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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 541: Set a Small Target for Yourself

Chapter 541: Set a Small Target for Yourself

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It was a very powerful punch and Loopy Toad’s paws felt like they were filled with explosive power.

The so-called practice and actual combat were two completely different things; it had never felt this during practice.

After throwing the first punch in the starting form, Loopy Toad felt like its entire body was on fire. Although its paws were very small, this punch wouldn’t lose out to a punch by a Soul Formation cultivator.

Reasonably speaking, a second-class spirit beast would never be able to exert power at the Soul Formation stage, but Loopy Toad’s body also housed the “Great Sword Dao Spell” which it had yet to finish cultivating.

Although it had only absorbed forty percent of the power of Sword Dao so far, the increase in its strength was clear.

When Loopy Toad got serious in particular, the power of Sword Dao would secretly and invisibly boost the Basic Dog Skills. This punch didn’t just contain the super high attack speed of the Basic Dog Skills, the driving force of the power of Sword Dao was also mixed into it.

This force caused the power of Loopy Toad’s Dog Skills to rise intangibly several times over!


Sheep was also a little amazed as she had never expected Loopy Toad’s starting form to be so powerful.

The wind kicked up by this violent punch brushed past Sheep’s cheeks and made her meatball-shaped hair buns jump.

But this speed was still far from enough against Sheep; gripping the small umbrella, her small body flitted around the garden as if she was dancing.

“Too slow!” Using the umbrella, Sheep easily evaded the attack.

Loopy Toad threw the eighty-one punches of the first form in a second, but none of them touched Sheep.

During its rapid attack, Loopy Toad’s eyes also tracked Sheep’s movements. She absolutely wasn’t using her full speed to dodge, but even then, Loopy Toad could only see a faint shadow.

This speed was really too fast, and Loopy Toad was keenly aware that it couldn’t catch her with its current strength of vision.

After this offensive strike, it stopped attacking and instead stared at Sheep as it thought up countermeasures.

Holding the small umbrella, Sheep narrowed her eyes and smiled as she explained, “My current speed matches the highest speed that you can display at your current class.”

“That’s really unfair…” Loopy Toad couldn’t help grumbling in its heart. It had had no idea that the top speed for second class would be so dazzling.

Loopy Toad felt that it needed to find its own attack style.

From the current situation, it was clear that it wasn’t a speed-type player. Every spirit beast had their own particular trait based on breed and class, and thus had their own distinct advantage. But Loopy Toad’s current situation was a little more unique as it had been formed from a merger between a soul and body.

When it used to be a toad, it had had primarily defensive and binding abilities, which was a typical “fatan” role.

But its soul was now fused with an akita… The point was that akitas weren’t spirit dogs! Loopy Toad wouldn’t have been able to cultivate at all if it hadn’t been for its demon king soul as well as Little Master Ling modifying its Demon King Heart Sutra!


This breed…

Apart from their heads being used in memes to sell meng … Loopy Toad really couldn’t imagine any other advantages they might have.

Actually, it still had to wait for its soul and body to align more closely with each other.

That was because its previous “narcolepsy” hadn’t completely disappeared. Its first immersion in the holy beast blood provided by Little Silver had only alleviated the symptoms of the narcolepsy. As long as its condition persisted, this indicated that Loopy Toad’s soul and body weren’t fully aligned yet.

It would take at most another month or two for it to fully adapt to this body, and only after it had fully embraced this body would Loopy Toad actually be able to study its specific advantages.

“Looks like I’ll have to temper this body in the future!” Loopy Toad pondered.

Although it hadn’t be able to even touch Sheep just now, the fight this time had hugely inspired Loopy Toad.

It was still in the process of adapting to this body and studying how to use it. Except for the “tongue techniques” and the “Space Swallowing Spell,” which were minor spells that Loopy Toad could still use normally even with spirit energy, it had already completely discarded all the rest.

Since it had chosen to live in the world of modern human cultivators…

And to live with Little Master Ling…

At this stage, Loopy Toad set a small target for itself — to do its best to adapt to this new life and to become a dog that wouldn’t cause Little Master Ling to lose face when he took it out!

After it was done cultivating, Loopy Toad went to the backyard and took off the yellow exercise uniform it had been wearing and put it in a bamboo basket. This was something Mother Wang had prepared for Loopy Toad: each time it was done cultivating, the exercise uniform had to be washed promptly.

The Toad clan had always been lazy and not prone to worry about small things; there were times when they might sleep for several years and hence not take a bath. But after becoming a dog and following Wang Ling, Loopy Toad found that it was starting to become fond of being clean.

On this point, Loopy Toad felt that it had been strongly influenced by Little Master Ling.

Little Master Ling’s bedroom was spotless every day, and Mother Wang hardly needed to clean it. Especially recently, because Loopy Toad had started to shed fur after cultivating industriously, Little Master Ling was even more diligent in tidying up than before.

So much so that when Loopy Toad entered the bedroom, it could detect a fragrance…

Loopy Toad felt that for a boy’s bedroom… Wang Ling cleaned it too thoroughly! In contrast, Wei Zhi’s place was actually quite casual when Loopy Toad had been there; apart from the environmental room that had been built for Pushing Large Butterfly, there were piles of odds and ends in Wei Zhi’s own bedroom, ranging from spirit beast magazines and snacks to all kinds of daily necessities that were stacked randomly on his desk – to Little Master Ling, all of these were quarantine zones!

Admittedly, this had to do with personal habits. Wei Zhi got up early and was out until late every day taking care of so many contract spirit beasts, so he had no time at all to tidy up.

Like master, like spirit beast…

Loopy Toad now sincerely felt that this statement really was true.

What impressed Loopy Toad the most was all the books and test papers around Little Master Ling… the four corners of every one of these printed texts were always flat! If they were folded even a little, Wang Ling wouldn’t hesitate to use the power of Heavenly Dao to break the item down and then reassemble it…

After putting the exercise uniform in the bamboo basket, Loopy Toad turned on the faucet in the back garden to wash itself. As it shook off the water, it used its spirit energy to heat up its body quickly. In a handful of seconds, it was dry.

Through the glass door in the back garden, Loopy Toad saw Father Wang and Lie Mengmeng on the sofa as they watched TV with nervous expressions on their faces.

Loopy Toad suddenly remembered that today was July 17th; this was the middle of the month when the battle for the double monthly votes happened on “Cultivation Chinese Network” where Father Wang’s novels were hosted. The double votes happened from the 15th to the 17th, and today was the last day.

This TV program was a vote counting program which “Cultivation Chinese Network” ran with the TV station.

Currently, the writer in top place in the monthly votes ranking was: Braised Pork Shoulder; monthly votes: 980,120.

The writer in second place was: Braised Pig Feet in Sauce; monthly votes: 965,772.

And Father Wang’s pen name, Wang Situ, was in third place. Monthly votes: 462,333…

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