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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 553: How To Deal With a Troll

Chapter 553: How To Deal With a Troll

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Wang Ling’s calves were different from Super Chen’s and Fang Xing’s; they weren’t as muscular or slender, but the first impression they gave people was that they were clean and well-shaped. Wang Ling rolled his pant legs up and then bound them tightly like the other guys.

At that time, Teacher Ye looked at Wang Ling and examined his muscles.

When he had done the test run back then, Wang Ling had jogged while controlling his spirit sword easily. His face hadn’t turned red and he hadn’t even gasped for breath; this was clearly the results of constant cultivation and exercise.

Apart from PE lessons, Teacher Ye also served as a personal fitness coach; he felt that based on Wang Ling’s stamina, he should at the very least have defined muscles rather than what he looked like now, which was no muscles at all.

“Student Wang Ling is a bit thin…” Teacher Ye couldn’t help frowning.

Next to Super Chen, a guy with even more extreme muscles than the former couldn’t help laughing. “Can this brother do it? During the test last time, I didn’t think he ran very fast… He’s so thin! Like white cut chicken!”

Wang Ling didn’t say anything and acted like he hadn’t heard the guy – he had no intention of taking notice of him at all. This person might have crazy muscles and definitely did intense workouts, but that actually didn’t necessarily pay off in actual combat… It wasn’t true that the more muscles you had, the better. Training your muscles excessively could cause your meridians to close up and slow down the flow of spirit energy.

Therefore, it was quality over quantity when it came to muscles.

What was more, it wasn’t that Wang Ling didn’t have muscles; he just wasn’t showing them off…

“Are you laughing at our classmate?” Super Chen looked at this guy.

He was Shi Shuai from Elite Class Two, which was Fang Xing’s class. Furthermore, he was a well-known troll! He really liked to argue with other people for the sake of arguing!

“That’s right, I’m laughing at him… No matter how slow I run, I think I’ll still be faster than this white cut chicken classmate!” Shi Shuai chuckled.

“Are you looking for a fight?” Super Chen was unable to take it, already long annoyed by this guy.

Teacher Ye was alarmed; just as the relay was going to start, they had already started to argue…

Shi Shuai rolled up his sleeves. “I, Shi Shuai, don’t scare easily! There are ten of us running, and although the final count is based on our overall times, we can still see each person’s individual time. I’ll definitely run faster than him!”

He pointed at Wang Ling. “Look at this skinny brother. When I first saw him, he looks malnourished. This is the result of eating cheap snacks everyday – whatlatiao , what crispy noodle snacks, these types of things aren’t healthy!”

On the platform, Old Antique suddenly felt like his heart had been pierced… What was wrong with latiao ? What did latiao ever do to this boy? An official limited edition latiao pack was very expensive!

“Watch your mouth.” On the side, Fang Xing’s expression immediately turned cold.

Shi Shuai couldn’t help muttering, “Heh, we’ll see who makes a fool of themselves later!”

Wang Ling still didn’t say anything, but the expression on his face was noticeably a lot darker than before. He eyed Shi Shuai… Silence spoke louder than words at that moment. Although Wang Ling hadn’t said a single word, everyone at the scene couldn’t help quivering.

Shivers traveled down their spines.

It was like being stared at with burning killing intent.

On the platform, Odd Zhuo could very clearly see how everyone in school twitched in the wake of that scene.

Looking up at the sky, Headmaster Chen couldn’t help rubbing his hands together. “This strange weather… why did the temperature drop so suddenly?”

What the hell…

What was going on?

This was clearly a white cut chicken so weak a gust of wind could blow him over – so why did one look from him make Shi Shuai’s hair stand on end?

Shi Shuai couldn’t figure it out no matter how he thought about it.

Without saying anything, Fang Xing gave a sigh before he smiled and patted this Classmate Shi Shuai on the shoulder. “Do your best…”

Shi Shuai was baffled by Fang Xing’s warning. Of all the people present at the scene, only Fang Xing and Odd Zhuo knew that the moment this Classmate Shi Shuai had dissed crispy noodle snacks… he was already “dead”!

After everyone got into position on the track, the ten thousand-meter relay officially began. Shi Shuai just happened to be the first athlete.

At that moment, the referee raised the starting gun. “Stand by!”

Shi Shuai had already manipulated this heavy black iron sword so that it floated above his head.

It was a lot heavier than the spirit sword that they normally used for practice, and he couldn’t help gritting his teeth. “Shit! ” But things had already come to this point, so he couldn’t back out. Since he had bragged so much earlier, he had to go all out no matter what! At the very least, he couldn’t lose to that white cut chicken!

” Bang !”

The gun was fired.

This robust Classmate Shi strode forward like an arrow let loose! That black iron sword held steady above his head as he sprinted! But it was very obvious that the black iron sword was too cumbersome, so Shi Shuai wasn’t able to reach the speed he wanted; there was still half a lap to go, and he was already sweating buckets!

He had said before that the fastest speed he had ever achieved was thirty-three meters per second, which was over thirty seconds per kilometer.

Very quickly, he passed on the baton.

Super Chen was the second athlete. After taking the baton, Super Chen dashed off at the speed of light while controlling the sword. Shi Shuai bent over with his hands on his knees as he gasped for breath.

He raised his head to look at this time on the electronic board on the side.

Fif… fifty seconds…

How could that be…

Right! It definitely had to be because the black iron sword was too heavy!

Since he could only do fifty seconds, then everyone else’s times definitely wouldn’t be great! Especially that white cut chicken!

Shi Shuai glared fiercely at Wang Ling.

Wang Ling completely didn’t take any notice of him.

Very soon, Super Chen came round with the sword and passed the baton on to the third runner, a boy from Class Two. Unlike Shi Shuai, Super Chen actually didn’t think that this back iron sword was as heavy as he had imagined it to be.

He didn’t even feel like he had sweated much when he passed the baton on.

At this time, everyone was focused on the electronic board while the referee verified the result.

Super Chen’s time was straightaway announced.

“Twenty-nine seconds!”

“What the hell?! He did twenty-nine seconds?!”

“What the hell?! I did twenty-nine seconds?!”

Both Super Chen and Shi Shuai were simultaneously dumbfounded.

“You outdid yourself, Super Chen!” Teacher Ye was wild with joy as he patted Super Chen on the shoulder enthusiastically and couldn’t help hugging him!

Only Fang Xing, standing quietly on the side, smiled with the expression of one who had seen through everything. “Classmate Wang Ling, later, can you help me out a little?”

Wang Ling: “…”

Fang Xing knew that Wang Ling had definitely done something so that Super Chen could finish running his lap so effortlessly. Otherwise, even if Super Chen had outdone himself, it would still have been impossible for him to achieve this heaven-defying time of twenty-nine seconds.

Strategically casting a minor spell in this type of competition couldn’t be any easier for Wang Ling.

Fang Xing was the fourth runner, in front of Wang Ling who was fifth.

The third runner was actually average. Shi Shuai thought that no matter how bad his time was, he was definitely still a lot faster than this person!

When the third runner passed the baton, the whole school almost subconsciously turned their eyes to the electronic board.

The referee announced the result.

Thirty-five seconds!

The whole school screamed!

Shi Shuai: “???”

It was obvious that Wang Ling had cast a minor spell on this boy to make him lighter.

However, Shi Shuai’s earlier time of fifty seconds was actually real – Wang Ling hadn’t done anything.

Above all, their performance in the sports meet was related to the entire school’s reputation, so Wang Ling felt it wasn’t worthwhile to especially go out of his way to trip Shi Shuai up with some obstructive spell. At most, he just wouldn’t help Shi Shuai.

Anyway, Wang Ling was well aware that if he helped push up everyone else’s times, the person who lost face in the end would still be Shi Shuai.

If you didn’t teach this type of troll a lesson…

He would really regard himself as Archimedes 1 !

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