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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Volume 3 Chapter 035

Volume 3 Chapter 035

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Chapter 35: Borrowed Luxuries


Right after Ye Junqing finished speaking, Xia Furong abruptly turned around and dealt the maid a slap. The attendant that was still so arrogant just a second ago seemed to shrivel like an eggplant hit by frost. Blood was flowing out the corner of her mouth, but she didn’t dare to even lift her hand to wipe it.

Yao Mowan took all of this in. A trace of cold laughter appeared in her eyes. She had thought that the child of a poor country would mature early, but unexpectedly, the princess still turned out to be a spoiled girl. However, it was also good that she was just a paper tiger. No matter what, it was better than having to deal with a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“You’re so fierce…” Yao Mowan looked towards Xia Furong timidly, the depths of her eyes flickering with light. When Xia Furong heard this, she snapped out of it and instantly put away her sinister manner to turn around bashfully and look towards Ye Junqing.

“Prince’s words are extremely correct. Her Imperial Highness the Empress is the body of a thousand pounds of gold, how dare a servant criticize her? It was all because Furong was outraged by this servant’s behavior, Furong doesn’t usually hit people!” Xia Furong’s eyes sparkled prettily as she hastily cleared things up. At the side, Yao Mowan snorted through her nose. Her movements were so swift, yet she still dared to say that she didn’t usually hit people?

“It’s good that Princess knows that Her Imperial Highness the Empress is the body of a thousand pounds of gold. Junqing still has something to do and so will not accompany you.” As Ye Junqing spoke, he turned to look towards Yao Mowan and cupped his fist. After solemnly saluting her, he withdrew from Guan Osprey Palace.

“Prince, where are you going? Furong will go with you!” When Xia Furong saw that Ye Junqing was leaving, she didn’t say anything else and immediately turned to run after him. The garment immediately started flashing so golden underneath the sunlight that it hurt one’s eyes. When the maids behind her saw, they hastily jogged to catch up with Xia Furong.

Yao Mowan only exhaled once Xia Furong left.

“Your Imperial Highness, say, is that Xia Furong blind? Didn’t she see that you were sitting here?” Ting Yue was really annoyed and grumbled unhappily.

“Why’s that? This consort feels that not only is Xia Furong blind, the two maids behind her are also blind. Basically, all of Bactria’s people are blind!” Yao Mowan also got angry. She had never been so disregarded before.

Perhaps it was because he had agreed to the peace marriage, but Ye Hongyi was afraid to meet Ye Junqing face to face. That’s why, even after Xia Furong moved into Harmony Palace, Ye Hongyi didn’t show himself.

That night, the moon was bright and the stars sparse. Occasionally, a few clouds drifted past, blocking the white moonlight. The entire earth was cast in a hazy glow. In Harmony Palace, Xia Furong sat down on a chair angrily and ended up accidently scraped her skirt by the edge of the dressing table. A pearl fell and started rolling away.

“Hurry and pick it up!” shouted Xia Furong worriedly. The maid didn’t dare to be slow and hastily chased after the pearl. However, she suddenly slipped and ended up reflexively stomping on the pearl to regain her balance. Her heart chilled. She timidly lifted her foot, but the pearl had already become powder under her shoe. As a breeze swept past, it became dust.


The moment the maid lifted her head, she was met with a slap.

“Princess, please have mercy! This servant didn’t do it on purpose… Please have mercy…” The maid immediately knelt on the ground, trembling as her face paled. The blood that flowed out the corners of her lips made a sharp contrast against her colorless face.

“Have mercy? Do you know how precious this pearl is!? Even if you died several times over, it still wouldn’t be able to pay for this pearl! This consort will kill you!” Xia Furong’s expression was twisted and she lifted the chair by her side to use it to hit the maid.

“Princess, please let Ah Zi off! Right now you only have two personal maids. If one dies all of a sudden, it’d definitely arouse the esteemed prince’s suspicions! Princess, please take into consideration the esteemed prince and spare Ah Zi for now!” At the side, the maid called Ah Bi fell to a kneel on the ground as she pleaded.

At almost the exact same time, Xia Furong threw the chair she was holding and it hit Ah Bi right on the head. Blood immediately started surging out. Even though it was extremely painful, Ah Bi continued to kneel there while pressing on the injury with both hands. She didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

“You actually still dare to mention the esteemed prince to this princess? This princess told you to make sure that fool understood this princess’s might, not to do something that insensible in front of the esteemed prince! You sure enjoyed shouting at her, didn’t you? Look at what happened the entire day? Ye Junqing barely even said one proper sentence to this princess! It’s all your fault!” Xia Furong’s eyes were bloodshot and the rims of her eyes looked like they were about to split. Her appearance seemed like that of a demon from hell and was extremely chilling.

“Princess, please have mercy…” Ah Bi didn’t dare to argue back and just buried her head between her arms as she continued to beg. Ah Zi also crawled over to Ah Bi’s side to kneel in front of Xia Furong in the same lowly manner.

“This servant know that she has committed a crime and also knows that even if she dies a thousand times, it wouldn’t make up for this pearl. This servant only asks that Princess calm down a little. The deaths of us servants are nothing important, but once we die, there’ll be no one to serve you, Princess…” Ah Zi knew very well that in their master’s eyes, their lives were as lowly as those of ants. If they wanted to live, the only thing they could do was beg.

“So you also know how lowly your lives are! Do you know that these pearls and gold scales were all borrowed from Qi!? Imperial Father had put in so much effort to borrow these things! Now that one has been crushed, how is this princess supposed to explain things to Imperial Father!?” Xia Furong walked back to the dressing table angrily with baleful light in her eyes.

“We servants know our wrongs…” At this time, Ah Zi and Ah Bi could do nothing but continue to kowtow and admit their mistakes.

“Scram!” Xia Furong waved the two servants off with loathing on her face, then rubbed her temples irascibly.

Inside Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan undid her hair and it spilled down like a wave of silk that gleamed beautifully in the light of the candles.

“They were borrowed?” Yao Mowan turned to look towards Yin Xue as she asked this in surprise.

“This subordinate had heard everything clearly. Everything Xia Furong was wearing from her head to her toes were borrowed from King Xia. When this subordinate was heading back, Xia Furong was in the middle of throwing a fit due to a pearl.” Yin Xue reported what she saw.

“Feng Yihan sure has guts with his lending. He doesn’t seem to be worried that he won’t ever get his things back.” Yao Mowan’s eyes were deep as a well as she turned back to the mirror. She played with the pear blossom comb she was holding as she sank into her thoughts. She could guess Feng Yihan’s intentions, but unfortunately, Ye Junqing wasn’t someone she could let go of, so Feng Yihan had made these plans for nothing.

Right at this time, the door opened. Yao Mowan thought it was Ting Yue and was just about to speak when she heard a familiar voice flow in.

“Are you awake?” The clear and melodious voice was low and soft. Yao Mowan was slightly stunned to hear this voice, then she glanced towards Yin Xue. Once Yin Xue left, Yao Mowan set down the pear blossom comb and walked to the door to quietly open it.

“Prince came so late… Could it be you have some sort of intentions towards Mowan?” Yao Mowan was dressed in a moon white inner garment as a few strands of hair fell over her shoulders to frame her face. After taking off the cosmetics, her face seemed like a hibiscus rising out of the water, pure and unstained. Her skin seemed as tender as water and caused people to have the irresistible urge to try and pinch it. Perhaps it was because he had faced Xia Furong for an entire day, because Ye Junqing suddenly had the feeling that Yao Mowan’s beauty was unmatched by the Heavens and the earth.

“Prince isn’t saying anything, is this silent affirmation? In reality, if Prince wants Mowan’s accompaniment in sleep, it isn’t impossible since Mowan has never thought about wanting to be faithful to His Majesty until death. However, in regard to the price…” Yao Mowan ignored the changes in Ye Junqing’s expression and gently extended her finger to hook up his flawless chin.

“Achoo! Stop joking, this prince has something to ask of you!” Ye Junqing’s loud sneeze seemed strong enough to blow Yao Mowan right out the window. Yao Mowan retreated her finger speechlessly and rubbed her face hard, her eyes filled with resentment.

“What matter does Prince have? Can’t it be discussed tomorrow? Mowan wishes to sleep.” Yao Mowan walked with small steps to Ye Junqing’s side as she lifted her brows.

“I can’t wait until tomorrow. That Xia Furong said that she wanted to accompany this prince in having breakfast tomorrow. What do I do?” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan with a mournful expression.

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