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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 539: A Smith’s Romance!

Chapter 539: A Smith’s Romance!

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Devil Valley thus in fact had a nickname no one else knew: it was called “Beast King’s Remains.”

Before this, only the unicorn Little Silver had known this nickname.

As early as a month ago, Fatty Luo had entrusted Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal with the task of asking Little Black to monitor possible fluctuations coming from the Devil Valley ruins. But Little Black had only managed to capture very slight fluctuations and couldn’t confirm them for certain. It was like Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had said; entering this “Beast King’s Remains” required a bit of serendipity. Furthermore, once Devil Valley was open, cultivators from all over the world would try every possible means to enter the ruins, which contained all kinds of lost resources.

Fatty Luo had a very clear goal: what he wanted was the “One Thousand Dried Bone,” and he had been worrying over this for a whole month!

“Where did you get this map?” Loopy Toad asked.

“I bought it from a dealer in treasure maps,” Fatty Luo said. “You may not know, but the matter of Beast King’s Remains Devil Valley has been percolating since the last time fluctuations were detected. Now, countries with the technology to monitor space fluctuations, including our own, have their eye on it… Furthermore, according to historical records on the appearance of Beast King’s Remains, the entrance to Devil Valley only opens inside Huaxiu’s borders. To prevent foreign powers from infiltrating our borders, Huaxiu has become stricter with domestic visas recently.”

Loopy Toad nodded slightly. After all, Beast King’s Remains contained resources which had already disappeared in the current age, so it actually wasn’t surprising that so many people would want to plunder them.

“Actually, what the country needs to be worried about are the foreign forces that might enter the nation illegally in a fight over Devil Valley’s resources. The cultivation system is slightly different for western cultivators, and since we hardly fight them given the current era of peace, they’ll be rather difficult to deal with,” Fatty Luo said contemplatively as he gazed at the treasure map

Loopy Toad pursed its lips. Judging from Fatty Luo’s attitude, he was already fully committed to this matter. Dealers in treasure maps always considered profit above all else. and Fatty Luo had clearly spent a huge amount of money to obtain this map of Devil Valley.

But the truth was that this map wasn’t of the whole of Devil Valley; the map dealer had drawn it based on just the accounts of cultivators who had been there and who had walked out of the place safely.

According to Little Silver, Beast King’s Remains was very vast and full of dangers. As the king of all beasts, Devil King hadn’t spared any effort in building Devil Valley back then.

That was because Devil King’s purpose for setting up this Devil Valley was actually to build a beast king mausoleum for itself.

But unfortunately…

Devil King in the end hadn’t lay down in a tomb, but in a pot…

“Not so long ago, I had had the same dream as the Master of Immortal Mansion which was to create a supreme divine sword… But since seeing Lord Jingke, I realized that it was all meaningless. Instead, if I can one day personally make a scabbard worthy of Lord Jingke, I will be able to die without any regrets!” Fatty Luo clenched his teeth.

Loopy Toad’s lips twitched. “Isn’t that a bit exaggerated…”

“How is that possible! You don’t understand – a smith’s idea of romance is to design a scabbard for your beloved divine sword!”

Fatty Luo cupped his face with his hands; when he thought of Jingke, he couldn’t help looking like a young girl that had fallen in love for the first time. “Don’t you think it’s like when you put stockings on the girl you love?”

Loopy Toad and Sheep: “…”

Fatty Luo appeared very excited when Jingke was brought up. “This is the first step in my plan for Lord Jingke!”

Loopy Toad was blank as it asked, “The first step… in your plan?”

Fatty Luo nodded very solemnly. “After I’ve designed a scabbard for Lord Jingke, I want to display Lord Jingke’s heroic disposition to the rest of the world… So I’ve put aside a huge amount of capital to make a movie on Lord Jingke! The tentative title is The Sword Spirit We Chased Together In Those Years1! I even wrote the script already a while ago!”

Loopy Toad: “…”

As Fatty Luo spoke, a spirit light glowed in his hand as he took out the script and couldn’t help acting it out on the spot…

He played the two male and female lead roles from the script. The name of the male lead was Jingke, while Fatty Luo hadn’t thought of a name yet for the female lead.

And, action…

Fatty Luo spoke in a thready voice as he acted the role of the female lead. “How can you be so childish!”

Then, he immediately switched to Jingke’s perspective. “Childish?”

The female lead: “Yes, very childish.”

Jingke: “You’re right! It’s because I’m childish that I chased after a master like you who studies so hard. It’s because I’m this childish that I stayed in this contract for so long!”

The female lead: “Then don’t chase after me!”

(Jingke turned around to leave.)

The female lead broke out in a sweat. “Idiot!”

Jingke: “That’s right! I’m an idiot!”

The female lead: “Big idiot!”

Jingke: “It’s because I’m a big idiot that I chased you for so long!”

The performance was over…

Fatty Luo took a deep breath. “How was it? My performance?”


After watching Fatty Luo’s performance, Loopy Toad and Sheep were already utterly stupefied.

They were shaken because Fatty Luo’s performance had really been too graphic and shocking; the lines were so simple and crude that Loopy Toad and Sheep almost felt like they were being brainwashed as the lines echoed demonically and continuously in their brains even after the end of Fatty Luo’s performance.

After a few minutes of silence, Loopy Toad finally couldn’t help saying, “You… is this a romance film?”

“A romance film?”

Fatty Luo waved his hand. “If it was just about romance, who would watch it! It’s a large-scale sci-fi fantasy thriller drama Mary Sue film!”

Loopy Toad and Sheep were both bewildered. “…”

After Fatty Luo said that, Loopy Toad felt with its entire dog being that this wasn’t good!

“This is all in the planning stage; the most important thing right now is to design a scabbard worthy of Lord Jingke.” Fatty Luo put his script away with a very proud expression on his face. “Don’t leak the plot for now; from your expressions, I already have a feeling that my movie will definitely cause the box office to explode in the future!”

When Loopy Toad heard this, it sucked in a cold breath of air. It didn’t know whether or not the box office would explode, but the audience who watched it definitely would!

However, given Fatty Luo’s innate sense of fun, who knew, maybe the film really might become popular.

“Anyway, you’re looking for me this time to help you custom make a magic weapon? Take out your material and show me?” Fatty Luo looked at Loopy Toad as they returned to the main topic.

Loopy Toad directly regurgitated the Bone King, and Fatty Luo’s eyes immediately lit up. “My god… so this is the bone of a holy beast!”

Actually, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had already specifically explained the situation to Fatty Luo last night. But when Fatty Luo saw this holy beast bone, he still trembled all over and even had a little blush on his face.


Loopy Toad was already unable to mock Fatty Luo for his orgasmic expression — it was such an eyesore!

Loopy Toad: “Didn’t you find out about it last night…”

“How can hearing about it and seeing it with my own eyes be the same?”

Fatty Luo tsked. “An excellent smith will only respond to two things. The first is superior magic artifacts. The other is high-quality raw materials! There are few magic artifacts and raw materials that can make me blush.”

And then, god help Loopy Toad, it suddenly couldn’t help asking, “Then what about Jingke?”

As soon as it asked this question, Loopy Toad already regretted it…

Fatty Luo smiled slightly as he gazed at Loopy Toad before whispering in its ear, “To tell you the truth, Brother Dog, at that time… I got hard!”

Loopy Toad wanted to flog itself to death… Why had he asked a pervert this type of question?!

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