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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 536: Teacher Pan Is Truly Teacher Pan!

Chapter 536: Teacher Pan Is Truly Teacher Pan!

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Loopy Toad had already seen the information on the battle of spirit beasts this time.

Furthermore, it had been appraised to be a third-class spirit beast at the assessment center. The reason Little Master Ling was set on it participating in this actual combat between spirit beasts was because real combat could better help the soul and body adapt to each other.

According to previous information on the competition, Loopy Toad had been at peak third class at that time, and its biggest opponent among all the spirit beasts competing was a land shark called “Aluminum Small Fish.”

This was the spirit beast that was going to be played in battle by “Aluminum Tree,” one of the three brothers of the Tree family from Reliance High School. Its strength was at peak third class and it had extreme offensive abilities. It was also amphibious and could fight in diverse types of environments… Loopy Toad had been wondering how it should attack if they wound up fighting in terrain that gave the other side an advantage.

But now it could completely dismiss all its misgivings.

Because who would have thought that after one week, it could suddenly advance to second class after immersing in Little Silver’s holy beast blood…

Refining the Bone King was a matter that still needed to be considered at length. After all, this was the bone of a holy beast, as well as the bone of a beast king. While Little Master Ling’s “Great Weapon-Refining Spell” was admittedly convenient, Loopy Toad actually wouldn’t be able to control an offense-type magic weapon that was too powerful. In situations like this, they needed someone in the know like Fatty Luo who could custom make artifacts.

It was July 17th on Monday in the thirteenth week of the semester.

Because of the recent midterm exams, Teacher Pan was always the first person to arrive at school in the last few these days. She would then stand guard like a giant Buddha on the dais at the front of the class. According to Dopey Guo’s description, it was as if Teacher Pan’s butt had been nailed to the chair… Apart from her hands and eyes, it was as if the rest of her body was like stone.

With Old Pan keeping watch in class, no one dared to move or even make a sound… Wang Ling actually found this very idyllic. In the past, the class would always be noisy as they were swept along by the two masters of momentum, Dopey Guo and Super Chen. In contrast, it was all quiet now, which was too wonderful for words.

But in fact, it was only quiet on the surface, because Wang Ling saw that Dopey Guo and Super Chen were chatting on their cell phones! Super Chen just hid his phone under his book, turning pages as he typed.

Dopey Guo was even more awesome. He had bought a thick Cultivation Dictionary and cut a hole in the middle which was just big enough for a phone, and had directly set his phone into it!

Wang Ling: “…”

When Wang Ling was at school, his wristwatch was always turned off and he hardly looked at it.

Super Chen and Dopey Guo were chatting spiritedly in the private chat window. Wang Ling didn’t join in. Anyway, Dopey Guo was next to him, and he just needed to look out of the corner of his eye to see what this bunch was chatting about.

This was a chat group which Dopey Guo had created. Wang Ling looked at the number of people online; there was actually quite a number of them!

Super Chen: “What about Wang Ling? Did you invite him?”

Dopey Guo: “He’s memorizing English words next to me, so I’m guessing he won’t look at the chat, though he might sneak looks on the sly!”

Wang Ling: “…”

Super Chen sighed. “What about Classmate Lotus Sun? Not going to invite her?”

Dopey Guo shook his head. “This is a group of men, I’m not going to invite her!”

At that point, Little Peanut sent a text. “Both of you, be quiet – I think Old Pan might have already noticed you just now. Both of you should behave…”

Super Chen tsked. “Little Peanut, you’re too timid… There’s a book in the way, it’s fine. As soon as Old Pan steps off the dais, I’ll immediately put my phone away. The entire operation will take less than two seconds! I’ve specially trained for this at home!”

Little Peanut: “…”

Dopey Guo: “…”

Just then, Super Chen couldn’t help asking, “What about all of you? How are you hiding your cell phones?”

Dopey Guo: “Hehe, this great master’s phone is flawlessly hidden – I dug out a hole in my dictionary and set my phone in it!”

Super Chen couldn’t help sending a thumbs-up. “Damn, awesome, big bro!”

Dopey Guo: “I wonder where Classmate Lotus Sun would put her phone if she wants to play on it.”

At this point, Little Peanut couldn’t help saying, “Her dad’s the director of the school board… Old Pan wouldn’t care…”

Super Chen and Dopey Guo: “Society, society…”

Little Peanut: “Did you know, the essay which Classmate Lotus Sun wrote for the senior high entrance exam is now framed in a gallery of selected essays… It’s titled My Father, President of Huaguo Water Curtain Group, an International Top 100 Corporation …”

Super Chen and Dopey Guo: “Can’t afford to offend her, can’t offend her…”

Unlike Super Chen and Dopey Guo, Little Peanut had sneakily taken out his phone and was reading it under the table. Because this commissary in charge of studies sat in the first row, Teacher Pan hardly looked at him.

However, Little Peanut normally wouldn’t take his phone out. As the commissary in charge of studies, he had to set an example. As for why he had appeared in the group chat today, it was because he felt that something wasn’t right about the air around Old Pan, so he wanted Dopey Guo and Super Chen to hurry up and put their phones away.

Little Peanut: “The two of you should stop… Old Pan has really noticed you now! I’m done, I’m turning my phone off! Scared!”

After that, Wang Ling saw that there was one person less in the number of people online in the chat group.

Little Peanut had really turned his phone off!

Super Chen chuckled. “Su Xiao this scaredy cat…”

Dopey Guo: “Hehe, did he forget to add .JPEG after ‘scared’?”

It was just when these two people finished typing that there was a sudden chill in the air in the classroom.

— Bzz!

In a split second, everyone felt cold sweat run down their backs. For a moment, Super Chen and Dopey Guo froze and completely forgot to put their phones away.

It could only be said that Teacher Pan was truly Teacher Pan.

As a pioneer teacher at No. 60 High School, she was really too fast! From the surge in her aura to standing up, to whipping all the curtains in the classroom shut! And finally! Turning off the classroom lights! All of this was done smoothly and the entire thing took less than half a second.

Why was Old Pan so good at it?

It was clear that she had done this many times before.

She had used this move many times on students in previous years over and over again as a tried and true trick, increasingly honing it to perfection.

The moment she turned off the lights, plunging the classroom into instant darkness, the light from Dopey Guo’s and Super Chen’s cell phone screens stood out — not only was the contrast very bright, the light also illuminated their faces very clearly.

Immediately after that, Teacher Pan swept her gaze over the class and said, “Those whose faces are lit up, come to my office now! Don’t you dare tell me you used acupuncture needles on your faces to make them brighter!”

Dopey Guo and Super Chen: “…”

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