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The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven (Web Novel) - Volume , Chapter 55: Meeting with Chu Mobei

Volume , Chapter 55: Meeting with Chu Mobei

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“Prince, there something that Ben Lei doesn’t wish to say, but it’s related to Master’s safety. In reality, Master isn’t in the residence right now, she’s heading to Luminous Moon Ravine to meet with Chu Mobei. Luminous Moon Ravine is a stronghold for bandits. Chu Mobei definitely isn’t up to anything good luring Master there, so…” Before Ben Lei even finished his words, Ye Junqing had already lifted him by his collar.

“Tell me, where is Jade Heart Pavilion!?” It was already past six. If he didn’t go now, he wouldn’t make it.

“Prince, Master she…” Ben Lei was getting a little impatient now. This news was also something extremely urgent!

“Answer me!” shouted Ye Junqing once again, his eyes bloodshot.

“It’s east of the Jade Lake… Prince, Ben Lei is worried about Master! The bandits of Luminous Moon Ravine only recognize money! If…” Before Ben Lei could even finish his words, Ye Junqing had already stormed out of the main hall to head towards Jade Heart Pavilion.

As Ben Lei looked at Ye Junqing’s leaving figure, he was a bit disappointed. He couldn’t understand. Could it be that the prince couldn’t understand who was more important in this kind of situation?

The sounds of the bustling street gradually disappeared and the surroundings fell deathly silent. Yao Mowan occasionally lifted the curtain, but she still didn’t see Ting Yue. She called a couple times, but Yin Xue didn’t appear. In this moment, she faintly sensed danger.

“Stop the palanquin!” cried Yao Mowan. There was a faint drawn-out echo of her voice, which made her feel even more uneasy. The palanquin was set down and Yao Mowan forced herself to calmly lift the curtain and walk out. However, when she saw that there was no one around, her heart immediately dropped. It had only been a few seconds, but her four palanquin carriers seems to have vanished from the surface of the earth without a trace.

“Yin Xue?” Yao Mowan swallowed hard, then called out softly. However, there was no sound aside from that of her own echo. The surroundings were so quiet that the sound of a pin dropping could be heard. Yao Mowan couldn’t be bothered to look into things and immediately turned to run back on the road she had come on, but then she found the palanquin had stopped on the crossroads. Every path seemed the same, and the palanquin’s position was near the southeast, which wasn’t pointed towards any path.

May the Heavens protect! Yao Mowan decided to simply run towards the wider road on the left. There was no need for doubt, she had fallen into Chu Mobei’s trap! As of now, she had already called out each one of Chu Mobei’s eighteen generations of ancestors to give her personalized greetings.

In Melancholic Spring Courtyard, Chu Moxin was currently glaring at Kubu Zheer who was blocking his way.

“Move aside!” If it weren’t for the fact that the person blocking him was a woman, Chu Moxin would’ve already rushed up and beaten the person until even his parents wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

“I won’t! Unless you take me to Luminous Moon Ravine to find Big Sister Mowan!” Kubu Zheer’s arms were spread to block the door.

“You walk so slowly. Who’d wait for you!?” Chu Moxin lifted his head and looked at Kubu Zheer as he said this disagreeing.

“We can ride in a carriage! Who says we have to walk?” suggested Kubu Zheer.

“Your reincarnation of the god of wealth of a dad had people block all the possible exits. Do you think we’d be able to leave from the front door?” Chu Moxin couldn’t help but shake his head. Was this woman’s brain just full of water?

“Then what do we do?” Kubu Zheer furrowed her brows, but she still had no intentions of letting Chu Moxin leave.

“Sunshine Princess, how about this? We’ll come up with some way to get out and have the little prince go find Her Imperial Highness first. In any case, this servant knows the way, so this servant will head over with Princess slowly, alright?”

Ting Yue’s brain had become much sharper after staying with Yao Mowan with for so long. She was well aware of why her master had her tell Chu Moxin about this matter. With Chu Moxin present, even if Chu Mobei wanted to do something to Master, he’d still restrain himself because of Chu Moxin’s presence.

“Alright!” Kubu Zheer compromised because as of now, this was the only method that would work.

Hence, the three of them tied up all the clothes available in the room, then tossed the rope down the window before climbing out one by one. The moment Chu Moxin hit the floor, he didn’t wait for Kubu Zheer to climb down and immediately dash into the crowd to head towards Luminous Moon Ravine.

“What is he running so fast for? We’re going to find Big Sister Mowan to play, it’s not like we’re rushing to reincarnate!” Kubu Zheer was very annoyed.

“Princess, there’s a palanquin over there. Let’s go as well?” Ting Yue pointed towards the palanquin that had stopped by the road.

“Alright! Let’s hurry too! Maybe we’ll arrive sooner than that brat!” Kubu Zheer jumped onto the palanquin. Ting Yue smiled bitterly. How could she possibly allow Kubu Zheer to go to Luminous Moon Ravine? She had the palanquin carriers just walk around Mangyuan a little.

Jade Lake in the evening was also a beautiful scene. As the breeze swept by, it stirred ripples in the water, causing the moonlight to look like rippling silver on the surface of the lake. Inside Jade Heart Pavilion was a beautiful woman, standing, dressed in pure white.

“You know how Yao Moxin died?” Ye Junqing didn’t have the heart to enjoy this beautiful scenery nor the sight of the beauty in front of him. All he cared about was the truth of those long-concealed matters.

“Funing thought that Prince wouldn’t be coming…” Yu Funing gracefully turned around and looked towards Ye Junqing with her clear eyes. There was an unreadable light in her eyes.

“You should be aware of why this prince has come.” Ye Junqing didn’t bother to conceal the impatience in his eyes as he said this coldly.

“Of course Funing knows. After all, Funing had personally written that letter.” Yu Funing smiled coldly, then turned and leaned against the railing. Wind swept over the surface of the lake and lifted the hair off her shoulders slightly. In this moment, her thoughts were clearer than ever.

“Since this prince is already here, you can start talking!” Ye Junqing strode over to Yu Funing.

“How could it be that easy? Prince must tell Funing who it was that took the letter Funing wrote to you back then and threatened Father. Who exactly is the woman called Jing Xin?”

After the encounter that day, when Yu Funing got back, she thought about things for a really long time. If Ye Junqing hadn’t admitted to writing that letter, she probably wouldn’t have suspected that Ye Junqing knew that woman called Jing Xin. However, he had admitted to it, so it proved that he was trying to cover for that woman!

“This prince doesn’t know what you’re talking about…” Ye Junqing was a little lacking in confidence as he said this. He never imagined that Yu Funing would ask this question, so for a moment he didn’t know what to say.

“You don’t know? Then let Funing guess. Could it be… Yao Mowan?” Yu Funing spat out the name Yao Mowan through gritted teeth, her gaze fierce.

“No!” Ye Junqing denied it without even thinking about it. Yu Funing lifted her brows as she looked towards Ye Junqing, her lips hooked in a cold smile. He denied it almost instantaneously, so it only served as an admission that he was shielding her.

“Ahem… What this prince means is that Yao Mowan is just a fool, how could she possibly scheme like that…” Ye Junqing felt the urge to just bite off his own tongue. Yu Funing was clearly trying to get information out of him by provoking him, but he actually hadn’t realized it.

“A fool? May I ask what fool would be able to become the proprietor of Yao Manifest Trade? What fool would be able to become the empress of a nation? Back then, in the imperial palace, even if Prince hadn’t said it, Funing also would’ve thought that Yao Mowan was a fool, but now, how could Funing possibly believe these words?” Yu Funing looked towards Ye Junqing with a scoff. She was clearly smiling, yet her smile made people feel a bone-touching chill.

“Consort Xian, you must be mistaken. The reason we’re staying in the Yao residence is only because of Yao Manifest Trade’s Ben Lei extending an invitation. As for how Yao Mowan became empress, that’s because the emperor greatly loves her. Consort Xian should be aware of this…” Ye Junqing did his best to refute.

“Ye Junqing! Even at this point, you’re still going to protect that liar? It’s already pitiful enough to be used as a chess piece! Could it be that Funing doesn’t even have the right to know who is the one setting up the board? Because of that one sentence from Yao Mowan, Funing’s entire life has been destroyed! Because of one sentence of misplaced love from Prince, Funing’s heart was crushed! You two have driven Funing to this point, could it be that you two shouldn’t apologize? That you two shouldn’t pay the price!?” Yu Funing’s attitude abruptly changed and her dark eyes emitted chilling light.

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