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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 550: The Unperturbed Editorial Office

Chapter 550: The Unperturbed Editorial Office

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lie Mengmeng rubbed his eyes and dug out his ears repeatedly to confirm that he wasn’t hallucinating!

Yes! He hadn’t seen wrong!

All the programs now were broadcasting news helping Father Wang to campaign for votes. Whether it was sports athletes, local celebrities or big shots in various industries, all of them had started to campaign for monthly votes for Father Wang on TV… Lie Mengmeng looked at the list of trending topics, and sure enough, this matter had already climbed to the top as a hot search, and it wasn’t in just one topic.

In a short instant, trending topics like “XXX Expresses Support for Wang Situ” and “XXX Begs for Votes for Wang Situ” dominated the list.

When Lie Mengmeng looked at the editors’ group, he noticed that they were all calm. This was a private group which Lie Mengmeng had set up himself. He got along well with all the editors in the group, which included colleagues working on other novels, his own leaders, and even some editors from other novel websites that they collaborated with… Lie Mengmeng was Cultivation Chinese Network’s social butterfly, and he was worthy of this title.

“Why isn’t anyone reacting? This is a huge deal!!!” Lie Mengmeng expressed his shock with three exclamation points.

The chief editor of Cultivation Chinese Network, with the ID “Little Squad Captain,” gazed at his screen with the expression of one used to such things. “Little Song, you’re still too young… But you’re not Wang Situ’s first editor, after all; if you had been in charge of his books from the beginning, you would already be used to this. Teacher Wang Situ isn’t just any ordinary person.”

“What do you mean, captain…”

“Hm… I can’t say too much.”

It was very obvious that the chief editor knew something. “Do you know why our editorial office didn’t react at all to the various opinions in the outside world today when Braised Pork Shoulder and Braised Pig Feet in Sauce overtook Teacher Wang Situ in the votes?”

Lie Mengmeng was shocked. “Holy shit! So you really didn’t react? I just thought the editorial office wasn’t online!”


Chief Editor Little Squad Captain: “This is nothing. You just need to remember, those writers who want to compete with Teacher Wang Situ for monthly votes… are basically just courting death.”

Actually, when the chief editor said this, it was as if Lie Mengmeng could already understand it a little better…

Looking at the strength of a society that had currently joined forces on TV and in the list of trending topics, Father Wang could indeed be said to be unbeatable. What kind of power was it that was holding him up behind the scenes… Lie Mengmeng’s imagination had already started to run wild.

The problem was, he hadn’t seen Father Wang do anything!

It seemed that he had merely sent a text message to one of his big shot fans…

Looking at it now, this clearly wasn’t any ordinary big shot; it was very likely a force with a background and foundation that was stronger than any heavenly-level sect.

Lie Mengmeng was very perceptive and he expressed his gratitude immediately. “Thank you, captain!”

There were some things that you could discern but shouldn’t speak about…

“This is a trivial matter; just remember, you just need to keep calm in the future. Also, if reporters come looking for you to interview Teacher Wang Situ or something, the website’s general policy is to reject all of them; Teacher Wang Situ isn’t interested in any of this. I’ll make a point of it at the meeting tomorrow.”

Little Squad Captain nodded and said, “Anyway, keep in mind that your duty is to prod him for more chapters, at all costs and in any way possible… This is your main assignment! You basically don’t need to bother with the ranking competition. In any case, as long as Teacher Wang Situ’s novels are still being serialized, he’ll always be ranked first.”

Lie Mengmeng: “Mm, okay, captain!”

Speaking up to this point, the chief editor paused, and then suddenly said, “You probably know about that guru author Zhuge who competed against Teacher Wang Situ back then, right? This Teacher Zhuge was initially on our website as well.”

Lie Mengmeng nodded weakly. “Yes…”

At that moment, the chief editor sent a facepalm emoji. “You should now know why Teacher Wang Situ made Teacher Zhuge angry enough to leave back then, right?”

Lie Mengmeng: “…”

It was July 18th on Tuesday in the thirteenth week of the semester.

The “Summit War” last night between both Pork Shoulder and Pig Feet and Father Wang (Wang Situ) ended with Father Wang proclaimed the victor after he obtained a crushing number of votes which turned the tide by midnight; by the end of the double monthly votes campaign, the monthly votes for the two writers Pork Shoulder and Pig Feet were around three million, while Father Wang was far in front with an outstanding six million monthly votes…

But the truth was that Father Wang’s votes last night had actually surpassed ten million; it was just that the website had kept the remaining four million votes a secret with Father Wang’s permission.

After all, they were all authors on the same website and he should help his peers save some face…

The impact of this incident wasn’t minor; Wang Ling heard people around him discussing it on his way to school that morning. After all, so many celebrities had expressed their support last night!

Yesterday’s trending topics had been about the support from various celebrities; today’s topic was [Who Exactly Is Wang Situ]…

As soon as Wang Ling walked into the classroom that morning, he could hear Dopey Guo making a ruckus as he recounted the fierce battle in the “Summit War” last night.

The students in class weren’t just simply bystanders; the vast majority were in fact fans of Father Wang… Wang Ling felt that in some sense, his old man was just as invincible as he was.

Dopey Guo slapped his thigh and sighed feelingly. “Wang Situ is really too strong… That wave last night, tch… The only thing he’s lacking now is the support of the head of state!”

Wang Ling: “…”

Someone suddenly said very curiously, “But then again, who on earth is Wang Situ? I heard that except for the website editors, no one has ever seen him in person; also, this Guru Wang Situ has never appeared on camera and doesn’t participate in any events. He has Weibo, but he seldom posts, and it’s the website that manages the account.”

“Dopey Guo, have you found out anything?” Little Peanut asked.

Everyone in class couldn’t help turning to look at Dopey Guo at the same time.

“I seem to remember you saying last time that you have an uncle who works at Guodian…”

“What does Guodian have to do with this? Is the factory director going to take the stage?”

“Guodian… is short for National Telecommunications and Cybersecurity Administration…” The corner of Super Chen’s lips twitched as he replied 1 .


“Last night, one of my uncles indeed did investigate Wang Situ’s identity…” Dopey Guo sighed when he brought this up and was a little depressed. “But before he could find out anything, he was caught by his leader and punished; he’s been suspended for a week, and is writing a self-reflection at home.”


Everyone trembled when they heard this, feeling as if they’d gotten a taste of what the forces which ran society were like… That there was something in this world which Dopey Guo didn’t know was really amazing!

Just then, Super Chen joked, “Actually, I’ve always wondered if this Wang Situ might be Wang Ling’s dad. Hahaha! Even the surname is the same!”

Wang Ling: “…”

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