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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 533: Eat Your Fill So That You Have the Strength to Cultivate!

Chapter 533: Eat Your Fill So That You Have the Strength to Cultivate!

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It already wasn’t Little Silver’s first time ordering a truckload of various takeouts. Hence, the security guards at the entrance to Wenxian Garden were very familiar with the licence plate and directly let the truck in.

Of course, this truck wasn’t part of the shops’ delivery service. It was Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal who had hired a third-party delivery company to collect the takeouts after Little Silver was done placing his orders. Like with public transport, it was a fixed route. Furthermore, the truck’s container had been specially modified so that there was no need to worry that the takeouts would go cold, and they would stay warm until they were delivered.

When Loopy Toad followed Little Silver out to collect the food, it was struck by a spectacular scene which it had never seen before.

When the delivery truck stopped, the little brother driver immediately got out and ran to the back to open the container, where another little brother was sitting inside. Together, they started to unload the cargo – it was ten full boxes, all of it Little Silver’s takeouts!

Loopy Toad’s eyes twitched non-stop at this scene: “How much did you order…”

Little Silver shook his head. “Not much, not much. I’ve been on a diet recently and I’m eating less – half of what I usually eat!”

Loopy Toad sucked in a cold breath of air. “…” When it had been a demon king, it could also really eat! But its current body couldn’t accommodate that much food at all. As a result, it was able to save money for now. But it was said that once spirit beasts had the power to take human forms, their appetites would basically be much, much bigger than before.

Honestly speaking, Loopy Toad was a little worried — it didn’t cost too much to raise it now, but what would happen if Little Master Ling couldn’t afford it in the future?

The two delivery little brothers unloaded the boxes with very practiced movements and handled them with care. On each box was written the third-party delivery company’s brand name, “No Broth Spilled,” the meaning being that they guaranteed not a single drop of soup would be spilled during the delivery. If it was, then the customer would be compensated ten times over! So the entire company’s slogan was: “Broth not spilled, or we’ll pay you back!”

Little Silver was already well acquainted with these two little brothers since they were the ones who had been delivering almost all the takeouts since Little Silver’s arrival a few months ago.

After they finished unloading the truck, one of the little brothers started to go through the list of items with Little Silver, his face wreathed in smiles. “Hello, Mr Silver, thank you for using No Broth Spilled’s delivery service. Please check your takeout orders: one hundred servings of stewed spirit feather chicken rice, two hundred soup dumplings, one thousand small octopus balls, one hundred bowls of hot and sour rice noodles, five hundred bowls of Tangsheng’s best old duck soup, one hundred jin of devil fruits, and a ton of sea king seafood. The hot food is wrapped, and the space inside every box has been expanded. When Mr Silver is done eating, you can just leave the boxes and the rubbish by the entrance, and we’ll send someone to retrieve them!”

“Thanks!” Little Silver smiled.

“You’re welcome! See you tomorrow!” They bowed before getting into the truck and driving away.

With a wave of his hand, Little Silver put all the ten boxes into his storage space. The way he ate was box by box – in any case, the food wouldn’t grow cold in the boxes.

Loopy Toad truly almost fell to its knees. “You usually eat all this, but none of it seems very healthy…”

“My main priority is to fill my belly – I don’t care about nutrition.” Little Silver gave a sigh. “Now, apart from Master’s crispy noodle snacks, other tonics barely help me! I get hungry more easily after taking them, so I might as well not take them at all.”

Loopy Toad couldn’t deny this.

When all was said and done, Little Silver was a holy beast born and bred, and had a holy beast heart and holy beast blood. These were natural and divine self-healing panaceas which helped holy beasts recover from heavy injuries more quickly. It was also precisely because of their blood that holy beasts were extremely resistant to drugs. After the holy beasts became extinct, the incomparable panaceas that could cause them to enter the “abundant spirit energy” state also disappeared.

Little Silver had thus already given up on those panaceas on the market which claimed to be able to replenish spirit energy; they might be useful to human cultivators, but were of limited use to holy beasts. Eating these wouldn’t boost his strength or make him full, so Little Silver might as well order takeout!

But seeing how much Little Silver had ordered, and this was only half the usual amount, Loopy Toad was overwhelmingly stunned. “I actually thought holy beasts didn’t have an appetite for good food.”

“What do you mean no appetite for good food?” It seemed that Little Silver took offense to this. “I need to eat my fill to have the strength to cultivate! Those old cultivators on those health programs who go on and on about fasting – that’s all bullshit!”

Loopy Toad: “…”

Little Silver might have ordered a lot, but he ate very fast!

This was something Loopy Toad in fact refrained from doing; after all, its current body was that of an akita that had died, and akitas weren’t spirit beasts to begin with.

Why was Loopy Toad capable of cultivation? This was completely due to its original soul as a demon king. The reason why it could cultivate to second class and cultivate the body of a normal dog into a spirit dog was to a great extent due to Little Master Ling helping it to modify the Demon King Heart Sutra.

Even if Loopy Toad’s body was now that of a spirit dog, there were still all kinds of risks if it didn’t take good care of it. Little Silver ate very fast; he opened the ten boxes and gave Loopy Toad a bit from each box before he gobbled up the food. In just half an hour, half the boxes were already almost empty!

“Eating too fast is not good for digestion! It’s also easy to lose your figure!” Loopy Toad stabbed a small octopus ball with its claw to put in its mouth and chew slowly.

Little Silver swallowed and swiped at his mouth with a wet wipe. “It’s fine, I don’t gain weight no matter how much I eat.”

Loopy Toad: “…” These were words that drew hate!

Little Silver had ordered a lot for his lunch, but only took an hour to finish everything! After that, he lay on the broccoli sofa and picked his teeth leisurely.

Loopy Toad glanced at this guy’s belly, which was still as flat as before, as if he hadn’t eaten anything, and couldn’t help sighing. What were the stomachs of holy beasts made of?!

Loopy Toad: “Why do I feel like you didn’t eat anything…”

Little Silver nodded his head slightly. “Like I said, I only ordered half the amount today, and I also gave you some. I’m barely half full…”

Loopy Toad: “…” Half full, what the f**k!

After eating and drinking his fill, Little Silver finally came to the matter at hand. “By the way, why were you looking for me today?”

Loopy Toad opened its mouth and regurgitated the Bone King which it had gotten from Wei Zhi. Wei Zhi had won it from the vice president of the Pet Trainers Guild, Crying Old Immortal, and when he had given it to Loopy Toad, it had smelled the scent of holy beast blood on it.

So Loopy Toad had come here today for Little Silver’s help in finding out the bone’s origin.

“This is…”

The moment Little Silver saw the bone, he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. “It looks very tasty… Do you want to make a soup with it?”

Loopy Toad: “…” There was no saving this glutton…

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