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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 524: Loopy Dog’s Fanboy!

Chapter 524: Loopy Dog’s Fanboy!

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Afterward, the entire scene fell into silence for a very long time.

It was extremely quiet; Immortal Zhenyuan and his inner demon Wind Spirit looked up at the sky.

Because Loopy Toad and Little Master Ling were connected through the Mind-Reading Ability, Loopy Toad had clearly heard Wang Ling’s telepathic transmission to the Heavenly Dao. If it wasn’t because there were outsiders present, Loopy Toad didn’t think it could have kept a straight face! His little master had directly driven the Heavenly Dao off by shouting at them.

What kind of operation was that?!

Invisible, Wang Ling let out a heavy sigh in his heart as he stared at the peaceful sky.

As expected, you needed to rely on yelling in battle…

Loopy Toad: “…” What damn yelling!

On the other side, Immortal Zhenyuan and the manifestation of his inner demon, Wind Spirit, were in identical poses and thinking the same thing.

Immortal Zhenyuan: “???”

Wind Spirit: “???”

Could someone tell them what had just happened?

After a moment, Wind Spirit couldn’t help sucking in a sharp breath.

F**k! His ultimate move had been broken!


To be more precise, it was as if his ultimate move had directly disappeared!

It had happened too suddenly, and both Immortal Zhenyuan and his inner demon had been completely caught off guard.

Just a few seconds earlier, after the gravitational force on Immortal Zhenyuan had returned to normal, he had seen with his Immortal Eye that the “Divine Planet Devastation” spell was still active. There had been an impregnable seal around the entire Drought Star and even the ground had started to violently collapse.

But in a mere blink of an eye, all this abnormal phenomena had instantly disappeared.

When it happened, Immortal Zhenyuan had been observing the dark energy wrapped around Drought Star with his Immortal Eye.

He could be mistaken.

But the red-haired young man thought that this dark energy wrapped around Drought Star looked more like it had fled rather than disappeared.

As if it had encountered its natural predator or some primordial beast, it had instantly retreated.

So… did senior dog do this?

At that moment, the two of them involuntarily turned to look at Loopy Toad.

It was clearly senior dog!

They knew nothing about this “senior dog” that had shown up with a “golden light shield.”

But the issue was… senior dog hadn’t moved at all! Since appearing on the scene, it had just hovered in the air. No matter how their surroundings had changed, it had remained calm and composed from beginning to end as it stood with its eyes shut, as if it was a dog in the terracotta army… In the most unflappable manner possible, it had neutralized all of Wind Spirit’s attacks.

That had been a grade twelve spell…

A grade eleven spell could already destroy a planet…

It went without saying how powerful a grade twelve spell would be!

If Wind Spirit’s Divine Planet Devastation had prevailed, it wasn’t just Drought Star, but the link between the human world and the demon world would also have been blown apart. In the worst case scenario, the force of the explosion could have directly blasted through the Gate Between Worlds and caused massive destruction to both worlds.

Although it wouldn’t be to the point of complete annihilation, the consequences would still be unimaginable if it did happen.

At that moment, Immortal Zhenyuan was suddenly acutely aware of the gap between realms.

He thought he already stood at the top of the world after cultivating to Venerated Immortal level. But as expected, there was always someone else!

Immortal Zhenyuan speculated that this senior dog was at the very least a Sage Immortal, which was a level higher than a Venerated Immortal! According to rumor, a Sage Immortal Almighty had at least eighty-one Heavenly Dao in their body!

What was more, this was the basic requirement to become a sage.

You could only be called a Sage Immortal when you had eighty-one Heavenly Dao!

As Immortal Zhenyuan contemplated, he tried to guess how many Heavenly Dao senior dog had inside it.

To be able to neutralize the attack of a grade twelve spell so easily, senior dog had to have more than a hundred Heavenly Dao at the very least…

Thinking this, Immortal Zhenyuan couldn’t help tsking non-stop in his heart.

He had never expected that a Sage Immortal would actually exist in the world today – this was a level more powerful than a Venerated Immortal.

How wide was the gap between a Venerated Immortal and a Sage Immortal?

Using the simplest example…

Immortal Zhenyuan could travel freely back and forth in and outside the Milky Way, and had even been able to bring a planet back with him.

However, a Sage Immortal master could create a planet!

A planet porter…

And a planet creator…

That was the difference.

To construct a planet, just learning to create a small world or a large world was far from enough; it also involved shaping the planet’s core and padding it with a framework of nomological laws, and all of this required a mastery of multiple Heavenly Dao.

The red-haired young man felt that he was far from being capable of this!

Of course, you would never know how big the gap was if you never compared yourself with someone stronger!

To effortlessly undo a grade twelve spell without moving at all…

Perhaps this was what people called a big shot…

The red-haired young man was frustrated, but at the same time a fire had reignited in his heart.

It looked like from now on, he could only follow closely in senior dog’s footsteps!

At that moment, the red-haired young man’s eyes were already full of stars as he felt worshipful reverence for Loopy Toad. “Senior dog! Do you accept disciples?!”

Wang Ling: “…”

Loopy Toad: “…”

This scene made Wind Spirit grit his teeth fiercely on the other side in the air, and the dark energy in his heart started to roil again.

For some reason, when he saw how the red-haired young man looked at this dog, he felt uncontrollable fury in his heart!

“Why?!” Wind Spirit suddenly snarled!

Chest heaving, he gasped for breath as rage burned in his breast.

Wang Ling and Loopy Toad: “???”

He stared at the red-haired young man. “Why have you never shown me that?!”

Immortal Zhenyuan was taken aback. “…Why should I?”

Wang Ling: “…”

Loopy Toad couldn’t help going “ehhh” in its heart.

Wind Spirit: “I was talking about your expression!”

Immortal Zhenyuan: “…”

To be honest, after seeing his grade twelve spell somehow neutralized by “senior dog,” Wind Spirit already knew that he couldn’t win this battle; that was already his most powerful move and also his final trump card.

Immortal Zhenyuan stared at Wind Spirit, and after a moment, he couldn’t help giving a faint sigh. “Wind Spirit… are you jealous?”

Because Wind Spirit hadn’t completely materialized, his features hadn’t fully formed and only a rough profile could be seen.

Wind Spirit instantly clenched his jaw as if his sore spot had been hit.


“You’re saying… I’m jealous? Why… would I be jealous? You were the one who created me… and now you’re trying everything to destroy me.” Wind Spirit lowered his head gloomily as he trembled all over. “So, I won’t make it easy on you!”

Then, he struck once again!

He resolutely threw himself directly at Immortal Zhenyuan and tried to embrace him!

Invisible, Wang Ling suddenly sensed the unusual energy inside Wind Spirit’s body gather in one frenzied instant.

Was he going to blow himself up?

Raising his hand, Wang Ling cast the “Great Suppression Spell,” immobilizing Wind Spirit. At the same time, Wind Spirit could feel the turbulent energy inside him settle down once more.

It wasn’t just his body; even his aura and realm instantly diminished!

At that moment, the red-haired young man stared blankly at the immobilized inner demon just a few meters away from him.

“Still not going to make a move?”

At that moment, Loopy Toad couldn’t help speaking to prod Immortal Zhenyuan.

Now that Wind Spirit was completely suppressed and even his realm was diminished, this was the best chance for Immortal Zhenyuan to kill Wind Spirit himself.

Immortal Zhenyuan was pondering over what Wind Spirit had said.

“Sorry, Wind Spirit… you’re something that shouldn’t exist in this world.” Immortal Zhenyuan stretched out one hand and rested it on Wind Spirit’s head, as if he was petting him a little.

Wang Ling noticed at that moment that the red-haired young man was smiling at Wind Spirit.

Wind Spirit already couldn’t help the tears that flowed from his eyes.

Bam !

In the next moment, there was the sound of an explosion from Immortal Zhenyuan’s palm.

This “person” he had called “Wind Spirit” whom he had been entangled with for so long…

Was completely turned to ash.

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