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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 534: The Bone King’s Origin

Chapter 534: The Bone King’s Origin

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Because he was only half full after he was done eating, all Little Silver was thinking about was food. Losing weight was the damn biggest pain in the ass! When he thought about how the next time he could eat was at noon tomorrow, he suddenly felt that it was such a long time away! Furthermore, he was growing tired of eating the stuff from the nearby shops; he had to try and find some new ones!

So when he saw Loopy Toad take out what looked like a perfect, snow white bone, he subconsciously licked his lips. For some reason, he felt that this bone would taste good!

“What a pity…” Looking at the bone in Loopy Toad’s paw from a distance, Little Silver shook his head.

Loopy Toad: “What’s a pity?”

Little Silver: “It’s a pity it’s broken; some of the bone marrow was lost when the joint was deformed after the bone broke hard… otherwise it would be so nice to stick a straw into it when it’s in a stew and suck the marrow out.” When Little Silver saw that the bone was broken, he instantly lost interest.

Loopy Toad couldn’t take this guy any longer; it simply pushed the bone to rest next to Little Silver’s feet. “Smell it again carefully!”

“What can there be on a broken bone…”

Even as he said that, he still obeyed Loopy Toad’s instruction to take a whiff.

But before his nose got any closer, his pupils suddenly shrank and his expression turned serious. “Holy beast blood? Where did you get this thing?!”

Seeing Little Silver’s reaction, Loopy Toad immediately felt greatly reassured. At least this proved that he hadn’t smelled wrong: this was the bone of a holy beast. For one thing, Little Silver was a holy beast himself and so was more sensitive to holy beast blood than Loopy Toad was.

As it was, Loopy Toad had to come right up to the bone to catch a faint scent while Little Silver could detect it with a casual sniff.

Of course, if Little Silver was too far away from the bone, he still wouldn’t be able to smell it. That was because this bone had been cleaned and was covered in the smell of the saliva of the Fenrir that was being raised by Crying Old Immortal.

“A friend gave it to me, his surname is Wei. He’s a pet trainer,” Loopy Toad answered honestly.

“That guy!” Little Silver remembered that Grenade-Throwing had mentioned this person before. Furthermore, this guy had actually teamed up with Dog Two online in the game yesterday.

“Why did he give this to you? Where did he get it?”

Loopy Toad: “Actually, this bone isn’t his; he got it when the vice president of the Pet Trainers Guild lost to him in a bet. This bone has a name, and is called Bone King. It was that vice president who picked it up on his travels.”

Little Silver: “So it’s like that…”

After Loopy Toad finished speaking, it stared at Little Silver. “Can you tell where this bone came from?”

A moment later, Little Silver reached out one hand to rap on the bone, and two crisp knocks could be heard. The sound was different from rapping on normal bone — it actually sounded a little melodic!


Cupping his chin, Little Silver stared at the bone and said in a low voice, “Based solely on its luster and how hard it is, this bone probably belonged to a land animal from a holy beast clan; I’m certain this clan is averse to water. If it had been in water the whole time, the bone wouldn’t make such a crisp sound. It’s obvious that this clan likes basking in the sun… Based on this assumption, we can actually exclude quite a number of them already.”

Loopy Toad had never expected Little Silver to actually be so good at this. Indeed, many holy beast clans could already be excluded: lived on land, disliked water and liked to bask in the sun…

While Little Silver was pondering this, Loopy Toad was also thinking about the matter. Although it already had a hunch, it didn’t directly say it out loud for fear of breaking Little Silver’s train of thought.

After a few minutes, Little Silver furrowed his brow, and golden light shone from his eyes.

This was the Holy Eye which was unique to holy beasts, different to the Heavenly Eye of ordinary cultivators as well as to Immortal Zhenyuan’s Immortal Eye.

An ordinary cultivator’s Heavenly Eye could eliminate what was false and retain what was true as well as see through all kinds of illusions. With every advance in realm, the Heavenly Eye likewise also gradually became more powerful.

Above the Heavenly Eye was the Immortal Eye, which was something the cultivators of today could achieve through cultivation. The Immortal Eye evolved out of the Heavenly Eye; not only could it do what the Heavenly Eye did, it could even take control of a situation by creating an illusion or even manipulating a meteorite. This was the real strength of a genuine True Immortal.

Apart from these, there were plenty of other types of unusual eyes in the cultivation world, like Evil Sword God’s “Purple Investigative Demon Eye.”

Their uses and effects were different, and only cultivators had them. For instance, the Purple Investigative Demon Eye could “see the far end of the world”; it could rip space apart and cover thousands of miles, letting the wielder travel as they pleased.

But most people with unusual eyes would then be reduced to becoming prey; there were countless cases of these people becoming the targets of Almightys, who would forcibly pluck their eyes out.

Unlike the three types of aforementioned unusual eyes which human cultivators had, Little Silver’s Holy Eye couldn’t be inherited by cultivators. It had a name that resounded, and was called “Battle Eye.” Its biggest use was its perception ability, which could detect all kinds of weaknesses.

Actually, Wang Ling’s eyes were quite extraordinary.

Although he usually liked to call his own eyes the Heavenly Eye, it was much more terrifying than the Immortal Eye. Every time he opened his “Heavenly Eye,” his pupils would transform into golden three-petaled flowers… Loopy Toad had already seen this scene countless times.

How was this the Heavenly Eye…

This was the King Eye!

It had all the abilities mentioned above.

Little Silver didn’t use the golden light on the Bone King for long before he shut down his Holy Eye.

“How was it?” asked Loopy Toad.

Little Silver nodded his head. “Mm! With the Holy Eye, I could see that this bone is extremely dense! But that’s only in comparison with a spirit beast. From a holy beast’s point of view, the owner would have shown signs of a lower density in their bones…”

Loopy Toad: “Can you explain it in plain terms…”

Little Silver: “As people call it: osteoporosis.”

Loopy Toad: “So can you guess who this bone belonged to…?”

“Not at the moment.”

Little Silver shook his head: “The most I can say right now is that you picked up a gem.”

Loopy Toad: “???”

Little Silver: “This holy beast bone, which has slight osteoporosis, is the type that definitely belongs to a beast king, so it undoubtedly came from a holy beast king.”

Loopy Toad: “The hell?!”

“As for exactly who it was, I’ll need to study it a little more. Since it’s already broken, I can extract a sample to do a comparison…” Speaking up to this point, Little Silver couldn’t help cupping his hands around this bone.

This time, he raised it to his nose and smelled it attentively.

Then he gave it back to Loopy Toad. “Alright, you can take the bone back – I already know who it’s from.”

Confusion was written all over Loopy Toad’s face. “???”

Little Silver: “After a closer whiff, I noticed there isn’t just the smell of holy beast blood on this bone – there’s also the smell of spicy hot pot!”


“So this bone, without doubt, belonged to Dog Saint.”


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