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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 546: An E-Bomb Raining Down From Above

Chapter 546: An E-Bomb Raining Down From Above

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When President Qi spoke up to this point, everyone in fact already understood his meaning.

This was a decoy.

They would use the students to confuse the forces that would be attempting an unlawful invasion while at the same time enrich the students’ extracurricular activities.

Unlike the past, most of the younger generation of cultivators nowadays had no especially ambitious dreams or pursuits. Moreover, the outbreak of “chuuni disease” was concentrated around the high school period, when many students might start to become confused for various reasons. This would be immediately followed by posts in WeChat Moments or QQ Zone that weren’t mainstream chicken soup 1 .

So in order to reduce the occurrence of this type of phenomenon and guide students toward establishing a more enriching mentality and system of values, the Alliance of Ten Thousand Schools had in recent years planned a fair amount of similarly practical exchange activities, like the previous spirit sword exchange meet and the upgraded “gaming” version of the military training drill.

The spring outing, autumn outing and summer camp were originally extracurricular activities organized by the school every year.

Initially, the Alliance of Ten Thousand Schools’ education head office had planned to upgrade the basic extracurricular activities this year, and they would cover any insufficient funds that this might entail. Thus, in addition to places that students frequently visited for their extracurricular activities like the spirit beast park and the Xiao Family Compound, schools now had more options and could even organize sightseeing tours outside the city for students to broaden their horizons.

The truth was that historical sites and scenic spots were very good choices.

Summer camp in Songhai usually took place in August.

This was because the climate in Songhai was a little strange; the hottest time of the year was in October, so Songhai students started school and had their winter and summer vacations later than schools in other urban areas.

Thus, the process of endorsing the venue for the summer camp in Songhai city had yet to be completed.

Secretary Dakang had initially planned to go and endorse it after this top-level meeting of the Huaxiu Alliance, but now it wasn’t necessary… he could just directly make it an edict.

“I’m all for the students visiting Beast King’s Remains as long as their safety can be guaranteed,” said Secretary Dakang. The head office’s plan this year had been for students to visit historical sites and scenic spots to begin with, to say nothing of a place like Beast King’s Remains, which only opened once every century. There might be some people who in their whole lives would never have the opportunity to enter the remains.

Whatever you could learn from them would definitely be helpful in broadening your horizon.

Sometimes, how broad your view was could often determine the height you would achieve in the future…

This didn’t necessarily mean realm, but could also be a mental or spiritual breakthrough or an accomplishment in some other aspect.

President Qi had in fact already accounted for the security issue. Whether it was for the real or fake remains, once the entrance was open, they would immediately dispatch someone to set up a True Immortal barrier; any regular Tom, Dick or Harry wouldn’t be able to so much as touch the stones inside the remains.

“Of course, a decoy is a decoy. To avoid any sly dark forces from sneaking in, we’ll also dispatch manpower to protect the students. My suggestion is that besides Secretary Sun Dakang who will be organizing this tour for the students, Dark Saint and Medicine Saint should also go along. Weapons Saint and I will use magic treasures to provide remote assistance and can launch the Heavenly E-Satellite if necessary… In addition, Head of State 001 will also be assigned to participate in this student protection plan,” President Qi said.

This arrangement made the corner of Wang Ming’s eye twitch… This security lineup was too strong!

In addition to Spirit Saint Secretary Dakang, Dark Saint Minister Ying and Medicine Saint President Luo would also be going along. Old Qi and Weapons Saint Minister Ke, the latter in charge of the magic treasures munitions factory, would provide remote assistance, and Head of State 001 that was undergoing testing would also be there.

Five True Immortals would be heading out with Number 001…

If this matter were to get out, some people would definitely think that the “Great War of Two Worlds” between the human race and the demon race had broken out again…

It had already been a thousand years since the last time so many True Immortals went out together; that was when they had joined forces to fight back against the demon gods that had emerged from the Gate Between Worlds.

Furthermore, it wasn’t just the five True Immortals who would be going out; the “Heavenly E-Satellite” would be coordinating with them. Wang Ming suddenly felt that any criminal attempting to make a play for “Beast King’s Remains” would basically already fail the instant they wanted to infiltrate the place…

This satellite was in fact a magic treasure which could gather together a dense concentration of spirit power and directly launch an “E-Bomb Raining Down From Above 2 ” via remote control in the form of a spirit power laser cannon shooting through outer space as a long-range bombardment.

Heavenly E-Satellite…

When these “Ten Generals” heard this name, they visibly paused and couldn’t help shuddering.

“Heavenly E-Satellite… this isn’t necessary, is it…?” Secretary Dakang wiped at his sweat.

Frankly speaking, this thing was the nuclear bomb of the modern cultivation era!

It had power equal to one strike from a True Immortal. A True Immortal might not die if they were hit head-on by this thing, but they would lose half their life… The main point was that this thing was extremely powerful!

If this cannon was shot, Beast King’s Remains might be directly wiped out.

“I also think this is a little excessive.” General Yi also nodded on the side.

“Don’t worry, everyone, it isn’t excessive at all.” President Qi waved his hands. “It’s not actually a real explosion.”

Secretary Dakang: “What do you mean?”

“When we were designing this Heavenly E-Satellite back then, we had both live ammunition and duds to begin with. The power of live ammunition is indeed very strong, and can’t be used willy-nilly without the head of state’s personal signature and approval. But a dud can be fired at any time.”

“Du… Dud?”

The lips of the other “Ten Generals” twitched.

Even Weapons Saint was surprised. “There was this kind of setup? Why don’t I know anything about it?” It was his munitions factory that had manufactured this Heavenly E-Satellite back then! He had seen the blueprint!

“This dud bomb was part of the program setup; you definitely wouldn’t have seen it in the original blueprint. It seems that none of you know about it.” President Qi smiled. “The dud functions similarly to an illusion spell. While it doesn’t look any different to live ammunition when it’s fired, it actually doesn’t generate any kind of energy.”

Everyone: “…”

Wang Ming: “…”

It wasn’t just the “Ten Generals” present; even Wang Ming, who had personally taken part in the program setup, hadn’t known that there was such a thing. That was to say, this “dud bomb” design was something which Old Qi himself had added, and except for the head of state, probably no one else had known about it.

Sweating, General Yi raised his hand quietly and asked, “Excuse me, the reason for this dud bomb design is…”

President Qi’s answer was succinct. “To intimidate.”

Everyone: “…”

“This is an era of peace. How can we dispatch the ‘E-Bomb Raining Down From Above’ so easily? Since the founding of our Huaxiu nation, what we have been pursuing is world peace, not a nuclear wipeout 3 . So the dud bomb design is very necessary! Duds don’t have any power! They can’t hurt anyone, but at the very least they can create the sound of an explosion!”

President Qi continued non-stop. “For example, why were people so afraid in the past when the Xiao clan set off their ‘Angry Buddha Fire Lotus’? It was because it created a mushroom cloud that was so big and so loud! It looked powerful enough to make people cower!”

Everyone: “…”

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