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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 14: The Princess’s Illness is Flaring Up

Chapter 14: The Princess’s Illness is Flaring Up

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“Yin Xue, your ability to story tell is truly improving rapidly! If one day you no longer wish to be a hidden guard, you’d definitely be able to amass great wealth with just this talent!” Ye Junqing nodded with firm belief.

“Prince is flattering too much, but everything Yin Xue said was the truth. In Loulan’s imperial hospital, there is a branch that specializes in studying Blood Inspissation. Not only are there records of Kubu Zheer’s health condition since birth, there are records about Blood Inspissation. There are also countless rare treasures inside the building, all items from the sea. However, this subordinate is slow-witted and could not figure out what those items were,” reported Yin Xue.

“There’s no need to. It’s obvious that those items were not what King Loulan wanted to find, otherwise he wouldn’t have left them there.” Yao Mowan’s expression became serious. She had never heard of the items listed in that prescription. It was no wonder that Kubu Zheer said she no longer had any hope.

“You’re telling the truth? The sunshine princess actually has a strange illness like that? How’s that possible?” When Ye Junqing saw that Yin Xue wasn’t joking, his brows furrowed in concern. Just the thought that a beautiful lively girl like that would end up breaking like a crystal made his heart feel inexplicably stifled.

“Prince, when have you ever seen Yin Xue joke? Yin Xue, you may withdraw for now. Secretly ask the Yin tribe to help investigate the matter of the prescription.” Yao Mowan leaned back onto the chair weakly. Her heart pulsed slightly in pain. Give up just like this? She couldn’t do that.

“There is a jade blood pearl in the east sea and the west sea has blood coral, so these two are locatable, but dragons and mermaids are just myths, how could they be found? Especially with returned soul blood. I really don’t understand how Phantasm Follower, as a doctor, can invent such lies.” Ye Junqing’s brows furrowed tightly and he subconsciously clenched his hands, his face filled with worry.

“That’s not necessarily true. Since Phantasm Follower was able to say it, that means that these five things definitely exist in the world. It’s just that items this rare can only be encountered through fate and not through seeking. Even if we spend ten years, we might not necessarily be able to find them.” A trace of sadness flashed through Yao Mowan’s eyes.

That night, as the waning moon appeared in the sky with the chilling breeze, the sky was dim due to the sparse stars. The guest house was silent, but a shriek suddenly broke the quiet night.

“Princess, what’s wrong? Someone, help! Something’s happened to the princess!” Dage’s voice came from inside the guest house and all the other guests rushed towards Kubu Zheer’s room.

“What happened?” Yao Mowan was the first to rush into the room. When she saw how frightfully pale Kubu Zheer’s face was and the sight of her arms forced stiff as her veins bulged out, forcing her to lie helplessly on the bed, Yao Mowan’s heart felt like it was thrown into ice-cold water. Even though she had already been mentally prepared, she still couldn’t stop herself from crying when Kubu Zheer’s illness suddenly flared up.

“Big Sister, don’t cry. Zheer knew that this day would come. It’s fortunate that Zheer is still in Loulan right now.” On the bed, Kubu Zheer looked over with a smile. Her eyes dazzled with light that was so beautiful she seemed like a goddess.

“Did you get poisoned? Junxiu! Hurry and get this prince’s hundred herbs pill! Hurry!” Chu Moxin started panicking when he saw that bloody veins were conspicuously apparent on both of Kubu Zheer’s arms.

“It’s pointless. No medicine will be able to cure my illness, and don’t you hate me? Once I die, you can have Big Sister Mowan to yourself!” Kubu Zheer smiled faintly. Her two dimples were indescribably beautiful.

“Who hates you…” Chu Moxin’s voice was a little hoarse and tears were whirling in his eyes.

“Don’t make such a sad face, you guys. Don’t worry. Even if Zheer dies in this guest house, Imperial Father won’t blame you guys. However, Zheer won’t be able to do anything about the three thousand iron mines.” Yao Mowan’s heart hurt even more when she heard what Kubu Zheer was saying. As she lowered her eyes, tears overflowed.

“Who still cares about some iron mine!? Don’t worry, this prince will save you!” Chu Moxin wiped at his tears, then walked up to lift Kubu Zheer.

“Don’t move!” When Yao Mowan saw this, she quickly got up to move in front of Chu Moxin and stop him.

“This prince is going to carry her to the imperial hospital. How can we leave her lying here like this!?” said Chu Moxin worriedly.

“You can’t move her. The moment you do…”

“If you lift Zheer, then Zheer will certainly lose her limbs. Big Sister Mowan already knows about this?” Kubu Zheer looked towards Yao Mowan in surprise.

“Know about what? Big Sister Mowan, what exactly is going on?” As Yao Mowan took in Chu Moxin’s impatient look, a trace of pain flashed through her eyes.

Hence, she repeated everything Yin Xue told her word for word to everyone present. In this moment, she was just praying that someone would know where these five treasures were. Even if there was only a sliver of hope, she still didn’t want to give up.

“How could such a strange illness exist in this world? The pearl of the east sea, the coral of the west sea, the dragon of the south sea, the mer of the north sea, and the blood of a returned soul? What exactly are those things? Who would have them!?” Chu Moxin was beside himself with worry when he saw that the young girl on the bed was now almost as pale as snow.

“The jade blood pearl and blood coral are in Loulan, but the other three, this old man has searched for twelve years but still wasn’t able to find them…” An aged voice suddenly came from the door. When the people heard this voice, they moved to the sides of the room. Kubu Dan staggered into the room, leaning heavily on the arm of an attendant, to walk to Kubu Zheer’s bed.

“Imperial Father, this daughter has truly caused you trouble all these years. I’m sorry.” In this instant, Kubu Dan seemed to have instantly aged ten years. He no longer dazzled as brilliantly as he did in the past.

“Allah! Kubu Dan begs that you take my life! Please leave my daughter here! Zheer’s still a child… Zheer, our poor Zheer ah…” Tears streamed down Kubu Dan’s wrinkled cheeks and his hand trembled as he gently stroked Kubu Zheer’s arm which was covered with blood veins.

“Imperial Father, don’t be like this. Zheer’s already very satisfied. To have been able to be your daughter for thirteen years is already a great benevolence from Allah. Zheer doesn’t want to be too greedy. Imperial Father, once Zheer goes up above, Zheer will definitely pray for Imperial Father every day…” Kubu Zheer looked towards her imperial father with a slight smile but her tears spilled out despite her attempt to hold them back. She really wanted to stroke Imperial Father’s white beard too, but what could she do? Her hands would no longer move.

“Don’t! Daughter! Imperial Father doesn’t want you to die! Please don’t!” At this time, there was no trace of the imposing aura of an emperor around Kubu Dan any longer. There was only the pain and despair of a father that was about to lose his daughter.

Right at this time, Huangfu Junxiu suddenly rushed in from outside.

“Reporting King Loulan, my emperor commanded this humble subject to offer you these two items.” When the people present heard this, they looked towards Huangfu Junxiu to find that he was offering a green jade tray with two strange items on it.

“What did Big Brother send over?” asked Chu Moxin with a frown.

“Replying Prince, these two are the dragon of the south sea and the mer of the north sea, respectively.” These words stunned everyone present, especially King Loulan who had been kneeling by the side of the bed. He immediately got up and walked to Huangfu Junxiu to look towards the items on the tray with astonishment.

“You’re saying that this is the dragon of the south sea and the mer of the north sea?” Bright light shot out of King Loulan’s originally despair-filled eyes.

“Correct. My emperor went through great pains to find these two rare treasures and hopes that they will be able to serve as a meager contribution,” replied Huangfu Junxiu firmly.

“Good… Wonderful! Guards! Hurry and bring these two items to the imperial hospital and have them simmer the medicine according to the prescription! This is wonderful! Our Zheer can finally be saved! She’s saved!” King Loulan’s tears overflowed due to this intense happiness. The items that he had spent twelve years searching for without fruition were now in front of him. How could he not be stirred up?

The guards didn’t dare to be slow and immediately took the tray from Huangfu Junxiu to rush towards the imperial palace.

“Even if those four ingredients are gathered, we’re still missing the blood of a returned soul to serve as the binding ingredient. A returned soul? What does that even mean? It couldn’t be the returned soul of when a soul borrows a corpse to return, right?” Chu Moxin’s brows were furrowed as he mused over this. However, though the speaker spoke unintentionally, the words resounded with the listener.


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