Mowan mildly.

“This subordinate understands.” Ben Lei cupped his fist in salute.

Exactly as Yao Mowan had predicted, the next day when King Loulan sent people to post the announcement up at the guest house, the facial colors of everyone there turned poor.

‘By the Mandate of Heaven, this emperor hereby decree that there are an abundance of iron mines in Wake Mountain and we wish to share the mines with the neighboring nations. We will follow the principle of giving the mines to the highest bidder. There will be no discrimination based on location, everything will be set based on the highest offered price. In addition, if an envoy obtains the sunshine princess’s attention, we are willing to gift three thousand iron mines. King Loulan.’

“How can he still have the nerve to call it sharing like this?” said Ting Feng angrily as he read the announcement.

“Sir, may I ask what he means by no discrimination based on location and that everything will be set based on the highest offered price?” Huangfu Junxiu walked towards a Loulan imperial guard to ask this.

“It’s very simple. Even if the mine is near great Chu, if Shu is willing to pay a high price for it, then the iron mine will naturally go to the highest bidder,” explained the guard.

“That’s interesting. However, if the iron mine is near great Chu, there’s no way they’ll allow Shu to send soldiers to their border to mine, right?” asked Huangfu Junxiu with a concerned frown.

“Don’t worry, Sir. His Majesty had already thought of this. As long as Sir is willing to pay the money, Loulan Kingdom will send people to mine the mountain and handle sending the goods to great Shu. So there won’t be any clashes between the two nations.” The Loulan guard’s explanation made everyone sigh.

“How can this be called sincerity? If he said so earlier that this was going to be a deal based on money, we wouldn’t have bothered to rush here from so far away.” Feng Yihan’s expression was dark as he said this angrily.

“King Qi, please calm down. The announcement has stated clearly that if someone is able to attract the interest of Loulan’s Sunshine Princess, then King Loulan will gift them three thousand iron mines!” explained the Loulan guard.

“So King Loulan only invited the nobility of the three nations over to discuss the iron mines as a front for his true motive which is finding a son-in-law,” remarked Ye Junqing. Inwardly, he was thinking that they had come this time for nothing.

The true intention of the announcement was easy to see, so everyone agreed with Ye Junqing.

“No matter what, the announcement has already been put out. Tomorrow, King Loulan will be personally bringing the sunshine princess to this guest house. Farewell.” After the Loulan guard delivered his message, he turned and left.

Inside the guest house, everyone stood there, preoccupied with their concerns.

“This prince should’ve thought of this earlier! Loulan’s so poor that all they have left is money! As if Kubu Dan would care about those iron mines! We shouldn’t have bothered with this trip! We’re heading back tomorrow!” As soon as they got back to the room, Ye Junqing started complaining.

“That’s not necessarily true. The fact that King Loulan is spending this much in order to choose a son-in-law shows that he truly loves this sunshine princess a lot. Regardless of who it is that manages to marry the sunshine princess, they’ll end up having King Loulan as a strong backing. In addition, Prince also saw, right? Sunshine Princess also counts as a nearly fairy-like beauty. Mowan will advise Prince to consider it carefully,” said Yao Mowan with a serious expression as she took a sip of the tea.

“Even if she’s as beautiful as a celestial, this prince wouldn’t take an additional look at her! You should know this better than anyone!” said Ye Junqing firmly.

“That’s why it’s said that the word ’emotion’ truly hurts. Eldest Sister has already passed away for such a long time, so why hasn’t Prince gotten over this yet?” said Yao Mowan lightly. However, a strange emotion was floating up in her heart.

“Yao Mowan!” Ye Junqing glowered at her.

“Just treat it like I didn’t say anything. But even if Prince doesn’t wish to marry her, we still can’t leave.” Yao Mowan finally returned to the topic.

“Why?” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan in confusion.

“Of course to prevent the sunshine princess from being taken by Qi or Shu! Why else do you think they’re still here? And just because great Chu doesn’t have a chance doesn’t mean that this consort doesn’t have a chance!” Yao Mowan’s lips curved up. The moment she had seen the announcement, she knew that her chance had arrived.

“You feel like the sunshine princess would like Ben Lei?” Ye Junqing felt like there was no way that would happen.

“Why wouldn’t she?” Yao Mowan’s smiled widened mysteriously. Ye Junqing felt cold sweat pour down his back.

Late afternoon the next day, as King Loulan appeared in the guest house holding the hand of his most beloved daughter, the sunshine princess, everyone was blinded by his dazzling gold outfit.

“Is there a need to be this ostentatious? Isn’t it important as a person to be low-key?” remarked Ye Junqing as he shielded his eyes with his hand.

“But King Loulan really doesn’t have any reason to be low-key. Mowan isn’t really worried about the other stuff, but isn’t it heavy to wear shoes made from pure gold?” Yao Mowan was sincerely worried on behalf of this elderly man who was past his fifties.

“Habit becomes nature.” Feng Yihan was also shielding his eyes as he said this with a heartfelt sigh. If he was the one wearing this outfit, he probably wouldn’t be able to stand so steadily.

“Kubu Dan is truly grateful that all of you have traveled so far to come to my Loulan Kingdom. Everyone has probably already seen the content on the announcement. As of now, we will have the sunshine princess stay here for ten days. After ten days, whoever the sunshine princess chooses will be the owner of three thousand iron mines.” The deep voice resounded but was not sharp. The elderly man stroked his beard which was interweaved with strands of gold thread as he narrowed his eyes and swept his gaze over everyone present. When he saw Yao Mowan, his gaze paused for a moment, but he soon recovered.

“Zheer, take off your veil.” Kubu Dan looked towards his daughter and spoke with a doting tone.

“Why? Imperial Father, didn’t you say that Zheer wasn’t allowed to take off the veil before getting married?” Kubu Zheer’s childish voice was like the tinkling of heavenly bells as she looked towards her imperial father with her star-like eyes.

“That’s our Loulan’s custom, but the people you’re currently facing aren’t of Loulan, so we must follow their practice. Be good.” Kubu Dan stroked his daughter’s head gently.

“Alright.” Kubu Zheer still looked confused, but she nodded and slowly undid her veil. In this moment, everyone’s gazes were instantly captivated by her beautiful features. Even though there was such a large blinding walking piece of gold standing next to her, no one could bear to shield their eyes anymore.

Although the girl in front of them was only about twelve years old, her face was as beautiful as that of a celestial’s. Her smooth black hair flowed like silk over her shoulders and glimmered in the sunlight like black gold. Her flawless skin was like the surface of a freshly shelled egg, so delicate it looked like water could be pinched out. Underneath those slender brows, those eyes sparkled with lively expression and two sweet dimples dotted her cheeks when she smiled, adding a trace of naughtiness to her indescribable cuteness.

This young girl was as beautiful as a moon fairy. It was no wonder King Loulan doted on her so much. If she had a daughter like this, she would definitely do everything to give her daughter the best things in the world, was what Yao Mowan was thinking.


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