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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 556: President Qi Struck Down By “Friendly Fire”…

Chapter 556: President Qi Struck Down By “Friendly Fire”…

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No. 60 High School again?

When Wang Ming disclosed the answer, the corner of Loopy Toad’s eye twitched violently.

Wait a minute! Why had it said…’again’?

Loopy Toad recalled that jeer it had heard when it had still been at No. 60 High School: No. 60 High School is a magical place, a bright longevity village…

It was indeed very magical!

It could almost be said that the big shots had all flocked here.

A Soul Nascent uncle who watched the gate, the teaching pioneer Teacher Pan, a terrifying librarian, Mother Juan from the “World of Black Cuisine,” Old Antique who was an epic-level assassin… Now there was someone who seemed to be a big shot expert “monkey coder.”

But who on earth was this person?

“This person releases explosive news at a fixed time every week. If he has any scoops, he’ll post every Thursday at two in the afternoon. The location is your school’s computer room. From the information we’ve obtained so far, this person is probably a student or a teacher.” Wang Ming put forward his own speculation: “Also, I’m sure that this person uses the same computer every time.”

Every Thursday at two in the afternoon? Wang Ling cupped his chin as he mulled it over. This time was precisely when they had their computer lessons. But the arrangement for the computer classes were slightly different: they rotated between odd and even weeks, so the elite classes only had computer lessons every two weeks. The odd weeks were when the regular classes used the computer room.

In other words, at two in the afternoon on Thursdays, there were four classes in total that used the computer room: two regular classes and two elite classes. Over ninety students were suspects; furthermore, the four teachers that taught the computer course couldn’t be completely discounted… After all, with Old Antique as an example, what if the computer teachers were also big shots?!

“I came here today to test out my remote projection technology and also to let you know about this. In any case, Lingzi, you have to be careful; I have a feeling this person is up to no good,” Wang Ming said.

He had had a strong hunch after locating this mysterious informant’s exact whereabouts. But he had no way to tell whether the other party was friend or foe, so he could only caution Wang Ling.

But it was strange; way back when Wang Ling had first entered the school, Wang Ming had actually checked the identities of all the Grade One students. Except for that daughter of Huaguo Water Curtain Group, everyone else had pretty average family backgrounds and life experiences.

If this “informant big shot” was really one of Wang Ling’s classmates, then this was even more proof that this person was very shrewd and was someone they had to be on guard against.

Back then Wang Ming had even asked Old Qi to use the official database to check all the information on the Grade One students this year one by one: their names, height, gender, and kindergarten files… Wang Ming had gone through them one by one and hadn’t found anyone particularly strange at all.

Oh… There was one!

Wang Ming remembered now!

He remembered that in Wang Ling’s class, there was a student named Hero Guo… This person had so many relatives!

Apart from that, everything else was in fact pretty normal.

Wang Ming was frowning and deep in thought when Wang Ling noticed a sudden change in him. “Crap!”

Wang Ling: “?”

Loopy Toad: “What’s wrong?”

“I have to go back!” Wang Ming looked up. “My original body received news that Old Qi is in the hospital!”

“President Qi… is in the hospital?” The corner of Loopy Toad’s eye twitched as it was directly shocked. “Isn’t President Qi one of the Ten Generals?!”

The Ten Generals were True Immortals… How could he wind up in the hospital?

Wang Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “He ate the dragon pork chop that Zhai Yin cooked.”

Wang Ling and Loopy Toad: “…”


“I already clearly told him, if he wants to eat Zhai Yin’s dragon pork chop, he has to make sure he protects his stomach with spirit energy first.” Wang Ming dropped his forehead into his hand. “Zhai Yin’s pork chops can already be considered weapons of mass destruction…”

“Didn’t you say last time that President Qi banned Zhai Yin from cooking in the lab?” Loopy Toad asked.

“She didn’t cook it in the lab; this time, Zhai Yin cooked it outside and then brought it in. Also, after listening to auntie’s instructions the last time, the pork chop she cooked this time actually looked pretty good. It wasn’t black like before, but golden yellow! The color was very attractive and it didn’t look greasy at all…”

“You didn’t eat it?”

“That’s largely because I was wounded too deeply last time; I’ve been eating porridge these two days to keep my stomach happy… It’s a good thing I didn’t eat it!” Wang Ming broke out in a sweat. “Otherwise, the next time you saw me might have been in an urn! Struck down and turned into a box 1 by friendly fire…”

Wang Ling and Loopy Toad: “…”

“But if it looks good, the taste is probably not bad, right?” Loopy Toad was a bit suspicious. “Can Miss Zhai really be that deadly?”

Wang Ming wore a “you don’t understand” face. “You don’t know… That’s the scariest part! At first, anything that Zhai Yin cooked would turn out black no matter what it was, so no one dared to eat it… Now that she’s gone out to look for a teacher, and after consulting auntie the last time, the food she cooks look completely fine! Like the kind served in a restaurant!”

Speaking up to this, Wang Ming was inevitably haunted by his lingering trauma…

Initially, the food which Zhai Yin cooked didn’t look edible.

Now, the food she cooked was like a mushroom: it looked beautiful but was even more poisonous!

Wang Ming had also noticed a pattern. “The better Zhai Yin’s finished product looks… the more inedible it is – it can cause a True Immortal to be hospitalized after eating it. This thing is already a chemical weapon!”

Wang Ling and Loopy Toad: “…”

It was July 19th on Wednesday in the thirteenth week of the semester.

When Wang Ling went out in the morning, he received a text message from Wang Ming.

President Qi, who had been struck down by friendly fire, had gone to the hospital and had his stomach flushed, and there weren’t any major issues.

Yesterday, it was actually President Qi himself who had been careless and had eaten a mouthful without taking any precautions.

After this incident, he had learned an absolute lesson.

From now on, no matter how good Zhai Yin’s food looked… it couldn’t be eaten! Oh, no, there wouldn’t be any “from now on”… Zhai Yin was now banned from cooking anywhere!

According to Wang Ming, Zhai Yin’s cooking had already been classified by Huaxiu’s Cultivation Academy of Science as a banned “chemical toxin”… Furthermore, its fatality index had already reached level nine, second only to the Heavenly E-Satellite’s level ten “E-Bomb Raining Down From Above”!

In the end, she was a student who had surpassed her master…

In a sense, Wang Ling thought that Zhai Yin was more terrifying than Mother Juan.

At least Mother Juan’s cuisine hadn’t gone so far as to make a True Immortal collapse after eating it…

When Wang Ling got to class, he handed in his homework and began to flip through his history book.

The first class on this Wednesday morning was Old Antique’s theory of history lesson.

And today’s topic, which Wang Ling was very interested in, was the Gate Between Worlds.

Wang Ling didn’t know what kind of gossip Old Antique would share today…

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