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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 528: Plans to Catch President Bai

Chapter 528: Plans to Catch President Bai

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Zhai Yin had initially imposed a limit on Wang Ming’s visit and dinner at the small villa this time and he couldn’t stay for too long. While waiting for Wang Ling to use the collector to harvest the energy, Wang Ming actually ran out of time, but Zhai Yin hadn’t come upstairs to nag him – this was all thanks to Mother Wang’s divine assistance downstairs.

When two women were together, as long as there was an opening, they could unearth a lot of things to say on a particular topic. After all, before Mother Wang officially became a housewife, she had been Numinous Mother, an impressive novelist who had inadvertently taught two epic-level killers. Furthermore, she was very empathetic and personable; once she started on a particular topic, there was no way to stop her.

Zhai Yin didn’t realize it was past time to leave until Wang Ming came downstairs.

Before she left, she and Mother Wang even added each other on WeChat.

This was Zhai Yin’s private account which Wang Ming had also added (Zhai Yin had forced him to add her). Zhai Yin didn’t have WeChat Moments. Apart from occasionally forwarding major official news announcements, she didn’t have any private messages; especially since entering the research institute, she already hadn’t posted anything in several months.

“Thank you, sis.” Standing at the door, Zhai Yin gave Mother Wang a military salute.

“You’re welcome. Come by whenever you’re free.” Mother Wang smiled. When Zhai Yin turned away in farewell, Mother Wang added, “I hope you succeed.” Zhai Yin blushed when she heard this, while Wang Ming was left feeling very puzzled.

Zhai Yin usually wore a gloomy expression, but now her cheeks were flushed red. At that moment, Wang Ming felt that Zhai Yin was actually a little feminine…

Wang Ming usually joked about Zhai Yin’s gender.

But to be honest… Zhai Yin was in fact quite beautiful. Long hair and short hair had their own attraction. Maybe it was because she had been in the army for too long, but Zhai Yin preferred to keep her hair short in a nondescript style; it wasn’t as short as a buzzcut, but it wasn’t as long as a woman’s bob.

As they got into the car, Wang Ming actually heard Zhai Yin humming, and he was straightaway taken aback as he felt that Zhai Yin wasn’t being herself today. “What were you talking about with my aunt downstairs? Why are you so cheerful?”

“Nothing, it was just a typical academic discussion.”

Zhai Yin started the car and gripped the steering wheel, her face quickly returning to its typical cold expression.

Wang Ming: “About what?”

Zhai Yin said succinctly, “Men.”


When he heard this, Wang Ming trembled. “Then… what did my aunt say?”

“Auntie and I discussed a lot of things and we agreed that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” As she spoke, Zhai Yin couldn’t help looking at Wang Ming out of the corner of her eye. “Just now I was talking with auntie about a 2.0 updated version of the dragon pork chop. I’ll fry one for you after we return to the institute.”

Wang Ming simply wanted to cry. “Big sis… I beg you, I still want to live a few more years to make contributions to the country…”

Zhai Yin pursed her lips. “Don’t worry, I’ll let Old Qi try it first before you eat it.”

Wang Ming felt even more horrified. “Then forget it – big sis, you better reconsider!”

Zhai Yin: “???”

Wang Ming: “Murdering one of the Ten Founding Generals would be a great sin!”

Zhai Yin: “…”

It was July 16th on Sunday in the twelfth week of the semester.

Loopy Toad had gone out again that morning, but Wang Ling already knew about it since before leaving, Loopy Toad had let Wang Ling know this time that it was going to see Little Silver.

Wang Ling had no objections to Loopy Toad and Little Silver interacting with each other. Dog Two had few friends to begin with while Little Silver was new in town and a bit of a homebody. It was a good thing for the two of them to visit each other often. Moreover, when Dog Two went to see Little Silver this time, Wang Ling had Loopy Toad take the “spirit beast (holy beast) contract” with it for Little Silver.

Little Silver had been waiting a very long time for this contract. The midterm exams were almost over, with basically almost no papers left, so after Wang Ming and Zhai Yin left last night, Wang Ling had directly drafted out the contract.

This could be considered giving Little Silver peace of mind.

And after the official end of the midterm exams next week as well as once the district sports meet was over, there would be a long, idle period of time before the final exams.

Dog Two had barely left home when Wang Ling received a message from Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal.

He skimmed the contents of the message, which basically said that Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal and Little Silver’s plan to look for President Bai last night… had failed.

There were a lot of reasons for this. Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was guessing that there might have been something wrong with the connection, or rumors of some sort had been leaked beforehand. In short, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal and Little Silver had made the trip in vain last night and had failed to draw that President Bai out.

Wang Ling stared at the message and sighed; as expected, it would be hard to deal with this cunning character.

The hardest people to deal with were the crafty ones. The old devil had been caught because of love, the Master of Immortal Mansion because of arrogance, and Evil Sword God because of his chuuni nature. But from what Wang Ling knew of these three people, none of them were as crafty as this President Bai.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had the same opinion, and he quickly texted: Brother Ling, Brother Little Silver and I made the trip in vain last night. This person definitely caught wind of it beforehand, and it’s going to be even harder to catch him now. While we don’t have concrete evidence at the moment, Mr Lu’s testimony is on the whole credible. If this President Bai truly is the lead figure who engineered the tragic extermination of the holy beasts back then, it’s clear enough to see how meticulous this person is with his moves; he might even be several steps ahead of us.

Frowning, Wang Ling replied: Do you have any suggestions?

To be honest, Wang Ling couldn’t think of a better way to handle this matter. Mr Lu’s previous method for seeking out President Bai should have been the most straightforward way. Now that this plan had failed, President Bai presumably wouldn’t show up so easily.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal nodded and replied: Yes! I have two ideas!

It was clear that after going back last night, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had pondered the problem for a long time.

He didn’t have a high realm, but he had brains and the guts to court death! The point was that this “Great Death-Courting Senior” still had the Soul Suppression Ring which Wang Ling had given to him, so he was even more fearless in courting death now!

Wang Ling waited a few seconds as Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal quickly replied with his plans.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s reply was as follows:

“The first way is to find the ‘mysterious informant’ from the forum. Based on this person’s understanding of the Demon Hunters Association previously, I believe they must know quite a bit about President Bai. However, this person hid the address of their location and Little Black has no way of finding them. If Brother Ling can ask Senior Wang Ming for help, he might have a way…

Apart from that, the second way is to use Brother Little Silver a little as bait… According to Mr Lu, President Bai’s Wuji Umbrella is a collection of the skins of forty-nine holy beasts, but it’s lacking one final skin before it’s completely finished. I already confirmed it with Mr Lu previously, and he verified that the last holy beast skin is that of the Silver Unicorn clan…”

When Wang Ling saw this second plan, he didn’t need to think about it before he shook his head and answered firmly with two words: No way .

When Wang Ling had brought Little Silver back to live in the city back then, the agreement had been that he would protect this last holy beast and hide Little Silver’s identity.

The reason was very simple. As Little Silver’s “master,” there was no way he would use Little Silver to lure out such a ruthless villain. Wang Ling felt that giving this type of insane person, whom they suspected of triggering the massacre and extinction of holy beasts, even one strand of Little Silver’s hair was already too good for him…

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