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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 19: Do You Want Him to Die?

Chapter 19: Do You Want Him to Die?

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“An Bingshan actually dares to completely treat human life as grass!? Ming Yu, don’t worry, within ten days, this consort will get revenge for Hong Mei and those innocent palace maids. We will make it so An Bingshan wishes that he was dead. As for you, don’t go back there anymore. Yin Xue, help her leave the imperial palace and get medical treatment,” said Yao Mowan with cold determination.

“Ming Yu thanks Your Highness’s good intentions, but Ming Yu can’t leave the pill refining room. An Bingshan sends someone to take a headcount of the people every day. If he finds out that this servant is missing, he’ll definitely be put on guard. This would be detrimental to Your Highness’s plan.” Ming Yu looked towards Yao Mowan gratefully but rejected her good intentions.

“But if you go back, you’ll definitely die!” said Yao Mowan worriedly. Ming Yu was currently already so thin that she was practically skin and bones.

“In the end, this servant still owes Hong Mei a life. It doesn’t matter if this servant dies. As long as this servant is able to personally witness An Bingshan’s execution, even if this servant dies, it will be with no regrets,” said Ming Yu firmly. Yao Mowan knew that she wouldn’t be able to persuade Ming Yu, so she could only instruct Yin Xue to help Ming Yu back.

That night, Yao Mowan wasn’t able to sleep at all…

The next day, as Yao Mowan was dragging her weary body out of her bedroom, it was just in time to see Ting Yue rush in.

“Your Highness, it’s bad! The esteemed prince insists on going to His Majesty to report An Bingshan’s wrongdoings. Yin Xue is currently stopping him, but she probably can’t hold on for much longer.” Ting Yue’s words immediately jolted Yao Mowan out of her listlessness and she rushed out of Guan Osprey Palace to head straight towards the east wing.

“Stop! You guys… Ah!” The moment Yao Mowan opened the doors, she saw something black fly towards her face. Before she had a chance to react, there was a sharp pain from her forehead, then her vision went dark.

When Ye Junqing and Yin Xue saw Yao Mowan lying on the ground, her face covered with ink, they immediately stopped fighting and timidly walked over.

“Yin Xue, you were the one that threw the ink slab, right?” asked Ye Junqing quietly.

Yin Xue didn’t say anything and just glanced towards Ye Junqing’s ink-stained palm.

“Uh…” Ye Junqing reflexively pulled his hand inside his sleeve as his face flushed.

In front of the copper mirror, Yao Mowan had both legs propped up on the dressing table as she gently pressed a block of ice that was wrapped with white cotton fabric against her forehead.

“On the left, harder! Prince, did you not eat lunch? You don’t even have as much strength as a woman.” Yao Mowan shook her head in disdain as she looked in the mirror at Ye Junqing’s extremely unwilling expression.

“The right side. Be more gentle! It looks like Prince doesn’t need to eat dinner tomorrow either,” said Yao Mowan angrily.

“Enough already!” The anger that Ye Junqing had been suppressing this entire time finally exploded.

“Who’s this attitude directed towards? It couldn’t be towards this lady who had fallen unconscious for an entire four hours after you threw something at her, right?” Yao Mowan lifted the ice away from her forehead as she turned to glare at Ye Junqing.

“This prince has already apologized for that. Can’t you let it go already? Furthermore, this prince hadn’t done that on purpose.” Ye Junqing’s voice weakened when he saw Yao Mowan’s wronged expression.

“Prince, if someone said that it wasn’t on purpose after they killed someone, would that make any difference?” refuted Yao Mowan.

“But you haven’t died yet!” Ye Junqing was completely speechless.

“So Prince is hoping for Mowan to die!?” Yao Mowan’s eyes widened in a disbelieving glower.

“…” Ye Junqing suddenly felt like keeping his mouth shut was currently the smartest choice.

In these four hours, Ye Junqing had finally come to understand one thing. The massage job of hammering someone’s back wasn’t meant to be done by humans, especially when the recipient was Yao Mowan. Without extremely strong endurance, the person would definitely die from anger in the middle of it. Yao Mowan only showed mercy and told him to stop once it was time for dinner.

“Prince, do you really want to see An Bingshan dead?” asked Yao Mowan lightly as she reached out for a dish.

“This prince had personally seen him transport the corpses of five palace maids out of the palace. That castrate is seriously going too far! Could it be that even though his life is a life, other people’s lives are just grass?” bellowed Ye Junqing angrily.

“In reality, if Prince wishes to get rid of that castrate, you could have just come to Mowan for help. He’s one of His Majesty’s most trusted aids. Prince, do you really think His Majesty would deal with this impartially?” reminded Yao Mowan kindly.

“You’re finally willing to deal with An Bingshan?” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan as he asked this probingly.

“Prince has deliberately told Ting Yue that you were going to present a memorial to the emperor about An Bingshan, then with great fanfare, caused such a huge disturbance. Prince’s goal wasn’t hard to guess.” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing with a light smile.

“No one likes women who are too smart…” Ye Junqing’s face turned red when he saw that Yao Mowan had already seen through his plan. He admitted that everything he did was for the sake of attracting her attention, but it was because he believed that as long as Yao Mowan made a move, An Bingshan wouldn’t have any hope of surviving this incident.

A pang of pain pulsed through Yao Mowan’s heart. Ha, it was true. Women who were too smart would only attract people’s envy!

“Uh… That wasn’t what this prince meant…” When Ye Junqing saw that Yao Mowan had fallen silent, he immediately tried to explain himself.

“Prince is not wrong. People do hate women who are too smart, but fortunately Mowan has never hoped for someone to like her,” replied Yao Mowan with feigned iciness.

“This prince…”

“If Mowan didn’t remember wrong, Prince seems to know Honest Monastery’s Daoist Priest Jue Chen?” Yao Mowan didn’t give Ye Junqing a chance to explain and changed the topic.

“Jue Chen’s a complete swindler! What are you bringing him up for?” Ye Junqing definitely knew him. He would recognize that liar even if that guy was already burned to ashes. If it weren’t for the fact that Jue Chen possessed a death exemption gold tablet, he would definitely beat that guy up until he had to search on the floor to find his teeth.

“Evil people will naturally face villains even more evil. Jue Chen is a crucial component in dealing with An Bingshan, so Mowan wants to see him tomorrow night. Mowan will leave this matter for Prince to handle. Mowan is certain that guy will only cooperate obediently if Prince personally head over.” Yao Mowan’s voice was very low, but it was filled with unusual firmness. Ye Junqing couldn’t find any reason to refuse this request.

Ye Junqing didn’t dare to say a single word even after Yao Mowan got up and left. However, as soon as Yao Mowan left, Ting Yue didn’t bother to be polite and started clearing the table.

“What are you doing?” This prince hasn’t finished eating yet?” Ye Junqing lifted his brows as he looked towards Ting Yue.

“Ting Yue is Her Highness’s servant. Since Her Highness has finished eating, Ting Yue must naturally clear the table. Ting Yue is not responsible for other people.” As Ting Yue replied, she had already poured all the food on the table into the leftovers container.

“How can this prince count as other people?” Ye Junqing had always thought that after staying in Guan Osprey Palace for so long, he had already become an integral part of Guan Osprey Palace.

“This servant doesn’t know if Prince counts as other people, this servant only knows that a master who’s intelligent and kind like Her Highness is someone that everyone likes.” Ting Yue sounded quite outraged on Yao Mowan’s behalf.

“That’s right! Prince likes her too!” said Ye Junqing loudly as he was struck by sudden realization.

“But just now, Prince…” Ting Yue looked towards Ye Junqing in surprise.

“This prince said the wrong thing earlier and is correcting it now, alright?” As Ye Junqing spoke, he glanced towards the bedroom. After this period of time, he had already come to understand Yao Mowan’s temper. She was very stubborn, so it was best to stroke her fur in the right direction.

“Ting Yue, reset the table for the esteemed prince.” After Ye Junqing said that, a cold voice came from the bedroom.

The next day, when Ye Junqing brought Jue Chen to Yao Mowan, Yao Mowan was hit with slight regret. Jue Chen who had been beaten to the point that he had two black eyes, no matter how one looked at him, he didn’t seem to be a Daoist priest that was aloof from worldly success.

Even so, Yao Mowan had Jue Chen stay in Guan Osprey Palace for an entire night.

Inside the imperial study, Ye Hongyi was looking towards Qing Long sternly.

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