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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Volume 3 Chapter 043

Volume 3 Chapter 043

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Chapter 43: He Actually Fell Asleep

When Ye Junqing sensed that the beauty beneath him was responding, his movements became increasingly frantic. When the lapels were pushed apart, all Yao Mowan felt was a momentary chill on her breast before warmth poured in. As Ye Junqing’s hand descended and gently stroked her impressive plumpness, a certain part of her body started aching in response.

“Junqing… I’m sorry…” Yao Mowan’s jade fingers drew a streak up Ye Junqing’s back as hot tears flowed out the corners of her eyes and disappeared into her black hair. In this moment, Yao Mowan was truly and sincerely willing.

However, just as she had finished mentally preparing herself, Ye Junqing suddenly stopped moving. His eyes were blank as he stared at Yao Mowan.

“Junqing? Are you alright?” Yao Mowan sensed Ye Junqing’s abnormality and asked him this worriedly. Ye Junqing didn’t reply and kept staring blankly at Yao Mowan without moving.

“You… Don’t scare me! I’m already ready! So hurry!”

When Yao Mowan saw that Ye Junqing was frozen rigidly above her like a statue, she was so worried that tears overflowed. It couldn’t be that it was too late, right!?

Just as Yao Mowan was about to personally do things, Ye Junqing suddenly fell on top of her, then slid to the side.

“Junqing… Junqing, don’t die! If you die, what would Mowan have done all of this for?” Yao Mowan’s tears overflowed as she sobbed in helplessness. She shook Ye Junqing with all her strength, but all she got in response was an intoxicated snore.

“Snore… snore…”

Yao Mowan abruptly let go and her willow brows furrowed slightly. She only loosened a breath in relief once she confirmed that Ye Junqing was only asleep, but right after that she couldn’t help but roar, “Ye Junqing…”

Outside Harmony Palace, Ah Zi and Ah Bi were originally about to push open the door and enter, but then they heard that the sound inside had stopped. Even those who had never had pork before had seen pigs run, so they naturally knew what was happening inside.

In the bedroom, Xia Furong’s cheeks were flushed as she lay on the bed. Her black hair was rippling like wind-brushed grass and her body was twisting like that of a snake swimming through water.

“It’s so hot…” Xia Furong scratched lightly at her neck with both hands, her expression a little pained.

“Tsk tsk… What a rarity ah! What a beauty!” On top of Xia Furong, an attractive man was eager to get into action. His eyes shone with desire and in the next instant, he had already pounced down to bite Xia Furong’s snow-white nape like a ravenous wolf.

“Ah…” Xia Furong’s cries got louder and higher. Outside the room, Ah Bi and Ah Zi’s faces were completely red as they listened to this sound, but they couldn’t go anywhere.

Time slowly trickled past. When Xia Furong’s head finally cleared, she felt aching come from her entire body, especially a certain part of her body. That part hurt like flames were scorching it.

“You’re awake?” The instant Xia Furong opened her eyes, a handsome face appeared in front of her, but this person wasn’t Ye Junqing.

“Who are you?” Xia Furong got up in a fluster. It was only now that she discovered she was completely naked. Not only that, there were over a dozen bite marks on her flawless skin, some so deep that they were bleeding.

“Ah!” Xia Furong forced herself to endure the pain as she pulled the blankets to wrap them around herself. Tears then started overflowing.

“What are you doing? It’s not like it’s anything I haven’t seen before, is there a need to react like this?” The man lifted his brows as he looked towards Xia Furong.

“Bastard! Scram! Get out of here!” Xia Furong pointed towards the door in anger and embarrassment, her finger trembling.

“This prince also wants to leave, but it’d be bad if a palace maid or eunuch saw. Why don’t you have that person send this prince out?” said the man with a wronged expression.

“You! What do you mean that person? Who exactly are you?” roared Xia Furong angrily. When Ah Zi and Ah Bi heard this commotion, they immediately rushed in. When they saw the unfamiliar man, they hastily shut the palace doors tight before running to the bed and looking towards the man by the table warily.

“You don’t know who this prince is? Then why did you invite this prince over?” The man was completely baffled.

“Kill him! Kill him right now!” bellowed Xia Furong angrily. Ah Bi and Ah Zi exchanged a glance, but just as they were about to advance, the man shouted at them to stop.

“This prince is the successor of the humble prince’s residence, Humble Prince Di Feng! You guys dare to kill me?” When Di Feng saw that the woman on the bed was serious, he immediately revealed his identity.

“So what if you’re the Humble Prince? This princess is the princess of Bactria! The honored princess who’s supposed to enter a peace marriage with the esteemed prince! You actually dared to do something this beast-like to this princess!? Forget killing you, even if you’re executed by the death of a thousand cuts, it still wouldn’t resolve the hatred this princess feels!” shouted Xia Furong tearfully. Her entire body was in unbearable pain.

“You’re the honored princess?” Di Feng looked towards the woman on the bed in surprise. He just thought that a consort or concubine couldn’t bear with the loneliness of the inner palace so she called him over for a round of pleasure. He never imagined that it was actually the princess of Bactria. It was no wonder she bled. So she was a virgin.

“This princess will definitely report this to King Chu and have you executed!” The more Xia Furong thought about it, the more wronged she felt and her tears overflowed again.

“If you want me executed, you can. This prince is just worried that after His Majesty sees this prince, he’d have this prince executed by death of a thousand cuts. This prince isn’t afraid of dying, this prince is only scared of pain.” Di Feng looked towards Xia Furong with a pitiful expression.

“If that’s really the case, then get out of the way! This princess is going to get dressed and find King Chu!” shouted Xia Furong angrily. When she glanced down, she saw the bruise on her snow-white shoulder and even more fury filled her heart.

“Sure. This prince is going to die anyways, so this prince will definitely tell His Majesty about Princess’s behavior on the bed just now. Tsk tsk… Who would’ve imagined that the princess of Bactria is even better at seducing people than the girls in the brothels? In all honesty, this prince doesn’t really like your looks. If it weren’t for the fact that you were good at displaying yourself, this prince wouldn’t have even touched you!” said Di Feng angrily.

“You! Y-you, you bastard!” Xia Furong was so angry that she couldn’t even get her words out.

“Princess, should this servant go call King Chu?” asked Ah Bi carefully. However, this question only net her a hard pillow to the head.

“Idiot! Are you trying to let the entire world know about this!?” shouted Xia Furong angrily. When Ah Bi heard this, she immediately fell to a kneel and buried her head between her knees. She didn’t even dare to breathe loudly.

“Look at you, she’s furious right now, so what are you provoking her for? Does it hurt?” When Di Feng saw that Ah Bi was trembling hard, he walked over and personally helped her to the side gently.

Although Di Feng was noble and had the title of Humble Prince, his birth mother was a servant. If it weren’t for the fact that the main wife had no sons, the position of successor wouldn’t have fallen to him. He had grown up seeing his birth mother be bullied by the main wife. After a very long time, he gradually started to feel deep sympathy for those weaker.

Due to this, the day after he succeeded the position of Humble Prince, he found a random reason to have the main wife that had caused his mother’s death beheaded. It ended up infuriating Ye Hongyi and since he also had a tendency to have a dissolute lifestyle, Ye Hongyi decreed that he wasn’t allowed to enter the palace, otherwise he’d be executed.

“Bastard! You’re all bastards! Wuuwuu…” Xia Furong didn’t know what to do and could only curse while sitting on the bed. Di Feng paid no attention to her either and just focused on consoling Ah Bi who had been shouted at.

“Prince, after you’ve done this, how is our princess supposed to face people?” For the sake of avoiding being punished later, Ah Bi deliberately maintained a distance from Di Feng as she said this in a low voice.

“Ahem… Well, this is pretty easy to handle. Since Princess had come for a peace marriage, then it doesn’t matter so much who the other party is, right? Although it’s a bit hard on this prince, this prince will accept the grievance and just marry you!” Di Feng once again seized up Xia Furong who was on the bed as he said this in a tone that was filled with unconcealable helplessness.

“You! Pei! This princess wants to marry Ye Junqing! Not trash like you!” Xia Furong wiped at her tears hard, then glared at Di Feng.

“Ha! Princess, aren’t you a little too naïve? In this current situation, do you think that you’d still be able to marry Ye Junqing? Of course, if Ye Junqing doesn’t mind that you’re a shoe this prince has worn before, this prince has nothing to say.” Di Feng looked towards Xia Furong with a cold smile. Although she was quite pretty, her personality was truly very off-putting.

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