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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 27: Low Intelligence Second Older Sister

Chapter 27: Low Intelligence Second Older Sister

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“Jue Chen’s every word comes from the heart. There is not a single insincere word,” swore Jue Chen solemnly.

“Suluan believes Daoist Priest and furthermore, trusts that Daoist Priest will definitely help this consort secretly place this pill in His Majesty’s teacup.” As Yao Suluan spoke, she reached below her pillow and took out a medicinal pill that was about the size of a fingernail to place in Jue Chen’s palm.

“What is this?” Jue Chen frowned as he looked towards the pill in his hand, then he lifted it to his nose to sniff it. He immediately recognized it as a fatal poison.

“Daoist Priest, what need is there to be so nervous? It’s just a knockout drug that’ll make someone unconscious for a few days.” Due to what happened with Bai Mei, Yao Suluan came to believe that all Daoist priests were just swindlers that only knew to use lies to trick others. Hence, from very the start, she had never believed that Jue Chen had any ability.

“A knockout drug? Why is Noble Consort trying to make His Majesty fall unconscious?” Jue Chen could see that Yao Suluan looked down on him, so he decided to go along with her impression and immediately scrambled up to kneel at a corner of the bed. He made his body tremble occasionally to create the impression that he was scared to death.

“Daoist Priest, no need to be so frightened. Suluan’s simply doing this for your sake!” Yao Suluan languidly threw aside the blanket to step off the bed, revealing her alluring body in full.

“For this humble Daoist’s sake?” Jue Chen swallowed hard, then he timidly crawled back towards the center of the bed to look towards Yao Suluan in confusion.

“Although this consort had only seen Daoist Priest a couple times, this consort still remembers that Daoist Priest was once the second prince’s subordinate. As of now, Daoist Priest isn’t quietly staying in Honest Monastery and has actually chosen to enter the palace despite the risk of death. Your motive is easy to see.” Yao Suluan gracefully sat down on the chair and used her fingers to comb back her hair as she unhurriedly said this.

“Then what’s this humble Daoist’s motive?” asked Jue Chen probingly.

“It’s naturally to gain wealth and influence! Who in this world doesn’t want to live with great fame and wealth? This consort would definitely not accept being trapped in a place like that where not even birds defecate for an entire lifetime.” Yao Suluan voiced her guess confidently.

“Your Highness is truly wise. Since Your Highness understands Jue Chen’s desire, then you should know that Jue Chen will be relying on His Majesty for the rest of this lifetime and so, won’t be able to help Your Highness.” Jue Chen picked up the Daoist robe and draped it over himself before walking to Yao Suluan and placing the pill on the table. The pill was about the size of a fingernail! Did Yao Suluan think that His Majesty was blind? was that Jue Chen was thinking.

“Daoist Priest, don’t reject the offer so quickly. Allow Suluan to finish her words. There’s one matter that perhaps Daoist Priest does not yet know. Even if Daoist Priest is made state preceptor, it’d still be extremely hard to beat An Bingshan.” Yao Suluan carefully combed her hair up into the flying fairy style as she said this mildly.

“An Bingshan is nothing but an eunuch. This humble Daoist still has this amount of confidence.” Jue Chen slowly retreated to the side as he said this in disagreement.

“There is one thing that Daoist Priest definitely does not know, which is that An Bingshan had also been a Daoist priest before he entered the palace. In addition, he had fished up a prescription for immortality pills from somewhere. All these past years, he’s been secretly refining pills for His Majesty. Think about it, with such useful ability, would His Majesty ever treat him badly?” Yao Suluan suddenly turned around and looked towards Jue Chen.

“He knows how to refine pills?” Jue Chen feigned astonishment.

“That’s why His Majesty would only bear to abandon him and make use of you if something ends up wrong with the pills!” When Yao Suluan saw that Jue Chen seemed moved by her words, she started working even harder to persuade him.

“But how do we make something go wrong with the pills that he’s refined?” Jue Chen frowned as he sank into thought.

“Daoist Priest looks intelligent, so how are you this bad with seeing the solution? As long as you give His Majesty the pill this consort has given you, once His Majesty realizes that there’s something wrong with his body, he’ll naturally blame it on An Bingshan. It’s such simple logic, yet Daoist Priest isn’t getting it?” Yao Suluan was getting a little impatient now.

“So it was like that. Then this humble Daoist truly has to thank you, Noble Consort!” said Jue Chen in a tone of realization. Then he folded his hands towards in front of his chest to give Yao Suluan a deep bow.

“What are you thanking me for? The reason this consort is doing this is so that you can sit steadily on the seat of state preceptor. At that time, you and this consort can…” Yao Suluan got up and walked over to Jue Chen with swaying steps to lift up his chin with a finger. Her eyes shone with coquettish light.

At this time, Jue Chen was repeating everything Yao Suluan had said word for word to Yao Mowan. Yao Mowan couldn’t help but sigh.

“Seriously, which quack was it that made this pill for Second Older Sister?” Yao Mowan was extremely speechless as she looked at the pill that had been already soaking in water for ages, but still hadn’t dissolved in the slightest.

“Ahem… This humble Daoist feels that the important point of this issue lies with that Noble Consort Li wishes to kill His Majesty, not with this pill…” Jue Chen clearly had not expected that after he spent so much spit narrating the past events, this was the response he’d receive.

“What’s strange about it? There are plenty of people in this imperial palace that wishes to kill His Majesty. Why did you tell this consort about this? In reality, you could’ve just snuck this pill into His Majesty’s teacup, then find an excuse to lead the trail towards Pure Flowers Palace. With your intelligence, this would be an extremely simple matter.” Yao Mowan lifted her eyes to look towards Jue Chen meaningfully.

“Since Jue Chen has promise Your Imperial Highness not to touch His Majesty, Jue Chen naturally wouldn’t act of his own accord. In addition, An Bingshan had been Jue Chen’s only target from the start.” Jue Chen knew that Yao Mowan was probing him, so he stated his position clearly.

“Yes, this consort believes you. Have you finished refining the pills?” Yao Mowan brought the conversation back to the main point. She had allowed An Bingshan free rein for a very long time. It was about time to send him to the next world.

“Jue Chen has brought them, please have a look.” As Jue Chen spoke, he took out a dozen white pills that gleamed with translucent light and carefully placed them on the table.

“Yes, you’ve done well. This consort would like to know what plans you have after this?” Yao Mowan had taken a liking to Jue Chen’s talents. In addition, he had a calm personality and was very careful in his actions. He was a talent that would definitely be valuable to recruit.

“If Jue Chen has the fortune to live, Jue Chen will return to Honest Monastery,” replied Jue Chen honestly.

“If this consort says she has a good place, would you be willing?” Yao Mowan lifted her brows as she looked towards Jue Chen. Upon hearing this, Jue Chen looked up in shock even as a trace of dimness flashed through his eyes.

“Jue Chen understands what Your Imperial Highness means. As soon as An Bingshan dies, Jue Chen will…”

“You think that this consort will take your life?” asked Yao Mowan with a light smile.

“Isn’t it so?” Jue Chen was very well aware of what ‘a good place’ represented.

“Forget it. You’ll know when the time comes. You should withdraw. We will be dealing with An Bingshan within these next two days, so you should prepare,” said Yao Mowan mildly.

“Jue Chen understands, but what about Noble Consort Li?” Jue Chen finally recalled what he had originally came here for and indicated to be given instructions.

“Just ignore her. This consort will go tease her once this consort has time.” Yao Mowan’s eyes were cold and the smile on her face caused Jue Chen to feel a chill down his back.

At breakfast the next day, Ye Junqing had his bowl in hand and chopsticks in the other as he sat on the edge of his chair. From time to time, he’d glanced towards Yao Mowan’s face hesitantly.

“Prince, if you have something to say, just say it. Your current behavior is very easy to misunderstand. You’re making it seem like Mowan’s so moody to the point that you have to glance over to check Mowan’s expression every time you eat something.” As Yao Mowan spoke, she placed some fish in Ye Junqing’s bowl.

“Last night, this prince saw Yao Suluan enter Jue Chen’s room…” said Ye Junqing.

“What about it?” Yao Mowan was unconcerned.

“She actually tried to seduce Jue Chen!” Ye Junqing slammed down his bowl and chopsticks indignantly as he exclaimed this.

“Did Prince follow them and watch?” Yao Mowan’s eyes widened as she looked towards Ye Junqing.

“Shush! This prince isn’t that dirty! But other than that, what could be happening? This prince won’t allow this to go on!” said Ye Junqing angrily.

“What need is there for Prince to get so stirred up about every little thing? It’s not like it’s Yao Suluan’s first time doing something like this either. You didn’t seem this indignant when she was messing about with Ye Zixiao back then.” Yao Mowan knew that Ye Junqing had a thorn in his heart because he believed Yao Suluan was the one that caused Yao Moxin’s death. There was no way he’d rest until Yao Suluan was dead.

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