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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Volume 3 Chapter 041

Volume 3 Chapter 041

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Chapter 41: Just Cook the Rice

“No, this princess can’t just accept this! Lead the way, this princess is going to see Yao Suluan!” Xia Furong’s eyes flashed, then she strode out of Harmony Palace with large steps. Ah Zi and Ah Bi didn’t dare to be slow and quickly lit lanterns before walking forward to light the way. Fortunately, they had asked about where each palace was located in their free time so they weren’t flustered by this command.

When Xia Furong arrived in Pure Flowers Palace, Yao Suluan was just about to go to bed.

“Who would’ve thought that the luxurious Pure Flowers Palace doesn’t even have a single messenger maid? You’re sure a poverty-stricken noble consort!” Xia Furong suppressed the anger and worry in her heart as she sized this place up. Although there were no maids, everything decorating the palace was extremely valuable. Xia Furong suddenly felt that the Heavens were unfair. She was also royal kin, but why was she born in such a poor country?

“Suluan didn’t know about Princess’s arrival and had failed to welcome you early. Suluan hopes that Princess won’t blame Suluan.” Yao Suluan found it quite absurd that the word poverty-stricken would come from Xia Furong’s lips.

“It’s nothing much. This princess just couldn’t sleep and decided to come sit here for a while.” Xia Furong wanted to get Yao Suluan’s advice, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask.

“In reality, Princess, you can speak whatever’s on your mind in front of Suluan without worries. As long as Suluan can help, Suluan will definitely do her all to. After all, Suluan still needs Princess’s help to leave the imperial palace.” Yao Suluan saw Xia Furong’s hesitation in speaking so she said this respectfully.

“This princess wishes to kill Yao Mowan!” After a brief moment of hesitation, Xia Furong said this fiercely. Yao Suluan was slightly taken aback, then she inwardly snorted. Newborn calves truly didn’t fear tigers. Back then, she had set so many schemes, but she wasn’t even able to touch a single hair on Yao Mowan’s head, so how could Xia Furong possibly do it?

“Why would Princess have this thought?” If it was the past, Yao Suluan definitely wouldn’t let this opportunity slip, but right now, she couldn’t allow Xia Furong to take this risk because Xia Furong was her only hope for getting out of this palace.

“If it weren’t for Yao Mowan, that vixen, why would the esteemed prince reject the peace marriage!? This princess feels that only Yao Mowan’s death would be able to stop the esteemed prince’s longing!” Just recalling the determination on Ye Junqing’s face at that time made her blood boil with anger. She itched to just rush into Guan Osprey Palace right now and choke Yao Mowan to death.

“Suluan had predicted the fact that Prince would refuse, but it’s not because of Yao Mowan.” Yao Suluan’s lips hooked slightly as she shifted Xia Furong’s target.

“Then who is it because of?” Xia Furong looked towards Yao Suluan in confusion.

“Because of the previous empress, Yao Moxin! The fact that the esteemed prince admired Yao Moxin is no longer a secret in great Chu. Forgive my audacious words, but if it weren’t because of Yao Moxin back then, the one sitting on the dragon throne today wouldn’t be the current emperor. As of now, Yao Moxin has already passed away, so the esteemed prince has transferred those feelings to Yao Mowan. However, it’s nothing but longing for that deceased person. What need is there for Princess to hold a grudge against a dead person?” said Yao Suluan in a well-meaning tone.

“So it’s like that… But Ye Junqing’s determined not to return to Bactria with this princess, what can be done?” Xia Furong looked towards Yao Suluan for help.

“Suluan does have an idea, but Suluan feels that Princess won’t be willing,” said Yao Suluan hesitantly.

“Just say it!” urged Xia Furong. Yao Suluan didn’t speak and just headed towards her bedroom with a smile. When she came back out, she was holding a purple glass box.

“As long as Princess comes up with a way to get the esteemed prince to your bedroom, once the rice is cooked, everything else will fall into place.” As Yao Suluan spoke, she opened the glass box. There were two vividly red pills inside.

“Audacious! You actually dare to incite this princess to do something that dirty!?” Xia Furong’s face immediately flushed red as she glowered at Yao Suluan.

“Suluan’s only making a suggestion. Since Princess isn’t willing, just forget it. However, Suluan will remind Princess that it’s very hard to change the esteemed prince’s decision. Even His Majesty isn’t capable of doing so.” Yao Suluan didn’t mind and just closed the glass box. Just as she was about to get up, Xia Furong called her back.

“Actually… This princess and the esteemed prince are already engaged, so these matters would take place sooner or later. It’s just… Are you certain that Ye Junqing wouldn’t try to get out of this after the incident?” Xia Furong was tempted. She had come all this way for Ye Junqing, so how could she return empty-handed?

“The esteemed prince is an upright gentleman, so he does have the most basic sense of duty,” replied Yao Suluan in a confident tone.

“Give it to me!” Xia Furong extended her hand and took the glass box.

“There’s a need to consider this at length. At that time, Suluan will definitely help Princess out.” Yao Suluan was inwardly delighted. If she could help Xia Furong snatch Ye Junqing out of Yao Mowan’s hand, it would count as a slight revenge.

The next day, after breakfast, Xia Furong followed the plan that she and Yao Suluan had decided on last night and found Ye Junqing.

“Is Prince deliberately avoiding Furong?” In the imperial garden, Xia Furong walked with small graceful steps to Ye Junqing’s side, her voice slightly sad.

“Princess is overthinking. Junqing just wanted to take a walk.” Ye Junqing purposefully maintained a distance from Xia Furong. When he confessed to Yao Mowan this morning about rejecting Xia Furong, all he got in response was ‘Are you stupid?’

“Furong has thought about what Prince said last night. Since Prince isn’t willing to take Furong as wife, Furong won’t insist on it. Furong already feels very fortunate to be able to meet Prince again. As of now, Furong has no other wishes. Furong only hopes that Prince could come to Harmony Palace and sit for a while, that way Furong can personally steep a pot of ‘Butterfly’s Fragrance’ that was brought from Bactria for Prince to sample.” Xia Furong looked up towards Ye Junqing with an expression of anticipation.

“This… Alright.” Ye Junqing felt guilty from the start and he couldn’t very well reject Xia Furong’s good intentions, so he forced himself to nod.

In Guan Osprey Palace, Yin Xue passed Ben Lei’s urgent letter to Yao Mowan.

Reporting, Master, several dozen stores with the brand Thousand Paths have suddenly appeared in Mangyuan. They are trading in silk, tea, ironware, and grains among other things. Furthermore, their marked prices are a tenth of Yao Manifest Trade’s. Yao Manifest Trade’s income has already dropped by seventy percent. This subordinate and the Elements have secretly investigated, but had not been able to turn up any information. Requesting instructions.

Veins pulsed on Yao Mowan’s forehead as she looked at the letter in her hand. Her eyes were cold as ice as she crushed the letter.

“Master, what do we do now?” Yin Xue looked towards Yao Mowan worriedly.

“With the price at a tenth, they aren’t even making any money! ‘Thousand Paths’ is clearly targeting ‘Yao Manifest Trade’! It seems that someone has decided to oppose this empress! Ending one’s livelihood is the same as killing one’s parents! They had better not allow this empress to find them, otherwise this empress will murder their entire family! And dig up their ancestors’ graves!” snarled Yao Mowan between gritted teeth as she handed the secret letter to Yin Xue. Yin Xue smoothly destroyed the letter.

“Yin Xue feels that this person definitely has a lot of power, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to rashly face off against Yao Manifest Trade,” said Yin Xue.

“Isn’t it just smashing money down? What’s so impressive about that?” Yao Mowan took a deep breath and tried to suppress the anger in her heart.

“Master wishes to confront him straight on?” asked Yin Xue.

“Do you think Yan Nansheng would be willing to take out this money?” Yao Mowan looked towards Yin Xue in complete seriousness. Yin Xue immediately decided it was best to stay silent. Inwardly, she was wiping sweat on behalf of Yan Nansheng.

“Tell Ben Lei and the others to temporarily close all the stores!” Yao Mowan heaved a long sigh and gave up on that idea. She didn’t want to provoke Yan Nansheng too much.

Right after Yao Mowan said that, Ting Yue rushed in.

“Your Imperial Highness, Yao Suluan is outside saying that she wishes to see you.” When Yao Mowan heard this, she looked over at Yin Xue. Yin Xue cupped her fist, then vanished from the main hall of Guan Osprey Palace.

When Yao Suluan walked in, Yao Mowan was sitting on the chaise lounge with little Jewel on her lap. Actually, calling him little Jewel was no longer quite fitting. As of now, Jewel had already become very well-built and was even an entire circle wider than Fluffy.

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