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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Volume 3 Chapter 032

Volume 3 Chapter 032

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Chapter 32: Kill An Bingshan

“Hong Mei! Did you see? Ming Yu has gotten revenge for you! I’ve gotten revenge! Hong Mei… Sorry… For leaving you alone for so long. I’ll be coming to join you now…” Ming Yu’s tears streamed down her cheeks as her hand slowly started rising again.

Just as Ming Yu was about to end her own life, Jue Chen abruptly walked forward and snatched the dagger out of her hand.

“If I was Hong Mei, I definitely wouldn’t wish for you to sacrifice yourself for nothing. If you really died like this, and even before An Bingshan, even if you see Hong Mei, she’ll definitely just chew you out! Live properly! This is probably what Hong Mei truly wishes for!” As Jue Chen spoke, with a swift motion, he broke An Bingshan’s left arm.

“Ah…” An Bingshan screamed once again in pain. Ming Yu wiped away her tears and finally got a clear look at Jue Chen.

“An Bingshan, even if you’re hacked to pieces, it’s still not enough to relieve the hatred in Jue Chen’s heart. Your lowly life isn’t fit to be sacrificial goods for the second prince at all, but what can be done? This is all Jue Chen can do!” As Jue Chen spoke, he snapped An Bingshan’s right arm, then his legs, and finally dug out his eyes. Only then did Jue Chen hand the dagger back to Ming Yu and point towards An Bingshan’s heart.

Ming Yu understood and immediately used all the strength she had in her body to drive the dagger into An Bingshan’s heart.

“Let’s go.” After seeing An Bingshan breathe his last, Jue Chen finally sighed in relief, then he grabbed Ming Yu and left the hidden room.

Yao Mowan had prepared Jue Chen and Ming Yu for Ye Junqing. Loyal and righteous people like these could only be discovered and not sought.

The next day, when the guards carried An Bingshan’s gruesome corpse to Ye Hongyi, Ye Hongyi was infuriated. The additional news that Jue Chen had suddenly disappeared and the pill refining room had been destroyed made him fly into a crazed rage. In this moment, he finally believed that An Bingshan had been framed, but what did it matter now?

“Wan er… Why were we so muddled? That Jue Chen had come only to get revenge for Ye Mohan! Yet we actually trusted him! Hahaha! How could we have trusted him? If only Moxin was here… Perhaps then we wouldn’t have…” In Guan Osprey Palace, Ye Hongyi fiercely poured wine into his mouth, then his body swayed as he leaned onto Yao Mowan.

“If Eldest Sister was here, Your Majesty wouldn’t have what?” Yao Mowan’s heart felt cold as ice and her gaze was dark as she looked at that handsome reddened face.

“Wouldn’t have… Wouldn’t have been tricked… With Moxin around, we don’t have to think about anything… Our Jianghu ah… But we can’t help but hate it! She said great grace became grudge? Yes! We hate her! Why did she have to have more foresight about everything? Why did she have to show off her talents? She deserved to die! It’s good that she died! It’s great!” Ye Hongyi tilted his head back and poured all of the wine inside the pot into his mouth.

“I had eyes but no sight and didn’t understand my own husband, so I did deserve to die. However, even if everyone in the world could say that I deserved to die, you’re the only one who can’t… Ye Hongyi, I did everything I could for you. If it hadn’t been for me, you would’ve already died countless times. If it hadn’t been for me, would you even be able to enjoy this prosperous life? Moxin had vowed that if she is once again born into this world as a human, she’d definitely make sure you died a death worse than that of a thousand cuts, so you must continue living on well. You’d best not take any more so-called immortality pills…” As the moist breathehit Yao Mowan’s snow-white neck, it instantly transformed into icy beads. Ye Hongyi frenetically kissed the beauty in front of him, but from start to finish, he never saw the beauty’s true face.

In Pure Flowers Palace, Yao Suluan was currently taking her anger out on a palace maid. On the ground, the palace maid dressed in white garments had already been beaten to the point that she was a mass of bruises.

“Your Highness… This servant has wronged…” The palace maid cowered on the ground, her small face deathly pale. Her mouth was filled with the taste of blood as she begged fearfully.

“You’ve wronged? Can words bring back this consort’s Xue Bao? No matter what, this consort must get revenge for Xue Bao today!” Yao Suluan lifted the whip and swung it down again viciously. The palace maid gritted her teeth as she endured this bone-piercing pain. Tears streamed silently down her face.

“Second Older Sister is so fierce! That palace maid’s already about to die! Ting Yue, hurry and help her up.” Yao Mowan timidly instructed Ting Yue. Upon receiving this command, Ting Yue placed the food box she was holding on the ground to walk over to the palace maid. However, there was no way Yao Suluan would just accept this peacefully. She abruptly swung the whip towards Ting Yue, but fortunately Liu Xing reacted quickly and rushed forward to pulled back the whip’s handle.

“Audacious! How dare a servant like you touch this consort’s possession? Scram!” As Yao Suluan glowered at Liu Xing, Ting Yue had already helped the young palace maid out of Pure Flowers Palace.

“It is true that Liu Xing is a servant, but Second Older Sister, trust me when I say this. Even if Liu Xing rushed up right now and killed you, this empress has ways to protect this servant’s life! Moreover, if Second Older Sister wishes to get justice for that dog, you can go look for His Majesty. Why insist on bickering with a palace maid?” Yao Mowan gracefully leaned over to pick up the food box, then walked to Liu Xing. Liu Xing could see his master’s intentions, so he released Yao Suluan’s whip and respectfully withdrew from Pure Flowers Palace.

“Yao Mowan! What did you come here for? Pure Flowers Palace doesn’t welcome you!” Yao Suluan indignantly retrieved her whip and glared at Yao Mowan.

“Second Older Sister doesn’t welcome Mowan? But Mowan is the empress, so it’s not Second Older Sister’s place to stick her nose into where Mowan wants to go. What can be done?” replied Yao Mowan with a smile as she took out a cup of green tea from the food box.

“What is this?” Yao Suluan looked at Yao Mowan guardedly.

“This is the tea Mowan had personally brewed for Second Older Sister. Second Older Sister, won’t you come take a look?” As Yao Mowan spoke, she slowly sat down and languidly watched as Yao Suluan walked over.

When Yao Suluan saw the red pill in the tea, her heart plunged in alarm.

“Yao Mowan! You plan to poison this consort to death!? This consort won’t drink it! Even His Majesty doesn’t dare to kill this consort, so how dare you?” Yao Suluan retreated backwards in alarm, then glared at Yao Mowan in resentment.

“Ha. Second Older Sister, if your brain’s grown moldy, you really should go air it out in the sun more! If Mowan wanted you to die, would Mowan really need to wait until now? Second Older Sister, take a good look. Don’t you recognize this pill?” Yao Mowan scoffed disdainfully. As of now, Yao Suluan was now a bird that easily got startled by the mere twang of a bow. For her, living was already a sort of torment.

Yao Suluan only calmed down when she heard this and she walked back to the table to examine the pill in the cup.

“Jue Chen’s one of your people?” The instantly Yao Suluan recognized the pill, she looked towards Yao Mowan in alarm.

“Isn’t it clear?” replied Yao Mowan with a shrug.

“How is that possible? How could he be one of your people? Then… Then that palace maid just now is also one of your people? That’s why you came to save her? Yao Mowan… Exactly how many people do you have in this palace? Speak! Who else is there!?” Yao Suluan looked at Yao Mowan disbelievingly, her face white as a sheet.

“Actually, is it really important to know who they are? As long as Second Older Sister is careful enough, Mowan still wouldn’t be capable of finding out about everything? Look at this pill. It’s been soaked in water for so long, but it still hasn’t dissolved. Isn’t it a little too ridiculous? Second Older Sister, do you think His Majesty’s blind?” Yao Mowan couldn’t help but shake her head.

“Yao Mowan, what exactly are you trying to say?” Yao Suluan finally recovered from the shock and looked towards Yao Mowan indignantly once again.

“Mowan just wants to remind Second Older Sister that if His Majesty really dies, then Second Older Sister’s fate definitely won’t be as good as it is currently.” Yao Mowan restrained the ridicule in her eyes and her expression turned cold.

“Why should this consort believe you?” Yao Suluan humphed coldly as she looked towards Yao Mowan even as a trace of puzzlement flashed through her eyes.

“Second Older Sister, you shouldn’t forget, once Ye Hongyi dies, Ye Junqing would be the only person left that could succeed to the throne. Second Older Sister should be well aware of Ye Junqing’s feelings for Eldest Sister. As of now, he already knows that you’re the one behind Second Older Sister’s death. Do you think your fate would be any better once someone like this becomes emperor?” Yao Mowan looked towards Yao Suluan with great sympathy.

“Why are you reminding this consort about these things?” Yao Suluan’s heart filled with sudden realization. All she had been thinking was that she would be freed once Ye Hongyi died. She had completely forgotten about how much worse her fate would likely be once Ye Junqing succeeded to the throne.

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