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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Volume 3 Chapter 034

Volume 3 Chapter 034

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Chapter 34: The Honored Princess has Arrived

“Once Prince is no longer in great Chu, the emperor wouldn’t have to be apprehensive any longer. Although you’re a dragon among men, in Bactria, you could only count as a dragon swimming in the shallows. No matter what you do, you wouldn’t be able to create any large waves, so there’d be nothing for His Majesty to worry about.” Yao Mowan’s expression was solemn and her voice was cold as ice even as her eyes flashed brightly.

“That’s what His Majesty intends?” Ye Junqing’s eyes now contained a hint of sorrow. After Moxin had passed away, he had already acted as humbly as possible in front of Ye Hongyi, but he still couldn’t get Ye Hongyi to feel a little at ease?

“Why else?” Yao Mowan lifted her brows as she refilled Ye Junqing’s cup.

“No matter what, this prince refuses to marry the honored princess even if… Even if the consequence is death!” declared Ye Junqing, his eyes cold. However, right after Ye Junqing said this, Yao Mowan abruptly slammed the tea pot on the table and glowered at Ye Junqing.

“Prince is speaking of things lightly, but there’s an old saying that death can be heavier than Mt. Tai, but also light as a goose feather. If you lose your life because of something like rejecting a marriage, forget Mowan, even Eldest Sister who’s down below the nine springs will look down on you!” Yao Mowan couldn’t take how lightly he viewed death.


“There are no buts. Back then, you had believed that Eldest Sister had willingly left that confession statement behind to bind you, that’s why you willingly gave up your military power so that Eldest Sister could rest in peace. However, by now you should know very well that it was Yao Suluan that forced Eldest Sister to sign that confession. It wasn’t Eldest Sister’s intention at all!”

“Since that’s the case, there’s no need for Prince to be ever fearful and nervous any longer. It was His Majesty that was unjust towards Prince first, so Prince can’t be blamed in treating him in kind!” As of now, Yao Mowan had already finished setting up a clear road for Ye Junqing. She was just waiting for Ye Junqing to have thoughts of rebellion. As soon as he did, she would do her all to help him take back everything that should’ve been his from the start.

“Moxin loved Ye Hongyi, that’s why she helped him unite the current country. That’s also why, regardless of whether that confession exists or not, this prince won’t easily take Ye Hongyi’s throne. There’s no need for you to say things like this again.” Ye Junqing’s expression was filled with sorrow and his eyes were dim.

Yao Mowan abruptly got up, then stepped forward to take Ye Junqing’s tea cup. Her jade wrist tilted slightly and the tea spilled to the ground.

“What are you doing!?” To Ye Junqing who was reminiscing about the past, Yao Mowan’s actions completely destroyed the mood.

“Were you the one that poured this cup of tea?” asked Yao Mowan angrily.

“No, but…” Ye Junqing was slightly taken aback, but he still felt like Yao Mowan’s action was a little too much.

“Rather than waste your time with a but, why don’t you head back to prepare? You’re about to become Bactria’s son-in-law. It’s something wonderful that could only be encountered and not sought. However, Prince, it’s best if you keep some silver on you. That place is so poor that there’s only one word left!” Yao Mowan casually set the teacup back the table, then turned to return to her bedroom.

“What word?” Ye Junqing couldn’t help but ask.

“Poor!” snapped Yao Mowan, then she slammed shut the bedroom door, leaving Ye Junqing outside with black speechless lines on his face.

After several days of being unable to sleep with worry, even as Bactria’s Honored Princess moved into Harmony Palace, Ye Junqing still hadn’t come up with any ways to get out of this marriage. Since Ye Hongyi still refused to see him, Ye Junqing lost all confidence and had no choice but to set aside his dignity to ask Yao Mowan for help.

“Ahem… As of now, that honored princess has already moved in. What do you think this prince should do?” Although the taste of having to ask a favor wasn’t that good, being ‘married off’ to such a remote and desolate place didn’t taste any better, especially since he had no intentions of taking a wife. He believed that in this lifetime, his heart would not move again for any woman.

“What does this have to do with Mowan?” These past couple days, Yao Mowan’s tone towards Ye Junqing remained not quite hot or cold. In this current moment, she was looking at the steamed fish on the table. After saying this, she lightly tapped her bowl with her chopsticks.

“Of course, there’s a relationship. If this prince isn’t here anymore, who’d get food for you?” as Ye Junqing spoke, he picked up a piece of fish to place in Yao Mowan’s bowl, his face filled with eager attentiveness, sincerity, and hopeful anticipation.

“Although it does feel nice to have someone get the food, but in regard to this matter, Mowan truly doesn’t know what to do. Prince, Mowan wishes you the best!” Yao Mowan truly hadn’t come up with any good ideas to get rid of the honored princess, but just because she didn’t have any plans didn’t mean that she’d let someone take Ye Junqing away.

“Give the fish back to this prince!” When Ye Junqing heard this, his facial color abruptly changed. He wanted to take back the fish, but it was already too late.

“What need is there for Prince… Achoo…” Before Yao Mowan could finish her words, a strong burst of powdered perfume float over. Yao Mowan’s nose tingled and she sneezed.

“Your Imperial Highness, please forgive this servant. This servant wanted to notify Your Imperial Highness, but the honored princess insisted on coming in.” Ting Yue quickly ran over to Yao Mowan to ask for forgiveness.

“It’s fine.” Yao Mowan restrained the shrewdness in her eyes and replaced it with a naïve expression. At the side, Ye Junqing’s heart chilled. When he looked over, he saw a woman gracefully enter, accompanied by the intense smell of perfume.

Yao Mowan saw a woman sparkling with golden light standing at the entrance of Guan Osprey Palace. The woman was dressed in a delicate wispy garment that had scales of pure gold decorating the shoulders. There was a jade stone belt on her waist that contained a dazzling red bloodstone, and a long trailing skirt that had at least a hundred plump and round pearls on every single pleat. So with the entire skirt, there must’ve been at least a thousand pearls.

At this time, the woman was currently walking in demurely with her eyes lowered. Once she got out of the sun, Yao Mowan finally got a clear look at the woman’s face. Everyone said that a faint application of heavy makeup and gaudy dress was always appropriate, but the woman in front of her had clearly used way too heavy of a hand with the makeup. Her brows were black as ink, her lips were red as blood, and then there were those cheeks. Even from this close up, Yao Mowan still couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was looking at a monkey’s butt! This person was no other than the monarch of Bactria’s most doted princess, Xia Furong.

“You said that Bactria’s really poor?” Ye Junqing glanced towards Yao Mowan, his tone filled with unconcealable doubt.

“She couldn’t have put on all the toys in Bactria’s state treasury, right…” Yao Mowan couldn’t help but shake her head.

“Furong had just entered great Chu and has yet to greet Esteemed Prince, that’s why Furong has rashly come here. Prince, please forgive.” The sweet voice was gentle and mellow, but Ye Junqing couldn’t help but feel an endless chill.

“Ahem… so it was Bactria’s princess. Forgive Junqing’s lack of manners just now.” Even though he didn’t want to face it, when the person was standing right in front of him, he couldn’t very well continue to act like he couldn’t see her.

“How did Prince show any lack of manners? It was Furong who had come without an invitation. Prince wouldn’t mind it, right?” Xia Furong dragged the dozen catty heavy gown as she curtsied once more.

“Why would Junqing mind- Achoo… Princess is over-worrying.” Ye Junqing rubbed his nose as he helplessly returned the salute. Due to Xia Furong’s status, there was a need for Ye Junqing to treat her with due respect.

“Furong isn’t over-worrying, it is truly inappropriate to appear abruptly like this. No matter what, Furong should’ve let Prince know ahead of time.” Xia Furong continued to curtsy without pausing, causing bursts of her perfume to keep flying towards Yao Mowan, so Yao Mowan kept sneezing nonstop. Finally, she got a chance to open her mouth.

“Achoo! Can you get away from me? I can’t breathe!” Yao Mowan covered her nose as she looked towards Xia Furong with revulsion.

“Audacious! Who do you think you are, to actually dare to talk to the honored princess this way!?” Before Xia Furong could speak, the servant behind her had already started shouting while pointing at Yao Mowan angrily.

“Forgive Junqing’s direct words, but for Princess’s attendant to actually insult our great Chu’s empress, she truly has no sense of propriety.” Ye Junqing’s voice was completely calm, but his face showed faint anger.

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