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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 15: Blood of a Returned Soul

Chapter 15: Blood of a Returned Soul

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The moment Yao Mowan heard the words ‘borrows a corpse to return,’ her heart leaped and countless ripples filled her eyes. If it really was about a soul that borrowed a corpse to return, then the blood of a returned soul…

When her thoughts reached this point, Yao Mowan silently walked away from the crowd and returned to her own room.

“Master, this subordinate has already drugged Qing Long and the others. They will only wake up tomorrow afternoon,” reported Yin Xue.

“You did well. Do you have a dagger?” As Yao Mowan nodded, she picked up a porcelain bowl from the table before looking over at Yin Xue.

“Master, this is?” Yin Xue handed a dagger to Yao Mowan, but she was completely unprepared for what happened next. Yao Mowan had immediately used the dagger to cut a line across her own wrist. Scarlet blood flowed out from the wound and poured into the bowl. Yin Xue’s heart ached as she watched Yao Mowan’s face gradually turned pale and she quickly prepared medicine and white bandages.

“I’m fine. Hand this bowl of blood to Ben Lei and tell him…” Yao Mowan leaned over to whisper a couple instructions into Yin Xue’s ear then handed the blood to her.

“This subordinate understands!” After Yin Xue finished treating Yao Mowan’s wound, she vanished from the room with the bowl of blood.

Yao Mowan didn’t attract much attention when she returned to Kubu Zheer’s room.

“It’s only been a little while, how did things get so severe?” asked Yao Mowan. Her heart filled with heartache and her eyes teared up as she looked towards the bed at Kubu Zheer whose face was filled with shocking red veins.

“Are you all right? Why is your face so pale?” At the side, Feng Yihan looked towards Yao Mowan worriedly and reflexively reached out to place his hands on her shoulders, but Ye Junqing had reached out almost at the exact same time to pull Yao Mowan over.

“Where did you go? You…” When Ye Junqing saw that Yao Mowan’s forehead had instantly become covered with cold sweat, he looked down and quickly let go of her.

“Shh. I’m fine. Is the princess’s medicine still not here?” Yao Mowan glanced towards Ye Junqing meaningfully. Although Ye Junqing understood what Yao Mowan meant, he still felt very guilty. At the side, Feng Yihan lips hooked in a bitter smile as he took in Yao Mowan and Ye Junqing’s wordless exchange.

Right at this time, there came the sound of rushed footsteps from outside the door.

“Reporting, Your Majesty, a person that claims to be the envoy of Mystery Nation says that he’s willing to offer the blood of a returned soul.” The guard’s words made everyone’s eyes light up with hope. Everyone in this room believed that it was too soon for Kubu Zheer’s life to end.

“Blood of a returned soul? Hurry and invite him! Invite him inside! Zheer, don’t be scared. Imperial Father won’t let you die. We won’t!” King Loulan wiped at his tears. His heart clenched in unbearable pain when he saw that Kubu Zheer could no longer even speak.

Not long after the guard left, Ben Lei walked in, dressed in a bizarre outfit with a black mask concealing his features.

“This Mystery envoy, Xiao Tian, kowtows in salute King Loulan.” Ben Lei saluted respectfully while holding a golden box with both hands.

“Hurry and rise! You’re the envoy of Mystery Nation? Where’s the blood of a returned soul!” King Loulan could no longer be bothered to worry about etiquette. He walked forward to help Ben Lei up as he asked this impatiently.

“Replying King Loulan, Xiao Tian is currently holding the rare item known as returned soul’s blood.” As Ben Lei spoke, he opened the gold box. Inside was a white porcelain goblet that held flowing scarlet red blood.

“Is this really returned soul’s blood?” King Loulan carefully lifted the goblet as he looked towards Ben Lei skeptically.

“Without a doubt.” Ben Lei nodded firmly. At the side, Ye Junqing was frowning as he looked at that bowl of blood with a very troubled expression. He felt indescribable discomfort in his heart.

At this time, a Loulan imperial physician carried in the prepared medicine. When he lifted the lid of the porcelain bowl, the room was instantly filled with a relaxing fragrance that made everyone in the room feel refreshed.

“Your Majesty, the medicine has been prepared. However, the binding ingredient…” The imperial physician carried the bowl of medicine to King Loulan as he said this respectfully. King Loulan stared at the bowl of returned soul’s blood for a long time, then he abruptly poured all of it into the bowl of medicine.

The instant the blood began to mix with the medicine, the refreshing fragrance immediately vanished. Everyone became very uneasy.

“Your Majesty, perhaps this blood is fake. If that’s not the case, why would the fragrance disappear? We can’t let the princess drink this!” Dage looked towards King Loulan worriedly.

“This is Zheer’s last chance. We won’t give up! Move out of the way!” Kubu Zheer personally moved to feed Kubu Zheer the medicine as tears streamed silently down his cheeks. At this time, Kubu Zheer’s face was already covered with red veins. No one would be able to link this sight with that young girl who had been lithe as a fairy.

After all the medicine went down, everyone was simply praying; praying that the Heavens would be merciful, that they wouldn’t take such a young life away, and that they wouldn’t turn their back on a father’s love.

Time slowly trickled past. The room was completely silent and everyone’s gaze was fixed on Kubu Zheer. When they saw that the veins on her face were gradually vanishing, a cheer burst out of everyone.

“Imperial Father…” That one call of ‘imperial father’ made everyone present cry.

When Yao Mowan returned to her room, she exhaled softly. Just as she was about to drink a cup of tea, she saw Ye Junqing storm in.

“Yao Mowan, have you gone crazy!? That was so much blood! Do you no longer want to live?” Yao Mowan glanced at Ting Yue and Ting Yue quickly walked outside to close the door behind her.

“You managed to guess it?” Yao Mowan took a sip of the tea, then lifted her brows as she looked towards Ye Junqing.

“Is it hard to guess? You have an injury on your wrist and it was Ben Lei that brought over the blood. It was obvious!” As Ye Junqing spoke, he set a bottle of top quality gold wound powder on the table.

“A bowl of blood in exchange for three thousand iron mines. It’s completely worth it.” Yao Mowan set down her teacup and picked up the gold wound powder that Ye Junqing brought her. She remembered this medicine. Back then, Ye Junqing had told her that this medicine was something he had personally concocted and that not everyone had the right to use it.

“You’ve seriously gone money crazy. And how did you know that your blood would definitely work?” When Ye Junqing saw that Yao Mowan was having difficulty undoing her bandage, he walked up and crouched down next to her to help. Following that, he took the medicine and carefully applied it to her injury.

“It’s because Mowan didn’t know that Mowan took this gamble. As long as Mowan successfully saved the sunshine princess, there’s no way Mystery Nation’s contribution could be denied. At that time, even if those three thousand mines must be split with Chu Mobei, there’s still a thousand five hundred that would go to Mangyuan. That’s a thousand five hundred!” Yao Mowan’s lips hooked in a delighted smile.

“I really don’t get why you love money so much. Is money more important than life? You’re not allowed to do this again!” Ye Junqing was extremely speechless when he saw the delight on Yao Mowan’s face.

“If a bowl of blood could trade for a thousand five hundred iron mines, Mowan sincerely hopes that there’d be more of these lucky encounters. Ah… Be gentler!” Yao Mowan felt a slight pain from her wrist and shot Ye Junqing an angry glare.

“With a thousand five hundred iron mines propping you up, can you still feel pain?” Ye Junqing gave a cold humph. As he was getting up, Ting Yue suddenly came in from outside.

“Your Highness, King Qi sent you this bowl of blood recovery soup.” Ting Yue carefully placed the bowl in front of Yao Mowan. When Yao Mowan saw that Ye Junqing’s expression had turned cold, she deliberately picked up the soup.

“King Qi is truly considerate. This consort will make sure to find a chance to thank him. You can withdraw.” Yao Mowan had Ting Yue withdraw, then took a sip of the concentrated soup.

“This prince also gave you gold wound medicine, but this prince hasn’t heard anything like a thank you!” grumbled Ye Junqing as he angrily sat back down.

“How could Prince and King Qi be the same? No matter what, King Qi is an outsider…” replied Yao Mowan, seemingly offhandedly.

Ye Junqing felt the clouds in his heart instantly disperse and he nodded firmly.

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