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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 527: I Want to Learn From Senior Dog!

Chapter 527: I Want to Learn From Senior Dog!

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Wang Ling never thought that Immortal Zhenyuan would give away his “immortal seal” so easily… This was something that could only be created after reaching True Immortal level, and which represented the power of “faith.” Usually, there were two types: a main seal or a minor seal. Generally speaking, a immortal seal was given to a follower or disciple, and by using it to pray at a critical moment, they could summon the owner of the seal.

Zhenyuan, however, didn’t dare be so cocky. He had great respect for “senior dog,” so he straightaway gave away his main seal; the biggest difference was that with the minor seal, the owner of the seal could decide whether to appear on the scene or not. But with the main seal, regardless of where the owner was or what he was doing, he would be directly transported to the scene as soon as he was summoned!

This was the main immortal seal belonging to a Venerated Immortal… Holding the immortal seal, Loopy Toad did its best to calm its turbulent emotions.

Immortal Zhenyuan was very courteous. “Senior Dog, please don’t be so polite. You must take this immortal seal! It was thanks to senior that the world as well as this Drought Star which I found after a hard search was saved; junior is unable to return this favor. Senior Dog, keep this immortal seal for the time being, and when you’re very busy, you can summon me at any time!”

“You… want to do odd jobs for me?” Loopy Toad was shocked.

The red-haired young man’s answer, however, was simpler and more blunt than Loopy Toad could imagine. “No! I want to be senior’s dog!”

Loopy Toad: “…”

Wang Ling: “…”

Wang Ming waited in Wang Ling’s room for a while. He sat cross-legged on Wang Ling’s bed, feeling excited. After studying the primordial qi for so many years, there was progress at long last, which was fantastic news for him.

Before Wang Ling had gone off with the collector to harvest the energy, Wang Ming had actually already surmised that this unusual energy was undoubtedly “primordial qi,” but he first needed the data after performing a comparison with Wang Ling’s primordial qi before he could say for sure. Otherwise, if it wasn’t… how shameful would that be for him, the strongest brain?

In the end, Wang Ling returned earlier than Wang Ming had expected; it really hadn’t been half an hour when Lord Ma brought Wang Ling and Loopy Toad back.

Standing at the bathroom door, Wang Ming took a whiff and immediately asked, “Were you in a fight?”

Surprised, Loopy Toad looked up at him. “How did you know?”

“There’s the scent of gunpowder smoke on you…” Wang Ming said. “When we perform experiments in our research, we always need to mix all kinds of reagents, so a sense of smell is very important. I may not be a cultivator, but I actually have an enhanced sense of smell; I have an internal chip that increases it several times over, and it’s not necessarily any weaker than a cultivator’s sense of smell.”

“What level is it at?” Loopy Toad asked interestedly.

“The chip definitely needs to be upgraded in the future; at the moment, my sense of smell is just barely at the Nascent Soul stage,” Wang Ming answered proudly.


Loopy Toad thought that this was already very awesome!

An ordinary person who could rely on a chip to upgrade his sense of smell to the Nascent Soul stage… this was truly unfathomable.

But very quickly, Loopy Toad suddenly realized a problem and looked at Wang Ming with a face full of amazement. “How are you able to see little master?” Wang Ling was invisible right now, after all! But Wang Ming had greeted Wang Ling normally as if he could see him! Furthermore, this immaterial state couldn’t be canceled halfway and would only wear off after twelve hours!

So Loopy Toad was very suspicious as to why Wang Ming could see Wang Ling.

Wang Ming spread his hands and crouched down to rub Loopy Toad’s head and sigh. “When you have been stared at with those dead fish eyes for a period of time, even if he’s completely invisible next to you, you can in fact pick it up with your sixth sense…”

In truth, Wang Ming preferred to call this feeling the intuition of a brother-con…

Loopy Toad: “…”

Wang Ling: “…”

In his immaterial state, whatever Wang Ling touched would also become invisible, including the collector in his hand, so he simply placed it directly on the table for Wang Ming to take himself.

“I’m taking this; when I have results, I’ll look for you again later.” Wang Ming sighed in his heart. When he went back this time, he would be locked up for a while given his promise to Old Qi, and he couldn’t go back on his word.

The earliest he would be able to come here again would be in a month.

“Ling Ling?” After Wang Ming put away the collector, he guessed that Wang Ling was sitting in the chair at his desk. He stretched out one hand and sure enough, touched Wang Ling’s soft hair.

In his immaterial state, Wang Ling was completely invisible. No scientific instrument, cultivation spell or eye technique could detect him, and even his aura disappeared completely. Nonetheless, he could still be touched despite this invisibility.

So when Wang Ming touched him, Wang Ling sweated inwardly. “…” Wang Ming could actually find him!

He suddenly wondered if Wang Ming had a pair of eyes that could see just him…

Loopy Toad looked at Wang Ming and couldn’t help clicking its tongue. “You really are amazing…”

“It’s nothing, I pretty much know all his habits. I may just be touching his hair now, but I can pinpoint and grab any other part of him.” As he spoke, Wang Ming started moving his slender fingers.

Wang Ling’s lips twitched. “…”

Loopy Toad started to sigh emotionally over Huaxiu’s deep and profound culture in its heart. While it wasn’t good at literature, it still knew something about rhetoric devices and textual analysis.

This word “grab” was used very well!

It was a precise word which profoundly depicted the inextricable and strong emotions between the two brothers! “Rising in slit but unsullied, washed in clear water with unaffected grace 1 “— while the word sounded very dirty… it actually had a dignified feeling to it!

“By the way, what kind of trouble did you run into over there?”

Wang Ming came back to the main topic — he wouldn’t be able to come for the next month, so he only purely wanted to tease Wang Ling and then leave on a high note! When did he normally have this sort of opportunity to tease him up close?

Loopy Toad had nothing to hide, and it just directly explained the matter of Immortal Zhenyuan and Wind Spirit.

When he heard this, Wang Ming clicked his tongue in wonder. “So it turns out that this big shot Immortal Zhenyuan really does exist! I always thought he was made up!”

Loopy Toad nodded. “That’s right, big brother, I was shocked too.”

Wang Ming: “From what you said, the Wind Spirit which evolved out of Immortal Zhenyuan was also a Venerated Immortal; it wouldn’t have been easy to deal with him, right? Why were the both of you able to come back in less than half an hour?”

Loopy Toad narrowed its eyes. “Big bro, have you ever played MOBA?”

Wang Ming: “Yes…”

Loopy Toad: “What one-sided match have you watched that would take more than thirty minutes?”

Wang Ming: “…”

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