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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 555: The Informant’s Address

Chapter 555: The Informant’s Address

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When Wang Ling returned home that night, he saw Loopy Toad’s yellow skintight exercise uniform in the bamboo basket in the garden.

Loopy Toad had been cultivating quite diligently these two days. After dedicating itself to continuously cultivating the “Basic Dog Skills” which Little Silver had given it, it was already becoming more and more familiar with the art.

When Wang Ling pushed the door open, he saw Loopy Toad and Sheep, one dog and one person, lying down in the same pose, as if they had already fused with the floor.

Wang Ling: “…” What are you doing?

Loopy Toad sighed. “Cultivating is tiring, I’m probably a crippled dog now.”

Sheep sighed. “Being a training partner is tiring, and I was grazed today; I’m probably a crippled sheep now.”

What Wang Ling knew was that the “Basic Dog Skills” which Loopy Toad was cultivating now was something that Little Silver had snuck out of Dog Saint’s depository of Buddhist texts. When all was said and done, this was an art which Dog Saint had personally created, so cultivating it certainly wouldn’t be easy. The first two forms were at level four, which Loopy Toad could absorb on its own, but the last five level-five forms would be a little harder to comprehend.

Wang Ling planned to find the time one of these days to help Loopy Toad modify this art slightly.

To be honest, this body-focused spirit technique which Dog Saint had created was pretty amazing; the level of the body techniques involved was different compared with that of regular arts. This was because body techniques could be divided into many forms. Of the seven forms in Loopy Toad’s set of “Basic Dog Skills,” the first two were at level four and the last five were at level five. If Loopy Toad could master all of them and use them together in one strike, its strength would be no less than a grade eight spell.

Although Loopy Toad looked extremely exhausted as it lay on the floor, Wang Ling could clearly feel that its life essence was indeed now different.

When all was said and done, this was a spirit technique which Dog Saint had created by taking the characteristics of dog-type spirit beasts into account; it had been designed for dogs and the meridians which the spirit energy flowed through was also based on a spirit dog’s body. After repeated practice, Loopy Toad’s soul and body were clearly more aligned.

After cultivating the “Basic Dog Skills,” there was obviously much less obstruction in Loopy Toad’s initially closed and blocked meridians!

But Wang Ling remembered that Little Silver had told him previously that there was something which Loopy Toad had to pay attention to in cultivating the “Basic Dog Skills”, but so many years had passed and until now Little Silver still couldn’t recall what it was.

But looking at the current results of Loopy Toad’s cultivation, everything seemed to be going well with these “Basic Dog Skills” and it hadn’t encountered any problems yet.

The midterm exams were already over and the sports meet was already halfway through. The medicine ball event and the battle of soul pets would be on Thursday, and they happened to be taking place at the same time. Once the sports meet was over, Wang Ling thought that his days should settle down for a while… It was thirteen weeks since the start of school, and he had already sent who knew how many people to prison – his heart was very tired!

He wasn’t having a peaceful Senior Grade One at all! The point was that even Wang Ling himself didn’t know how many chapters there were to go before he could graduate!

Pushing his door open, he realized that someone was actually lying on his bed with a pleased and proud expression. “Yo, Lingzi, you’re back!”

Wang Ling: “???” How was this guy here?

Behind Wang Ling, Loopy Toad was also amazed. “The last time you came, didn’t you say Old Qi wouldn’t let you out?”

Wang Ming swiftly replied, “That’s right! But if I don’t see my little brother everyday, I’ll miss him! A day without him is like three seasons…”

Wang Ling and Loopy Toad: “…”

Wang Ming sat up and crossed his legs. “Notice anything different about me today?”

Wang Ling swept his gaze over Wang Ming before stretching out one hand to feel him, only for his hand to pass directly through Wang Ming’s body.

A projection?

Wang Ling raised his eyebrows.

“This is remote projection technology.” Folding his arms, Wang Ming said proudly, “Actually, when Old Qi banned me from going out the last time, I’ve been researching this since then. This projection is mainly controlled through the mind. The furthest distance it can currently cover is the whole of Songhai city. This is mainly because the projection chip I made the last time was too small. After all, this is a preliminary test and I didn’t know if it would succeed or not.”

“It can cover such a long range?” Loopy Toad was startled. “So you can go wherever you want inside Songhai city?”

Wang Ming said furtively, “You should know about our country’s ‘Heavenly E-Satellite,’ right? Several years ago, when we sent someone to replace the satellite’s components, I had that small chip of mine planted among them.”

Loopy Toad: “…”

Wang Ling: “…”

“It’s thanks to this satellite that my projection can cover such a long distance!” Wang Ming manipulated his projection to hover in the air. “Even though I looked like I was lying down on the bed just now, I was actually floating. I can’t touch any material object in projection mode, which is a bit of a pity.”

The corner of Loopy Toad’s lips twitched. “You even want to touch material objects…”

“That isn’t impossible,” said Wang Ming. “Our country’s magic treasure projection technology is already very advanced; it won’t be long before we can connect a magic treasure to a person’s consciousness. Theoretically, the projection will combine with a portion of spirit power to materialize a body part to some extent. In previous tests, we’ve already managed to successfully materialize a projection’s hand, but this technology is still at the experimental stage.”

Loopy Toad had just asked the question casually, and hadn’t expected Wang Ming to rattle on. For zealous scientists, any progress in scientific research would make them increasingly excited the more they talked about it.

Father Wang and Mother Wang didn’t know that Wang Ming’s projection had come here today, because he had directly sent it to Wang Ling’s bedroom in the Wang family’s small villa.

This technology was very formidable, and if what Wang Ming said became a reality, then theoretically he could use a clone to go anywhere in Songhai city with just a thought.

But there was actually also a risk involved; if he was found to be just a projection, this news would definitely blow up. Wang Ming was acutely aware of this point.

Hence, he wouldn’t use this “remote projection technique” so easily.

Looking at Wang Ming’s lifelike projection, Wang Ling couldn’t help asking telepathically, “Did you come here today to show off your projection?”

“Oh, not really.” Wang Ming curled his lips slightly as he smiled. “Apart from this, I have something else I wanted to tell you in person. Didn’t you want me to track down an informant’s address before?”

“You did it?” Wang Ling was very curious.

“This guy’s pretty smart. He hid his coordinates with several heavy security layers; a regular person truly wouldn’t have been able to crack them. This time, I even used a massive amount of the Heavenly E-Satellite’s background data to do the calculations before I successfully locked onto his position.” Wang Ming spread his hands.

Staring at Wang Ling, he said seriously, “This person isn’t easy to deal with. In terms of his tech skills, except for Old Li, he is probably the strongest opponent I’ve come across. If it’s like Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal said and this person truly knows a lot about the past, I’m afraid he might be a hidden big boss – Lingzi, you need to be very careful!”

Wang Ling frowned.

“Do you have the specific location?” Loopy Toad asked on the side.

“I do!” Wang Ming nodded his head. “I traced all the information which this person posted online and finally got repeat hits on an address. What’s interesting is that he always posts from the same place and at a regular time. He’s obviously very confident in his defense measures and doesn’t think that anyone can track down his location… The important thing is that both you and Lingzi are very familiar with this location.”

Loopy Toad: “Where on earth is it?”

Wang Ming officially disclosed the answer, which was a short four words. “No. 60 High School.”

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