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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 554: The Importance of Encouragement!

Chapter 554: The Importance of Encouragement!

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In that moment, Shi Shuai suddenly started to feel some regret. He had talked big before the relay, but had never ever expected three people one after another to do better than him. Furthermore, they were tens of seconds faster!

How was that possible…

Shi Shuai felt wounded as his confidence was dealt a heavy blow.

But before he could finish lamenting, Fang Xing on the other side moved like a thunderclap, and he simply ran like lightning before smoothly passing the baton to Wang Ling.

Shi Shuai didn’t react at all as he stared blankly at Fang Xing. “Didn’t you just receive the baton?”

This was too fast!

Hands on his hips, Fang Xing smiled as he looked at Shi Shuai. “That’s right, I’m already done.”

Shi Shuai: “…”

On the other side, the referee announced the time.

Fang Xing: twenty-five seconds!

Shi Shuai almost coughed up blood… This was two times faster than his time!

With such a heavy black iron sword, Fang Xing could still run as fast as forty meters per second; was he human?

Seeing this time, Super Chen couldn’t help sighing ruefully even as he sincerely admired Fang Xing’s strength.

To be honest, he had actually disliked Fang Xing in the beginning as he had felt that this person was like the sun wherever he went; he was the complete opposite to Wang Ling, and was especially eye-catching.

Super Chen could admit that he had been a little jealous at the very beginning. But after adjusting his mindset, his impression of Fang Xing was: he had to admire this person!

Sometimes, when you really weren’t a person’s match, you could only accept the truth and then make up your mind to work hard. There was no use just standing on the side and speaking with bitter envy.

After facing up to who Fang Xing really was, Super Chen had nothing but pure admiration for him.

This person had skin as nice as a girl’s and he had the figure of a male model. He was good in both his studies and sports, which was truly rare! This was simply a perfect combination of the best traits of a guy and a girl…

“This Student Fang Xing transferred here just recently, but his performance has been very good.” On the platform, Headmaster Chen praised Fang Xing highly.

“Mm, he’s very good.” Odd Zhuo nodded perfunctorily and wasn’t as excited as Headmaster Chen was about Fang Xing’s outstanding performance; his attention was all on Wang Ling dashing around the field.

This was his first time seeing his shifu run! He was so elegant! As he ran, his bangs were lifted off his forehead to reveal a bright and clean face, which made Odd Zhuo uncontrollably excited – shifu was so handsome!

In the end, Wang Ling’s time as the fifth runner was thirty-two seconds.

Of course, he had specially manipulated this result so that it wasn’t especially high or especially low.

Most importantly, this result was already enough to give Classmate Shi Shuai, who had talked big earlier, a slap in the face.

When his time was announced, Wang Ling didn’t say anything, and only pulled his shirt up to wipe at the sweat on his face.

Odd Zhuo started breathing heavier at this movement, and he couldn’t help giving an inward thumbs-up! Shifu’ s abs were like iron!

The truth was that suppressing the primordial qi that resided in Wang Ling’s body also took physical effort, even with the help of the talisman, since restraining it wasn’t that easy.

When Wang Ling was doing an intense sports activity in particular, the concentration of primordial qi would increase, and Wang Ling would need to run an equal amount of spirit energy through his body in order to suppress and neutralize it. It was like his nerves were stretched taut all the time and he couldn’t relax at all. When he had received the baton from Fang Xing just now, he had been afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold the primordial qi back and that it would leak out.

Otherwise, how would he need thirty-three seconds to finish these one thousand meters – it would have just taken him a blink of an eye.

Controlling his result was too difficult!

Sighing inwardly, he walked quietly across the grass to where their jackets were piled together, picked up his own and put it on.

He realized suddenly that everyone was looking at him strangely.

Why were they all staring at him?

After Wang Ling zipped up his jacket, both Super Chen and Fang Xing came over.

Super Chen couldn’t help praising him. “Not bad, Wang Ling, you’re not completely white cut chicken after all!”

Wang Ling: “???”

Fang Xing gave a faint smile. “What he means is that your abs are pretty good.”

Super Chen was very loud, and when he said “white cut chicken” this nickname very loudly, Wang Ling subconsciously turned to look at Shi Shuai on the side, who was covering his face in shame. But he noticed that while Shi Shuai had his hands over his face, he was still sneaking assessing looks at Wang Ling through his fingers.

Shi Shuai was feeling very remorseful now. For some reason, he found this white cut chicken classmate, who had unintentionally flashed his abs, a little handsome!

Should he apologize or not?

Shi Shuai struggled in his heart…

In the end, No. 60 High School’s ten-men ten thousand-meter relay event took five minutes and forty-three seconds, which was a total of three hundred and forty-three seconds and an average time of 34.3 seconds per person. This was truly a heaven-defying result for the three referees present!

They had just been to Prime Elevation High School High School and Reliance High School earlier, both of which were key city high schools. However, the best time had been six minutes and ten seconds, which was just three hundred and seventy seconds…

Was No. 60 High School really just a normal high school?

The three referees were dazed by this result.

Prime Elevation High School High School and Reliance High School were both key city high schools! Their training venues were far more luxurious than No. 60 High School’s, and their students were clearly more qualified. However, the referees had to admit that No. 60 High School’s batch of Grade One students this time was indeed amazing!

“Congratulations, Teacher Ye! Your results this time are truly remarkable! ”

The three referees all congratulated the sports instructor who was in charge of all the competition events this time, Teacher Ye.

“We were lucky.”

Teacher Ye grinned from ear to ear. “But is our result really that good?”

The three referees twitched their lips in unison…

Three hundred and forty-three seconds…

Hm… they could already freaking enter the city team!

Furthermore, this was just a group of Senior Grade One students; what would happen once they were in Grade Three?

“We already carried out the tests at Prime Elevation High School and Reliance High School; neither of these key city high schools had better results than No. 60 High School. Tomorrow, we’ll be going to Building Materials High School, God Vision High School as well as No. 59 High School to do the test… Generally speaking, the chances of No. 60 High School winning this event this time is very high!” This was the analysis of one of the experienced referees.

First was the neighboring school, No. 59 High School.

Both of the headmasters were from the same sect and both schools were currently on the waiting list to become key city high schools. But based on the quality of this batch of students alone, the chances that the students at No. 59 High School could beat No. 60 High School’s time were very remote.

On the other side was Building Materials High School, an aristocratic and private high school well-known for being established through investments from rich second generation Lin Xiaocong’s dad, Lin Sicong; and God Vision High School, a private high school set up by the Xiao clan. Both schools were evenly matched in overall strength.

But based on the results of the district sports meets in previous years…

These two schools still couldn’t beat Prime Elevation High School and Reliance High School, the latter set up by the head of Reliance Sect, Patriarch Reliance.

So this time, No. 60 High School’s chances of winning were very high!

Headmaster Chen and Director Shi walked the three referees to the main gate.

One of the older referees suddenly said, “Headmaster Chen, if you have the time, you can prepare the acceptance speech for the ten-men ten thousand-meter relay with a sword beforehand.”

“The competition isn’t over, would that be alright?” asked Headmaster Chen.

“I’ve been a referee for several decades – this result from No. 60 High School’s Grade One students this time has already broken a record that is several decades old,” said the old referee. “I hope Headmaster Chen will explain how your students were trained in your acceptance speech.”

“What training, it’s because this batch of kids are talented.”

Headmaster Chen smiled slightly. “As teachers, we need to encourage our students. Only through encouragement can we develop their potential to the fullest… Do you know the president of our Huaxiu’s Foundation for the Disabled, Qin Mu?”

The old referee nodded his head. “Of course I do!”

President of the Foundation for the Disabled, President Qin Mu, was a very renowned person; before he had assumed this role, he had once been a national first-class athlete who had won gold medals in dozens of events and was known far and wide for mastering a Tyrannical Body!

“We actually don’t have this concept of a Tyrannical Body in our cultivation circle; President Qin’s Tyrannical Body took effect by coincidence. The main reason for it was that he had once been instructed by a master at a young age.”

The old referee: “A master?”

“That’s right.” Headmaster Chen nodded and said, “Someone called Sage Tyrant Song tricked him by saying that he had an extraordinary root bone and that he was a martial arts prodigy that only appeared once every century, the Natural Tyrannical Body.”

The three referees were startled when they heard this. “And then?”

Headmaster Chen: “He believed it…”

The referees: “…”

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