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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 545: Real and Fake Remains

Chapter 545: Real and Fake Remains

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Sure enough!

President Qi’s words were disconcerting.

All the people present had in fact vaguely guessed what President Qi had been about to say. Wang Ming, who was listening in on the meeting elsewhere, also had an unperturbed expression on his face. He had known about this even earlier than the people at the meeting since the “Divine Eye 1” magic treasure which was used to monitor space fluctuations had been developed by hundreds of scientific researchers based on his theory.

Both he and Old Qi had analyzed the entire situation inside out in the morning, including the origin of Devil Valley, so Wang Ming could not be any calmer…

The way Devil Valley appeared was a little similar to the Gate Between Worlds. The difference was that monitoring the space fluctuations from the Gate only allowed them to foresee its descent, but they couldn’t accurately pinpoint its landing site.

However, by using the most sophisticated magic treasure instruments, such as “Divine Eye 1,” they could accurately pinpoint the specific location of Devil Valley.

But this was precisely the most troublesome bit about the whole situation.

“We are no strangers to Devil Valley, and some of you here have even visited it in person. Devil Valley is also known as Beast King’s Remains and is a mausoleum which the king of holy beasts, Devil King, had built for itself back then. It’s full of all types of precious resources that have already disappeared in the present era. It’s already been a hundred years since Beast King’s Remains last opened, and although we have been very careful this time to safeguard this information, word that Beast King’s Remains Devil Valley is about to open has still spread like wildfire.” Speaking up to this point, President Qi frowned.

“Spies?” General Yi narrowed his eyes.

“There are always spies.”

As Minister of Intelligence, Dark Saint Minister Ying said coldly, “Actually, since a few years ago, I’ve already increased investigation efforts in our counterintelligence operations, and we’ve apprehended countless foreign spies. But the other side is still trying whatever they can to infiltrate our country, and it’s really hard to guard against this.”

Saying this, Minister Ying sighed. “You don’t know, but this year, we captured the most bizarre spy yet. In order to sneak into our country, he actually used a forbidden spell to shrink his body and hide himself in a caplet… he then paid a foreign student to come in with the caplet hidden inside the student’s anus.”

“Then… then what happened…”

“Luckily, when the student was passing through immigration, our Investigation Division’s Section Chief Sima Guang noticed something wrong with this student thanks to his keen insight. He immediately examined the student’s whole body and ultimately discovered this caplet, thus successfully intercepting the spy at customs! Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable,” said Dark Saint.

“Hm… I think I heard about this.” General Yi nodded. “Wasn’t this Section Chief Sima Guang given a commendation later?”

Dark Saint solemnly said, “That’s right, my ministry conferred a special title on him: ‘Sima Guang Breaks The Anus 1 ‘.”

Everyone: “…”

” Cough cough .”

Clearing his throat, President Qi said, “As you can see, because of Beast King’s Remains, not only are the various dark forces in our country starting to get restless, foreign forces are seizing the opportunity to make a profit. Beast King’s Remains is a precious historical resource for our country, and all of the extinct resources that grow in it are valuable riches…”

From what President Qi was saying, his objective was in fact already very clear, and everyone listening couldn’t help nodding their heads.

These long extinct resources which could only be found in Beast King’s Remains absolutely weren’t to be exploited at all. The most important thing was to safeguard these precious resources and to find ways to breed them on a broader scale so that they could grow once again in the modern world.

“Beast King’s Remains Devil Valley is a historical resource unique to Huaxiu nation; no unlawful dark forces or foreign powers have the right to enter it. The head of state has already given clear instructions: what we need to do is to protect the remains and leave the extinct resources to continue as they are; we also need to think of ways to take a portion out to grow once more in our current environment.”

After saying this, President Qi looked at everyone else. “Does anyone have anything else to say about safeguarding ‘Beast King’s Remains’? If you have any objections, you can just press the red button on the table as usual.”

Everyone shook their heads and this motion was passed unanimously.

President Qi was about to move on to the next item.

At that moment, Marshal Jiang asked, “Does Explosion Saint and Skin Saint’s mission have something to do with protecting the remains?”

“That’s right!” President Qi was actually just about to talk about this. “Right now, who knows how many dark forces and foreign invasion forces have their eyes fixed on Beast King’s Remains. In order to better protect the remains, Explosion Saint and Skin Saint are currently on a secret mission under direct orders from the head of state… to create a forgery of Beast King’s Remains.”

Creating a forgery of the remains…

Everyone was shocked; so there was this kind of operation?!

“But those who intend to enter Beast King’s Remains aren’t ordinary people. Can we fool them?” Medicine Saint had some misgivings.

“Creating a forgery of Beast King’s Remains isn’t something we came up with on the spot. Actually, the head of state has already been moving pieces into place since a long time ago. He drew the basic blueprint himself, and Explosion Saint and Skin Saint have now gone to take charge of constructing the nomological laws for the place.”

President Qi smiled and nodded. “If this plan goes smoothly, the fake Beast King’s Remains will be opened after the entrance to the real remains opens and will draw away the unlawful forces that want to enter Beast King’s Remains. We’ve estimated that the real and fake remains will open no more than half an hour apart.”

“I still feel it’s risky…” The female Medicine Saint President Luo shook her head.

President Qi smiled. “You should have some faith in our country’s ability to create counterfeits… Isn’t that how we got through the most difficult times?”

President Luo: “…”

“Furthermore, to ensure that this plan of using fake Beast King’s Remains as cover is carried out properly, we also need the help of Old Sun’s Alliance of Ten Thousand Schools,” President Qi said.

Secretary Sun Dakang nodded and looked at President Qi. “How can we help, just ask!”

“Divine Eye 1 has calculated that the entrance to Beast King’s Remains Devil Valley will ultimately appear somewhere inside Songhai city. While we have yet to pinpoint the exact location, I think Old Sun can still make preliminary preparations.”

President Qi said, “I hope Old Sun can contact some of the high schools in Songhai city and have the headmasters organize a study tour of Beast King’s Remains for the students; this can be considered an activity for broadening their horizons.”

Secretary Dakang frowned. “But what if they encounter those unlawful forces? How do we ensure the safety of the students?”

President Qi raised an eyebrow. “Who told you that these students would be entering the fake remains? Before we set this plan in motion, I’ll arrange for information on the fake remains to be leaked first.”

Everyone: “…” Damn! It turned out that there was a game plan!

President Qi chuckled and said, “Can you imagine what those unlawful groups will think when they see a bunch of students prepare to enter the remains as a summer camp?”

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