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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 540: Cultivating Basic Dog Skills

Chapter 540: Cultivating Basic Dog Skills

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Fatty Luo spent about five minutes inspecting the bone he was holding inside out. “The surface of this holy beast bone is spotless, it’s well maintained!” He couldn’t help leaning in to take a sniff. “And for some reason, it seems like there’s a wild sort of scent on this bone… Even after so long, there’s still a smell of dog on it!”

Loopy Toad: “Before I got this bone, it belonged to a Fenrir who hugged and licked it every day.”

” Cough !” Fatty Luo looked a little embarrassed before he gazed at Loopy Toad and asked, “Do you have any ideas for the design of this custom magic treasure, Brother Dog?”

“The most important thing is that it has to be easy to use. Also, this is a bone from Dog Saint, and I want to reflect that in the design. It would be great if it was multi-functional!” Loopy Toad answered.

“Okay, I have a rough idea.”

Fatty Luo stroked the bone, then waved his hand and smiled. “You can come get it the day after tomorrow. I just had a super awesome idea… I guarantee you’ll like it!”

“The day after tomorrow? So soon?”

Loopy Toad couldn’t quite wrap its head around this speed.

Given the advances in science and technology nowadays, it was possible to combine together the relevant data calculations to forge magic weapons, thus greatly improving the success rate and reducing the time taken to refine them. But to refine a holy beast bone into a magic treasure in less than three days…

While Fatty Luo’s skill was widely acknowledged in the circle, this speed was still a little exaggerated.

“High-level smiths now all have rooms dedicated to refining weapons, but this thing can’t hold people; we can only place the raw materials inside and manipulate them from outside the room. Brother Dog, you’re really lucky; I just installed one here last month, it was very expensive!” Fatty Luo tsked.

Loopy Toad calculated the time. If it could get this thing the day after tomorrow, then it would actually be just in time for the district sports meet!

Loopy Toad and Sheep didn’t stay for too long. After giving the “Bone King” to Fatty Luo, Sheep carried Loopy Toad home.

Of course, Fatty Luo wasn’t doing this for free. Given the level of his smithing skills, a custom-made magic treasure was actually very expensive. During his initial communication with Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal last night, Fatty Luo hadn’t asked to be paid for forging it, but had hoped that after successfully creating this custom-made magic treasure, Ling Zhenren would agree to a modest request…

Wang Ling had already agreed to this.

Of course, Loopy Toad guessed that Fatty Luo’s request very likely had to do with Jingke.

The man was too obsessed with Jingke.

It was already evening by the time Loopy Toad and Sheep got home, and just when Wang Ling would be done with school for the day. The first thing Loopy Toad did after it got back was to continue studying the seven forms of the Basic Dog Skills. Except for the first and second forms which were level four, the rest were level five Dog Skills, so they were a bit hard to understand.

But Loopy Toad wasn’t in a hurry as it intended to learn the first and second forms inside out first. It had been studying non-stop when it had time these days, so it was actually pretty much done analyzing these skills.

Holding the small white lace umbrella that Wang Ling had given her, Sheep sat on the stone doorstep and watched Loopy Toad box.

This scene looked a little fantastic; it was clearly a dog, but it could walk upright and box like a human.

Loopy Toad broke down the first and second forms, and all the movement diagrams for the Dog Skills filled its mind. After two or three attempts, Loopy Toad’s movements gradually flowed together as it smoothly went through the entire set of Dog Skills beginning with the starting form. The essence of the Basic Dog Skills was “fast, accurate and ruthless,” which were all simple actions without any showy moves.

Back in those days, Dog Saint had thrashed all the leaders of the Holy Dog clan with these moves, and there was actually another name for them: “Dog-Beating Skills.” The speed of the seven forms increased as you progressed through them.

You could only be considered to have understood the first form if you could throw eighty-one punches per second, while the second form required a hundred and sixty-two punches… According to Little Silver, in Dog Saint’s seventh form, it could release five thousand one hundred and eighty-four punches.

If Loopy Toad could cultivate the seven forms of the Basic Dog Skills to their fullest and demonstrate all seven at once, it would ultimately be able to release over ten thousand punches per second in a powerful attack!

“I hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit…”

In the back garden, Loopy Toad was dressed in a yellow skintight exercise uniform as its fists flew.

It was Mother Wang who had recently made this exercise uniform for Loopy Toad.

The Wang family’s small villa was in a remote area and usually no one came by, but taking into account the fact that Sheep sometimes basked in the garden, Mother Wang still made a small outfit for Loopy Toad.

It was a male akita and also a spiritually enlightened one; it would be too distasteful for its lower bits to swing around in front of a little girl while it was exercising.

Loopy Toad was thankful to Mother Wang from the bottom of its heart… In fact, it chose to practice its skills usually when Sheep wasn’t around. Luckily, Mother Wang had made this exercise uniform for it, otherwise it would feel pretty ashamed of itself with Sheep watching it on the side as it practiced!

Holding the small umbrella, Sheep was bored to death as she watched Loopy Toad.

“Want me to help you?” Sheep asked suddenly.

Loopy Toad looked at her. “That’ll be great!”

To be honest, Loopy Toad didn’t think its current strength was on the same level as Sheep’s. After all, Sheep had been directly enlightened by Little Master Ling and had grasped the “Great Wind Speed Spell” of the Three Thousand Great Spells. She was very fast and could dodge very swiftly. If Sheep was really serious, Loopy Toad’s two forms wouldn’t be able to hit her at all.

But an actual combat target was of course the best when practicing the Dog Skills; if Loopy Toad just practiced on its own, this could instead create various obstacles in an actual fight.

Sheep stood in front of Loopy Toad with her small umbrella. “Oh, to be fair, I won’t use Heavenly Dao! If you can touch me even once, that’s already very good!”

“I’ll do my best…” Loopy Toad took a deep breath.

To be honest, Loopy Toad thought it would be extraordinary if it could touch Sheep even when she didn’t use Heavenly Dao, but its chances of touching her in such a situation were undoubtedly much higher.

At that moment, Loopy Toad stood in front of Sheep and drew a deep breath.

Spirit energy slowly gathered inside its body and gradually flowed toward its four paws. Looking straight ahead, Loopy Toad closed its eyes slightly as its spirit coalesced.

At the same time, it also quietly recited the Basic Dog Skills’ mantra: “I would give my life for the power of dog and the dog family 1 , the Basic Dog Skills are invincible…”

Then Loopy Toad threw the first punch of the starting form!

Instantly, there was the sound of an explosion in the air, like a sharp, metallic ringing in the ears that didn’t stop.

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