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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Volume 3 Chapter 044

Volume 3 Chapter 044

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Chapter 44: Slap Yao Suluan

“Scram! Get the hell out of here!” How could Xia Furong take this kind of provocation? She immediately started roaring in fury. Di Feng shrugged. From the looks of things, he had no choice but to come up with a way to get out of the palace himself. Once Di Feng left, Xia Furong felt wronged again and started bawling.

Morning the next day, as sparse sunlight passed through the crisscrossing window lattice and spilled into the bedroom of Guan Osprey Palace, Ye Junqing was still in bed, rubbing his forehead with his brows furrowed. When he finally slowly opened his eyes, his entire body stiffened.

“This prince… Why is this prince here?” When Ye Junqing saw the faint violet canopy curtains, he abruptly sat up and looked in alarm towards Yao Mowan who was combing her hair in front of the dresser.

“If not, then where did Prince hope to be? In Harmony Palace?” Yao Mowan slowly turned around. Her unpowdered face was fresh and pure like that of a lotus. So untainted and pure that a person couldn’t bear to profane it.

“What exactly happened?” Ye Junqing shook his head hard. All he remembered was that he was sampling tea with Xia Furong in Harmony Palace. He had no impression at all of anything that happened after.

“If it weren’t for this consort, Prince would’ve already finished cooking the rice with Xia Furong.” Yao Mowan’s hands moved skillfully and she soon pulled her hair into the flying fairy style.

“How’s that possible? This prince only went there to have some tea!” Ye Junqing was extremely stunned to hear this and he quickly walked over to Yao Mowan.

“Yin Xue, tell him.” Yao Mowan ignored him and just turned to face the copper mirror again. Right after she said that, Yin Xue abruptly appeared in front of Ye Junqing.

“Replying Prince, when Yin Xue entered Harmony Palace, you were currently hugging Xia Furong and both of your garments were disheveled. Fortunately Yin Xue came just in time and Xia Furong hadn’t been able to do too much. Yin Xue had checked the tea and there was an extremely strong aphrodisiac inside that has no medicinal antidote,” reported Yin Xue truthfully.

“How could Xia Furong do something this despicable!? It’s practically… You said that there was no medicinal antidote? Then this prince?” Ye Junqing abruptly snapped out of his rage and looked towards Yin Xue in astonishment. Yin Xue didn’t speak and just looked towards Yao Mowan.

“You can withdraw.” Yao Mowan quietly had Yin Xue withdraw, then she picked a pearl hairpin to insert into her hair. Ye Junqing felt like all the blood in his body was freezing over and his heart stopped. He racked his brains, trying to remember what happened last night, but all he could remember were some hazy scenes.

“Uh… Last night, this prince…” Ye Junqing really wanted to walk in front of Yao Mowan and get clear answers from her, but he was already so flustered that he didn’t even know which topic to broach first.

“There’s no need for Prince to worry about it. There are some things that even if they’ve only happened last night, in Mowan’s eyes, they’ve already become history. There’s no need to look into them.” Yao Mowan’s expression was calm like that of an undisturbed well, but inwardly a trace of delight was flashing through her heart.

It was only when Yin Xue came back that she found out the reason Ye Junqing had fallen asleep in such a crucial moment wasn’t because she had too little charm but because the aphrodisiac Xia Furong got had been made too long ago and had already gone bad!

However, Yao Mowan still did mind it a little. She had been conflicted over things for so long before finally resolving to allow herself to be swept away once, but Ye Junqing had actually fallen asleep when she had gotten completely undressed. How could any woman tolerate it?

“Then that means… This prince and you… Last night…” Ye Junqing swallowed hard and his hands started trembling slightly. He didn’t dare to look straight at Yao Mowan. Right now, he had no idea what to do.

“There’s no need for Prince to feel guilty, just treat it as if nothing’s happened!” Yao Mowan gracefully turned around. When she saw Ye Junqing’s expression of guilt and self-blame, she suddenly couldn’t really continue with this lie.

“It was this prince’s fault… This prince shouldn’t have… Don’t worry, this prince will settle this!” Ye Junqing abruptly opened his eyes, then picked up the silver hairpin on the dressing table to stab it towards his heart.

“What are you doing!? Have you gone crazy?” Yao Mowan hastily got up to stop him in alarm.

“This prince had actually done something this despicable! This prince has let you down! This prince has let down Moxin and His Majesty! This prince will immediately use this life to restore your innocence!” Ye Junqing’s face was filled with indignance and sorrow as he pushed Yao Mowan away.

“You idiot! Mowan’s innocence has long been sullied by His Majesty, is there even a need for you to return it? And nothing happened between us at all last night! You hear that? Nothing happened!” Yao Mowan never expected for Ye Junqing’s reaction to be this severe. She was so startled that her entire body was covered with cold sweat.

“You… Is what you said true?” Ye Junqing stopped his movements and looked towards Yao Mowan dubiously.

“Yin Xue!” Yao Mowan was so infuriated that she couldn’t speak, so she just called out Yin Xue.

“Replying Prince, because the aphrodisiac you took was stored for too long, the effect of the drug was very short.” The implied meaning of Yin Xue’s words were very clear.

“You hear that? Mowan didn’t take advantage of you. Happy now? You can withdraw.” Yao Mowan had Yin Xue withdraw, then walked to Ye Junqing with a cold expression to yank the hairpin out of his hands and throw it onto the dressing table. Right after that, she turned and left the bedroom.

“Was what Yin Xue said true? Then why didn’t you just say that earlier? You made this prince think…” Ye Junqing excitedly followed after Yao Mowan, but right after he spoke, he saw Yao Mowan turn and glare at him like she wanted to just cut him apart.

Ye Junqing couldn’t help but gulp and fall silent. However, he didn’t understand. Wasn’t it good that nothing happened? Why was Yao Mowan’s expression so dark?

During breakfast, Ye Junqing tried multiple times to confirm what happened last night, but he felt it best not to speak when he saw Yao Mowan’s stormy expression. Finally, Yao Mowan broke the deadlock.

“Mowan really wishes to know what Prince is thinking. Even if something had happened, is there a need for Prince to die? Is it something that serious!?” Yao Mowan had been stifling her anger this entire time and now, she abruptly slammed down her bowl and looked towards Ye Junqing with cold fury.

“Uh… Then did something happen or not?” After Yao Mowan said this, Ye Junqing became uncertain again.

“Nothing happened! Up to you whether you want to believe! If you want to die this time, no one will stop you!” Yao Mowan threw her chopsticks down too as her face became red with anger.

“You’re Moxin’s biological younger sister after all. No matter what, Junqing can’t dip a finger…” Ye Junqing lowered his eyes as he explained this in a low voice.

“What if Eldest Sister was willing back then?” Yao Mowan’s heart dropped slightly as a very unpleasant feeling filled her chest. What happiness must it be to be loved by a man like this? But right now, she sincerely couldn’t feel any trace of happiness.

“Moxin wouldn’t!” Ye Junqing abruptly looked up to meet her gaze, his eyes completely clear.

“What an idiot!” Yao Mowan lowered her head to focus on eating.

“You’re not allowed to talk about Moxin that way!” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan seriously, but he couldn’t bring himself to harden his tone.

“I’m talking about you!” Yao Mowan snapped back.

At this time, Ting Yue walked in with small steps.

“Your Imperial Highness, this servant saw Xia Furong head towards Pure Flowers Palace.”

“Got it.” Yao Mowan nodded slightly. After suffering such a huge grievance, of course she was going to vent it on someone. When Ye Junqing saw the curve that had appeared at the corners of Yao Mowan’s lips, he felt that it was best to keep his mouth shut even though he was very curious about why Xia Furong was going to Pure Flowers Palace and what this matter had to do with Yao Suluan.

In Pure Flowers Palace, when Yao Suluan saw Xia Furong walk in, she immediately got up to welcome her. Thanks to Jewel, her face was currently wrapped with thick white gauze.

“Suluan kowtows in salute to Princess. Wonder if Princess was able…” Yao Suluan was just about to ask about what happened last night when her vision suddenly went black. Xia Furong had slapped her right where the wound on her cheek was, causing her to be in so much pain that tears overflowed.

“Princess, what are you doing!?” Yao Suluan covered her cheek with one hand as she glowered at Xia Furong. If it weren’t for the fact that she still needed Xia Furong’s help, she definitely would’ve immediately returned the slap.

“You actually still dare to ask what this princess is doing? This princess should be asking you that! Was it you that found that bastard!? Why did you trick this princess!?” Xia Furong’s eyes were so red they looked about to split as she glared at Yao Suluan sinisterly.

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