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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 530: Dog Two’s Paranoia

Chapter 530: Dog Two’s Paranoia

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The villa that Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had bought in Wenxian Garden was in a luxury villa district populated by the wealthy and the respected. The villa Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal himself lived in was in the bungalow zone, and the house prices there were shocking. There were bungalow and townhouse zones in the villa district, and while the houses in the townhouse zone were actually more affordable, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had preferred to live alone to begin with.

But after living alone for a long time, it was unavoidable that he would sometimes feel a little lonely. Therefore, Little Silver’s arrival had added some spice to Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s life.

About an hour after leaving the Wang family’s small villa, a light green figure appeared under the sun at the gate to Wenxian Garden villa estate.

This really was Loopy Toad’s first time visiting Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s place, but it had already gone out on its own several times before, after all, so it wouldn’t get lost. Anyway, even if Loopy Toad couldn’t find its way in Songhai city, it could give Odd Zhuo a call, and someone from a nearby branch office would immediately come to pick up this “lost green dog offorgiveness 1 .”

But that was a last resort.

In fact, Odd Zhuo was quite busy these days; it could be said that he was deeply troubled by the Demon Hunters Association. In addition to that, they were still appraising the evidence related to the “big shots” that had been sent to Songhai First Prison, and the final verdict had yet to happen; it would be at least another six months before the actual trials.

But that didn’t mean that Odd Zhuo would be idle in those six months. Not only had he been a participant in the major incidents that had happened previously, he had also directed the operations, so he had to personally approve all aspects of the process himself. Signing, stamping his seal, auditing – it was the same thing every round, and only after one round was over could he start on the next one.

In reality, it hadn’t been long since Odd Zhuo had become Wang Ling’s disciple, but it really wasn’t easy for him to bear all this pressure.

Earlier at home, Wang Ling had already planned to prepare a birthday present for Wang Ming for August 1st, Army Day. In fact, he had also thought about getting a present for Odd Zhuo, which could be considered his first gift as a teacher to his disciple.

But Wang Ling hadn’t decided exactly what to give him yet.

Loopy Toad waited for a while on the opposite side of the road from the entrance to Wenxian Garden villa estate. It had already sent Little Silver a text message asking him to pick it up. However, it had already been ten minutes and Little Silver still hadn’t done anything.

This guy probably hadn’t read the text…

Forget it…

The corners of Loopy Toad’s eyes twitched as it decided to do things the old-fashioned way: pick an outer wall and climb over it.

But the security measures at the upscale Wenxian Garden villa estate were too good. After Loopy Toad jumped onto the outer wall, he patted the top with its dog paw and found that a transparent barrier had actually been set up, just like a glass dome. When Loopy Toad smacked it, it thumped loudly.

This hardness…

Could easily withstand a Soul Formation bombardment!

In the end, this was an upscale villa estate, and its security measures were airtight.

Loopy Toad walked along the barrier for several dozen meters and realized that the outer walls were all wrapped up in this barrier; not even a bird could fly through it… Wall invasion plan, failed!

At that moment, Loopy Toad took out its cell phone for a look, and saw that Little Silver still hadn’t replied… It immediately despaired a little.

It had no other choice now but to try walking through the main entrance.

Sighing in its heart, Loopy Toad jumped off the outer wall and walked toward the main entrance again. But just as it got to the gate, it suddenly realized with a start that the guards there were looking at it strangely.

“Is this… the dog?

“Mm, seems like it…”

The two guards were speaking in low voices, but Loopy Toad could hear them extremely clearly.

Instantly, Loopy Toad’s mind was filled with news of cases in which pet hunters had pretended to be familiar people before kidnapping spirit beasts. For example, there was a type of pet hunter that would pose as a security guard for a residential area and catch the unwary spirit beasts that wandered around in the area.

Was this… the Demon Hunters Association’s revenge?

The moment it met the gazes of these security guards, Loopy Toad was almost instantly on the alert.

So it turned out that this group of people had been lying in wait for it here!

In a split second, Loopy Toad promptly thought about escaping — there was no guarantee that this “Demon Hunters Association” bunch wouldn’t chase it down and intercept it on the street, so it was no use running outside. It had to look for help from someone it knew! Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s house was in this villa estate, so it had to find Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal first!

At this thought, when Loopy Toad met the gazes of these security guards, it instantly raised its paw and pointed at the sky. “Look! A Playful Blue Moon 2 !” It didn’t know if there was something too magical or charming about these words, but the security guards really did straightaway look in the direction it was pointing!

Loopy Toad felt that this was a tried and true trick.

It had also used this move to deal with the “bone dragon man” group from the Demon Hunters Association the last time!

The moment the security guards turned their heads, Loopy Toad darted into the villa estate and ran…

When the guards turned back, the lyrics of a song suddenly came to mind.

Anticipating some luck and a shock… How miraculous is this encounter… Climbing over the mountaintop ahead and above the white clouds… The green light is overthere 3.

Dog Two was way too fast!

It directly turned into a green ray of light right before the eyes of the guards…

Dazed, the head of security then hurriedly knocked the heads of the two guards together. “Why are you still spacing out! Hurry up and chase it! You must have scared it!”

Loopy Toad hadn’t run very far when it noticed a group of security guards on segways and a car chasing it!

There were five of them! That was a pretty big lineup! And behind the five guards, there was actually a little sports car!

This wave stunned Loopy Toad… Was the Demon Hunters Association spending all their capital on capturing it?!

But actually, Loopy Toad thought that this group of people might not be from the Demon Hunters Association and might be pet hunters from some other organization. How much guts did these people have to make a move when the country was currently cracking down on the illegal trafficking of spirit beasts?

They were actually openly pursuing a dog of the people in an upscale villa estate in broad daylight…

Come to think of it, where was the villa’s security?

Were they so poorly managed that they didn’t even know that their security guards were fake?

As Loopy Toad ran, it cast a glance behind at the men chasing it.

Logically speaking, the less noise pet hunters made when capturing spirit beasts, the better. However, this group was so loud, as if they were afraid people wouldn’t know what they were doing.

For some reason, Loopy Toad felt something wasn’t right…

As it ran, moreover, it noticed that there seemed to be more and more people behind it. Some were on segways, and some were directly running.

Loopy Toad couldn’t bear it any longer, and when it got to an intersection, it stopped and turned around to ask, “Why are you chasing me?”

The main point was… it wasn’t carrying any Ji Zhi Syrup 4 !

When they saw that Loopy Toad had stopped, the horde of security guards also all stopped chasing it…

They all yelled in their hearts in unison: F**k! Finally stopped! This dog can really run!

After gasping for air, the team leader jogged over to stand in front of Loopy Toad and saluted. “May I ask, Mr Dog, are you here for Mr Grenade-Throwing?”

Loopy Toad nodded weakly…

The team leader then opened the door of the sports car behind him. “We’re here to pick you up!”

Loopy Toad: “…”

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