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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 13: The Sunshine Princess’s Strange Illness

Chapter 13: The Sunshine Princess’s Strange Illness

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“Don’t you need to attend to your master?” asked Ye Junqing.

“My master headed out with Sunshine Princess early this morning and has yet to return.”

“How did she end up ganging up with the sunshine princess…” Ye Junqing was stunned. Inwardly he was wondering if Yao Mowan would actually succeed in that three thousand iron mines swindle.

“Forgive this servant’s audaciousness, but the sunshine princess is perfectly guileless and innocent while my master is gentle and virtuous. How would Prince use a term like ganging up to describe them being together?” Ting Yue voiced her sincere objection to this statement.

“Guileless and innocent? Gentle and virtuous? Who exactly are you talking about?” Ye Junqing looked towards Ting Yue, completely lost. Ting Yue turned to stone from speechlessness.

At the entrance of the guest house, the moment Yao Mowan and Kubu Zheer stepped inside, Chu Moxin ran over to them while still rubbing his temples.

“Big Sister Mowan, this prince was looking for you… Why are you with her?” Chu Moxin had come over only to greet Yao Mowan, so the instant he saw Kubu Zheer, he immediately went on guard in full preparation to fight.

“Why can’t Big Sister be with this princess?” Before Yao Mowan had a chance to speak, Kubu Zheer had already stepped forward in front of Chu Moxin with her delicate face tilted up arrogantly.

“Because you can’t!” As Chu Moxin spoke, he reached to pull Yao Mowan away, but Kubu Zheer grabbed his hand and stepped forward to completely block his way.

“This princess insists on staying with Big Sister, so what can you possibly do?” Kubu Zheer looked towards Chu Moxin with an evil grin as she toyed with the water ball hidden behind her back.

“Forget it. Little Prince, you should head back first. Mowan will go look for you a little later, alright?” Yao Mowan was worried that Kubu Zheer would do something rash. Even if there was a first and second time, it didn’t mean that repeated incidents would be alright. If the water ball Kubu Zheer was holding hit Chu Moxin again, Yao Mowan didn’t have the confidence to guarantee that Chu Moxin wouldn’t explode.

“Humph! If you’re going to be friends with her, then don’t talk to this prince again!” As Yao Mowan watched Chu Moxin fling his sleeves back and storm off, she couldn’t help but smile.

“He’s getting jealous even though he’s already this old? He’s like a complete child.” Kubu Zheer walked back to Yao Mowan’s side as she critiqued Chu Moxin in a serious tone.

“Exactly, he is a child.” Yao Mowan looked towards Kubu Zheer with a smile.

“That’s right… He’ll still have the chance to grow up…” A trace of dimness flashed through Kubu Zheer’s usually lively eyes, then she walked towards her room with Dage.

Yao Mowan’s heart ached faintly like a needle was lightly pricking at it. That slight pain gradually spread until her entire body was consumed by the pain.

When Yao Mowan pushed open the door and walked into Chu Moxin’s room, Chu Moxin was currently throwing a teacup angrily. The moment he saw Yao Mowan, he turned around with a peeved expression.

“If Little Prince doesn’t wish to talk, then Mowan will leave?” Yao Mowan tried turning around while keeping her eyes on Chu Moxin.

“You were clearly the one that didn’t want to talk, and now you’re pushing the blame onto this prince!” When Chu Moxin saw that Yao Mowan was about to leave, he immediately turned around to complain angrily.

“She’s just a little lady, you should yield to her a little.” Yao Mowan sat down next to Chu Moxin with a smile and poured a cup of tea for him.

“A little lady? Have you ever seen a little lady drink five jars of Daughter’s Red? Which little lady would dare to spray this prince with water and more than once too!?” The more Chu Moxin spoke, the more outraged he became.

“Ahem… Little Prince, were you looking for me for something important?” Yao Mowan couldn’t help but cough. Indeed, it was a little bit of a stretch to call Kubu Zheer a little lady.

“I don’t remember since you made me so angry… Oh, right, Big Brother’s coming!” said Chu Moxin excitedly.

Yao Mowan was stunned by this news and she reflexively tightened her grip on the tea pot.

“You don’t seem happy?” asked Chu Moxin in puzzlement when he saw Yao Mowan’s abnormal expression.

“It’s truly delightful news! What is he coming for? It couldn’t be that he wants to take the sunshine princess as his crown princess, right?” Happy? There was now an additional competitor for the duck that was almost within her grasp, so what reason would she have to be happy?

“There’s no way Big Brother will take a fancy to that little shrew! The only person that’s a match for Big Brother in this world… is already gone… But you shouldn’t be discouraged. You’re Big Sister Moxin’s younger sister, so maybe Big Brother will be more inclined to look at you!” Chu Moxin spoke as if these words were some huge show of charity.

“This consort really has no need for his attention.” Yao Mowan was extremely speechless. Anyone who had the misfortune to catch the attention of that pestilence demon would definitely die a very tragic death.

“That’s because you’ve never seen Big Brother before. There exists no woman in this world whose soul and spirit are not captivated by the sight of Big Brother,” said Chu Moxin solemnly.

“It’s more like their soul and spirit are scared flying… You still haven’t told me what he’s coming for?” Yao Mowan brought the conversation back to the main topic and asked this seriously.

“Of course it’s for those three thousand iron mines! Shu has a well-trained and powerful army, but there’s not enough weaponry, so there’s no way Big Brother would give up on the iron mines here.” Chu Moxin laid everything out without any hesitation. Although Yao Mowan was tempted to ask more about Shu’s secrets, she felt that it was kind of dishonest to do this so she suppressed the urge.

“Could it be that he has a better idea than to marry the sunshine princess?” asked Yao Mowan in a seemingly casual tone.

“This prince doesn’t know about this, but Big Brother rarely heads out to do things personally,” replied Chu Moxin as he looked towards Yao Mowan. Yao Mowan wholeheartedly agreed on this point, but from the bottle of her heart, she was praying that Chu Mobei would suffer a crushing defeat this time.

After leaving Chu Moxin’s room, Yao Mowan headed straight towards Ye Junqing’s room.

“You’re awake?” When Yao Mowan saw that Ye Junqing was sitting in the main hall and looking at a letter with a serious expression, she walked over to skim the contents.

“His Majesty knows that this prince already has someone in his heart, but he still wants to make this prince marry the sunshine princess!?” Ye Junqing crushed the letter angrily as cold light flashed in his eyes.

“That’s not completely true. Doesn’t this letter say that if Prince could prevent the others from marrying the sunshine princess, that would serve as well?” Yao Mowan slowly sat down opposite Ye Junqing as she said this calmly.

“How is this prince supposed to stop other people from marrying the sunshine princess?” Ye Junqing completely disagreed with this statement.

“Prince might not be able to, but Mowan will definitely be able to, so Prince can relax,” said Yao Mowan confidently.

“How could this prince have forgotten? You’re completely drooling over those three thousand iron mines!” Ye Junqing believed Yao Mowan. If she said she could do something, then she’d definitely be able to do it. Before Ye Junqing even realized it, he had come to have so much faith in Yao Mowan that there was not even a trace of doubt in his heart.

“Mowan isn’t the only one coveting those mines. Chu Mobei is coming here.” Yao Mowan sighed heavily with a grave expression.

“That’s not good news.” Ye Junqing has never had a good impression of Chu Mobei. Right at this moment, Yin Xue suddenly appeared in the room.

“What have you found?” asked Yao Mowan, her eyes flashing with hope.

“Replying Master, this subordinate found that the sunshine princess had caught a strange illness shortly after she was born. The illness is called ‘Blood Inspissation.’ This illness is extremely rare and in all of history, there’s only one book that was passed down three hundred years ago written by Phantasm Follower that contains any record of it. As time passes, the victim of this illness would have all the blood in their body slowly solidify until it turns stiff and breaks. During this time, if they take blood celery, they would be able to live completely like a normal person before the illness flares up. However, blood celery is incapable of actually curing the illness. If the patient’s illness flares up, there is no way to ever undo things. However, there was a prescription recorded in the book!” reported Yin Xue.

“Is it a prescription for the cure to Blood Inspissation?” asked Yao Mowan impatiently.

“Yes. The prescription says that as long as the pearl of the east sea, the coral of the west sea, the dragon of the south sea, and the mer of the north sea are gathered and bound with the blood of a returned soul, this ailment would be cured,” continued Yin Xue.


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