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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Volume 3, Chapter 30: Jue Chen Takes Over the Task of Refining Pills

Volume 3, Chapter 30: Jue Chen Takes Over the Task of Refining Pills

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“Where would you find mice in the imperial palace? She’ll do!” Ye Hongyi’s veins were bulging with anger and his eyes were completely cold as he pointed towards Ming Yu who was kneeling.

“Your…” Ming Yu was alarmed and wanted to beg for mercy, but she quickly forced the impulse down. She understood very well that as long as she took this pill and died, An Bingshan would definitely face a fate worse than any she could ever imagine.

“Your Majesty, this humble Daoist believes that it would be better to use a mouse or something like a cat or a dog. This pill might not show its effects immediately on a person,” said Jue Chen respectfully with a bow.

“So it’s like that. Guards, bring over that animal from Pure Flowers Palace!” shouted Ye Hongyi coldly.

After this was said, Ming Yu reflexively glanced towards Jue Chen gratefully. Jue Chen nodded slightly, then shifted his gaze towards An Bingshan who was already scared to the point that he was paralyzed. Jue Chen felt his heart finally ease when he saw his old enemy finally get his retribution. He had forced himself to survive so many years, scraping by desperately, only for the sake of today.

After a few minutes, a guard led in the large dog Yao Suluan had just gotten from outside the palace. The moment Jue Chen saw the large dog, he reflexively swallowed hard. If only one of these pills that he was currently holding was required to kill a person, then it would probably take at least three to kill this dog.

Fortunately, Ye Hongyi was currently too furious to really care and had immediately commanded Jue Chen to test the medicine. Jue Chen carefully took the gold box the palace maid was holding and threw the pills onto the ground.

Even though it was poison, it was still made of the most precious medicinal ingredients in the world. After taking a sniff, the dog immediately stuck out its tongue to lap up all the pills. In this instant, everyone’s gazes were fixed on the dog, especially An Bingshan’s. His small eyes were currently unnaturally wide. Even though he knew that this was the trap Jue Chen had set up, he still couldn’t help but hope for a miracle.

“Wuu…” Jue Chen watched the dog contort on the ground for a few moments before falling still. A barely perceptible trace of a smile flashed through his eyes. When he took the gold box earlier, he had rubbed the fatal poison that he had previously prepared on the pills.

“That’s not possible! Your Majesty, this isn’t possible! This old servant has been taking these pills the entire time and is still well and alive now. The dog shouldn’t have died! Your Majesty! Don’t be tricked by them!” An Bingshan started shouting in despair when he saw the dog die.

“An Bingshan! Repeat what you just said!?” Ye Hongyi abruptly swung back his sleeves and stepped forward furiously.

“This old servant… This old servant only tested the pills personally because this old servant was worried that something would be off… Your Majesty! These pills aren’t poisonous, they really aren’t! If Your Majesty doesn’t believe, you can call an imperial physician to check this old servant!” An Bingshan, in his panic, accidently revealed the fact that he had been secretly taking the pills. However, in the face of imminent death, that wasn’t very important anymore.

“Fine! We’ll give you this one chance! If the imperial physician finds traces of the pill in your body, that proves that you hadn’t conspired to murder us, but if…” Ye Hongyi’s dark eyes narrowed slightly. The baleful aura he gave off was so strong it felt like a physical blade to An Bingshan.

In Central Dragon Palace, everyone’s eyes were currently fixed on the imperial physician.

“Reporting, Your Majesty, Eunuch An indeed has symptoms of being poisoned, but fortunately the poison hasn’t spread too deeply. Once this subject returns, this subject will write a prescription that will be able to undo this poison within half a month.” Imperial Physician Li withdrew his hand from An Bingshan’s wrist and got up to walk to Ye Hongyi before making this report respectfully.

“There’s no need. You may withdraw,” said Ye Hongyi sternly. As someone who had grown old in the palace, Imperial Physician Li was naturally able to sense that this wasn’t an ordinary affair and immediately withdrew from Central Dragon Palace upon obtaining this command.

“Your Majesty, this old servant has committed a crime, but this old servant had no intention of harming Your Majesty! If this old servant had known that the pill was poisonous, there was no way this old servant would have continued taking it!” At this point in time, An Bingshan had no choice but to show submission. If he continued to insist that it was Jue Chen’s scheme, it would only anger His Majesty more. However, in his heart, he had already cursed Jue Chen over ten thousand times.

“How can a lowly person like you be mentioned on equal terms with us!?” shouted Ye Hongyi furiously.

“This old servant knows that he has wronged, but Your Majesty, please take into consideration how this old servant has served you wholeheartedly all these years and spare this old servant’s life! Please, Your Majesty…” An Bingshan kowtowed as he begged for his life.

“Guards, lock An Bingshan in the hidden room. Without our command, no one is to take a step inside!” shouted Ye Hongyi coldly. Upon hearing this, the guards dragged An Bingshan out of Central Dragon Palace.

After An Bingshan was dragged out, Ye Hongyi took a deep breath before looking towards Jue Chen with a smile.

“We’ve made Daoist Priest see a joke. It’s all because of An Bingshan, that disappointing thing. He only had superficial knowledge, yet he dared to boast to us that he knew how to refine some longevity pill! Now that Daoist Priest has appeared, his true character has been revealed!” Ye Hongyi’s tone was amiable and his attitude was respectful. There was even light shining through the depths of his eyes.

“Your Majesty is exaggerating.” Jue Chen flicked back his horsetail whisk and lowered his eyes as he replied respectfully. This wasn’t the result he had predicted. In his opinion, An Bingshan should have definitely been executed.

“Not at all. Daoist Priest is someone with true ability. As of now… We have a presumptuous request, would Daoist Priest be willing to agree to it?” Ye Hongyi lifted his brows as he asked this with anticipation.

“Your Majesty, don’t hesitate in giving this humble Daoist instructions. After all, this humble Daoist’s motive in returning to the palace was to help resolve Your Majesty’s troubles.” Jue Chen’s heart tightened slightly, but his expression remained as calm as always.

“We were thinking that the pill refining room has already been in use for only a while, so it seems to be quite a shame to close it down. Fortunately, Daoist Priest is also knowledgeable in this area. If Daoist Priest could help us resolve this difficulty, that would be wonderful!” Ye Hongyi looked towards Jue Chen meaningfully, his tone slightly cold.

“This humble Daoist is honored to have Your Majesty’s trust. This humble Daoist will definitely work without rest in order not to let down Your Majesty’s faith!” Jue Chen bowed as he said this firmly. He knew very clearly that if he rejected this right now, the only fate that would be left for him was death. It was a great taboo for the master of a nation to privately refine pills, so there was no way Ye Hongyi would allow him any opportunity to spread this news.

“Good! Then we will be handing this pill refining room over to you, Daoist Priest! From now on, feel free to make use of the imperial hospital as well as the palace maids and eunuchs!” Ye Hongyi nodded, then allowed Jue Chen to leave Central Dragon Palace.

That night, when Jue Chen appeared in Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan and Ye Junqing were currently making a bet with the flame soul blade as the wager.

“You’re the one that said it! If Jue Chen agrees to refine pills for His Majesty, you have to give the flame soul blade back to this prince!” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan, his eyes shining. In Ye Junqing’s opinion, if he didn’t take back the flame soul blade soon, it was very likely that Yao Mowan would sell the sword for money!

During this past period of time, every time he entered Guan Osprey Palace, he would see Yao Mowan buried in a pile of ledgers. As she rapidly calculated things on the abacus, she kept sighing and lamenting about how dirt poor she was.

“That’s not right. What Mowan means is that if Jue Chen has the intention of refining pills for His Majesty, then Mowan will return the flame soul blade to Prince. If he doesn’t, that sword belongs to Mowan. In all honesty, Mowan’s seriously poor now!” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing in a pitiful manner, but Ye Junqing just rolled his eyes at her.

“Master, Jue Chen’s here.” Right at this time, Yin Xue elegantly landed and set Jue Chen down on the ground.

“Jue Chen, did you agree to refine pills for His Majesty?” Ye Junqing snatched the initiative to speak before Yao Mowan had a chance.

“This… Yes!” Jue Chen didn’t dare to keep this concealed, and he knew very well that he wouldn’t be able to keep it concealed.

“Very good!” Ye Junqing nodded in satisfaction, then looked towards Yao Mowan. However, Yao Mowan paid no attention to him and just walked to Jue Chen.

“Jue Chen, this consort wishes to know what you plan to do next?” Yao Mowan’s voice was gentle as she lowered her gaze to look at Jue Chen. Jue Chen had no idea that in this moment, if his answer did not correspond to what Yao Mowan wanted, his life would meet its end here.

“Replying Your Imperial Highness, Jue Chen doesn’t wish to and will not refine pills for His Majesty!” replied Jue Chen firmly.

“If you dare to lie, you’ll be struck down by the Heavens!” When Ye Junqing heard this, he abruptly got to his feet and pointed at Jue Chen angrily. He felt like his heart which had just been sent up to the clouds had now been hurled right back down.

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