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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Volume 3 Chapter 042

Volume 3 Chapter 042

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Chapter 42: She was Willing to Compensate Him

“Suluan kowtows in salute to Your Imperial Highness Empress.” Yao Suluan walked slowly to Yao Mowan while speaking politely.

“Second Older Sister has suddenly become so polite, Mowan’s having trouble getting used to it. So just state it, what have you come to see this empress about?” Yao Mowan glanced at Yao Suluan as she inwardly sneered. This face and attitude was exactly what Yao Suluan had used back then to fool her. As of now, having gone through rebirth by fire, she had long already gained a pair of discerning eyes.

“Suluan has come today in hopes of making a trade with Your Imperial Highness,” said Yao Suluan in a serious tone, paying no attention to Yao Mowan’s ridicule.

“A trade? What? Second Older Sister, do you feel that you still have the right to make trades with this empress?” asked Yao Mowan as she looked towards Yao Suluan with lifted brows.

“Although Suluan isn’t smart, Suluan isn’t dumb either. Your Imperial Highness clearly knows what Suluan has done before, yet you aren’t in a rush to take Suluan’s life. The reason behind it isn’t hard to guess.” Yao Suluan’s eyes were cold as she stared at Yao Mowan’s face. She seemed to be trying to pinpoint any slight changes in Yao Mowan’s expression, but she wasn’t able to find any.

“Oh? Then why don’t you try saying why this empress isn’t killing you?” Yao Mowan leaned back on the chaise lounge as if at ease, but her hand which was stroking Jewel reflexively slowed in her movements.

“The reason Your Imperial Highness is leaving Suluan alive is because you wish to one day have Suluan stand as witness in front of the world to testify against Ye Hongyi and reveal all his misdeeds! After all, that day, Suluan was the only one that had personally witnessed that tragedy.” Yao Suluan felt no need left to conceal that incident.

Yao Mowan silently stared at the woman in front of her for quite a long time, then she abruptly lifted both hands, causing Jewel to scuttle forward in alarm. Jewel’s front claws landed straight on Yao Suluan’s face.

“Ah!” The sharp claws left ten long bloody lines on Yao Suluan’s face. It was deep enough for the boundary between skin and flesh to show.

“There’s a proverb that says the color blue is made of indigo, but is more vivid than indigo. It seems like Jewel’s much more skilled than Fluffy,” concluded Yao Mowan as she looked at Yao Suluan who was covering her face with both hands and crying in pain.

“Yao Mowan! You go too far in bullying others!” Yao Suluan’s eyes were red with fury as she glared at Yao Mowan.

“You’re the one who brought yourself here, so there’s no reason for this empress not to bully you! Oh right, you said earlier that you wanted to make a trade with this empress. What trade was it? This empress is all ears.” Yao Mowan looked towards Yao Suluan innocently with a bright smile.

“Scram!” Yao Suluan felt like her face was burning with pain. She pushed Yao Mowan aside and rushed out of Guan Osprey Palace. As Yao Mowan watched Yao Suluan run out of Guan Osprey Palace in such a wretched state, she stopped smiling and coldly called out Yin Xue.

“Master?” Yin Xue landed to stand behind Yao Mowan.

“Quickly find Ye Junqing and bring him back!” Yao Mowan’s expression was concerned even as her eyes filled with coldness. Due to what happened in Mangyuan, she hadn’t really been paying attention to Yao Suluan. Now that she thought about things, Xia Furong had gone to visit Yao Suluan just yesterday, and just a day later, Yao Suluan had arrogantly appeared in Guan Osprey Palace. It was clear that Yao Suluan was trying to attract her attention, and it was very likely for the sake of acting as a cover for Xia Furong.

When Yin Xue saw that Yao Mowan’s expression was grave, she didn’t dare to ask any more questions and immediately left Guan Osprey Palace.

In Harmony Palace, Ye Junqing harbored no suspicions towards the tea that Xia Furong offered him so, as of now, he had already finished his third cup. In his opinion, although Xia Furong was admittedly a little arrogant, in the end she was still a nation’s princess so she probably wouldn’t do things that were too improper.

“Prince seems very hot?” Xia Furong feigned concern when she saw the faint sheen of sweat on Ye Junqing’s forehead. However, inwardly, she was already so overjoyed she could barely restrain her expression. Just as Yao Suluan had said, the best place to subdue men was on the bed. Xia Furong didn’t have any experience in this department, so she swallowed the other red pill in hopes that it’d be able to achieve a good effect.

“It is a bit hot… Perhaps it’s because of the hot weather,” replied Ye Junqing mildly as he lightly wiped at the sweat.

“Ah Zi, Ah Bi, go bring two bowls of green bean soup.” When Xia Furong felt her body reacting, she immediately sent Ah Zi and Ah Bi away.

Once the two left, Xia Furong poured another cup of tea for Ye Junqing. After that fourth cup, Ye Junqing’s consciousness started to become hazy.

“Moxin? You… Why are you here?” Ye Junqing took Xia Furong’s hand, his hazy eyes flickering with glistening tears. After so many longing dreams, he was finally able to see the woman he loved so much. How could he not be overjoyed? Not be touched?

“Prince… It’s so hot!” Xia Furong’s consciousness was also going hazy. It felt like a fire was burning in her chest. She kept tearing at her clothes, trying to dig that fire out.

“Moxin… I miss you so much…” Ye Junqing abruptly pulled Xia Furong into his arms and hugged her tightly. He was intensely afraid that the moment he loosened his grip, the beauty in his arms would disappear.

“Prince… Furong’s really hot… It’s so hot!” The moment Xia Furong made contact with Ye Junqing’s body, she felt like she had found a spring. She abruptly wrapped her legs around Ye Junqing’s waist and impatiently pulled apart that azure garment. Following that, without any hesitation, she stuck out her tongue to lick at Ye Junqing’s muscular chest. She thought it was spring water and had no idea that she was actually drinking poison in hopes of quenching her thirst.

“Moxin…” In the end Ye Junqing was a young and vigorous man. How could he possibly take such an intimate gesture, especially with the drug taking effect? Ye Junqing started stroking Xia Furong’s snowy back through the silk.

When Yin Xue appeared in Harmony Palace, this was the scene that she saw.

“Dammit!” cursed Yin Xue as she quickly knocked Xia Furong unconscious and sealed Ye Junqing’s sleep acupuncture point. Following that, she roughly yanked off Xia Furong who was clinging to Ye Junqing like an octopus and threw her to the ground.

When she got back to Guan Osprey Palace, Yin Xue carefully placed the unconscious Ye Junqing on the bed.

“Where did you find him?” Yao Mowan’s eyes were like frost when she saw Ye Junqing’s disheveled clothing.

“Reporting Master, it was in Harmony Palace. Prince had been drugged with an extremely strong aphrodisiac. Although this subordinate has sealed his acupuncture points, it won’t last for long. If… If the antidote isn’t used, the prince may be in life-threatening danger!” replied Yin Xue in a serious tone. The implied meaning was easy to make out.

“Will you be able to make the antidote in time?” Yao Mowan looked towards Yin Xue worriedly.

“There’s only one antidote to this sort of aphrodisiac, which is… women, or men.” Yin Xue’s face was slightly red.

“Dammit! Where’s Xia Furong?” Yao Mowan clenched her fists.

“This subordinate has already knocked her unconscious in Harmony Palace. If she isn’t given an antidote, she probably won’t be able to hold on for much longer either,” replied Yin Xue.

“Hurry to the pleasure quarters and drag that brat from the humble prince’s residence to Harmony Palace!” instructed Yao Mowan coldly. Yin Xue was about to leave to carry out the command, but Yao Mowan called her back.

“Unseal his pressure points.” Yao Mowan’s voice was so small, it was like that of a mosquito’s. However, Yin Xue was still able to hear it clearly. She immediately unsealed Ye Junqing’s pressure points with a few rapid taps, then vanished from the room at the speed of light.

On the bed, Ye Junqing was gradually regaining consciousness, but his body was still unbearably hot.

“Moxin… Moxin, where are you? I feel so hot… What do I do… I really want to see you… What do I do?” Yao Mowan stood at the side for quite a long time. As she looked at Ye Junqing’s handsome flushed face, she finally couldn’t stop herself from walking up.

“Moxin! You’re still here! You didn’t leave! That’s good, Moxin…” Ye Junqing’s hand started misbehaving. Yao Mowan could feel the sensation of the rough calluses on those hands rub against her waist, her back, and then those fingers sank into her hair.

Kisses fell like rain over her. Before Yao Mowan could prepare herself, she felt her heart clench as that familiar scent surrounded her. The deep entanglement between lips and teeth made Yao Mowan deeply feel Ye Junqing’s longing.

“Moxin…” Her name vibrated from Ye Junqing’s throat. Just as Yao Mowan felt like she was about to suffocate, Ye Junqing’s lips shifted to her delicate earlobe. The hot wetness finally made Yao Mowan regain awareness. Since this was going to happen no matter what, what need was there for her to act so bashful? She should just count it was compensation. When Yao Mowan’s thoughts reached this point, her body gradually relaxed and she gradually sank down into Ye Junqing’s embrace.

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