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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 557: Old Antique’s Gossip Time

Chapter 557: Old Antique’s Gossip Time

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When Wang Ling got to class that morning, he heard the gossip that Old Antique had broken up with his girlfriend.

Everyone knew who she was. Back when Old Antique had led a group to No. 59 High School to participate in the spirit sword exchange meet, he and the school’s director of education Director Xie had developed feelings for each other.

The news that Old Antique and Director Xie broke up just yesterday spread very quickly, and Dopey Guo had gotten the information firsthand. However, it wasn’t some uncle of his who had told him this time; it was from that “delinquent senior” He Bufeng at No. 59 High School who had decided to turn over a new leaf.

As No. 60 High School’s master of gossip, Dopey Guo’s sources weren’t just his uncles; he was also a famous social butterfly outside of school.

Basically, he would become close to anyone he met.

Then, Dopey Guo would shape them into “intelligence spies” and pull them into his gossip group.

It was human nature to be nosy, but Master of Dopey’s strength lay not just in his fondness for seeking out gossip, but also in his ability to draw people into the gossip as well… This was the scariest part!

A lot of people in class had no idea about Old Antique’s real identity; they just thought that this was his first love and it had to be a heavy blow to him this time. Even at the beginning of the semester, after personally witnessing how Old Antique had shot dead a Golden Core killer with a piece of chalk, Lotus Sun merely thought that Old Antique just wasn’t an ordinary person.

But his identity as Gorgeous Itinerant…

In Grade One, Class Three, Wang Ling was the only one who knew about it.

Back when Old Antique had been in his prime, he had been a teen idol well-known in the killers circle; who knew how many people had set their hearts on him… But when it came to feelings, Wang Ling felt that in the end, he himself was still young and it wasn’t good for him to say too much. Maybe it was right for Old Antique to put an end to this love affair; after all, for “Gorgeous Itinerant,” Director Xie in the end was just a fragile woman.

When Old Antique arrived at the classroom, he found it inexplicably quiet and no one was talking.

The class thought that Old Antique would be in a low mood today. Who knew he would stand on the dais with a bag of latiao and a big smile on his face as usual, as if nothing had happened.

“Students, let’s get ready for class. Everyone, turn to chapter five on modern history in your history textbook. Today, let’s talk about the Gate Between Worlds.” Old Antique rubbed his hands together. He hadn’t brought any books with him or prepared any powerpoint slides since these things were long engraved into his memory. Outstanding teachers who were completely familiar with the teaching materials basically didn’t need to use books at all in their lessons.

Everyone: Stare…


Old Antique: “Students, if you have something to say, do so, don’t just ‘stare…’ at me. I’m very shy!”

Everyone continued: Stare…

Old Antique wasn’t stupid; coupled with the unusual silence of the classroom when he had entered, he guessed that the matter of his breakup with Director Xie had most likely been exposed. After all, when the two of them had been together, students from both schools had known all about it. Now that they had separated, this gossip would naturally spread.

Old Antique had in fact predicted it, but the only thing he hadn’t expected was how fast the gossip traveled.

They broke up just yesterday in the afternoon, but this morning it seemed that the whole world already knew about it… No wonder even the old man who sold egg pancakes at the gate had given him a strange look this morning, and had even especially used an extra egg and added a slice of tenderloin meat in brown sweet sauce…

Old Antique now finally understood its meaning.

It actually meant…

Brown tenderloin (Chicken has flown) and broken egg 1 ?

Old Antique fished out a latiao and stuck it in his mouth. “I believe all of you already know, but you are correct… we broke up!” It was no use hiding it. Anyway, since everyone knew about it, Old Antique thought he might as well let them talk about it to their hearts’ content first before they settled down for the lesson.

“Why did you break up?” Dopey Guo already couldn’t hold back his desire to gossip.

“Partly because of work, and also myself… But don’t worry, it was an amicable breakup. It won’t affect the friendship between No. 59 High School and No. 60 High School.” Speaking up to this point, Old Antique couldn’t help spreading his hands. “Actually, it’s also because I’m quite playful… Girlfriend or whatever, I’m probably not cut out for it. I won’t have anymore girlfriends after this for the rest of my life, and I can only rely on my two hands to continue to live…”

Everyone: “…”

Old Antique raised his eyebrow. This topic of conversation was over and it was clear that he didn’t want to continue with it.

” Ahem … Now let’s officially start our lesson!”

After returning to the topic of the lesson, Old Antique looked serious. “I believe that everyone has heard about the Gate Between Worlds from various sources. Previously, because it descended at random intervals, our country suffered huge losses and disasters. But now, we have fairly sophisticated surveillance equipment that can detect fluctuations from the Gate in advance. Furthermore, our country already leads the world in terms of the precautionary and surveillance methods we use.”

“The Gate Between Worlds didn’t just descend in our country, right?” Little Peanut couldn’t help asking at this point.

“Of course.” Old Antique nodded. “The coordinates for its landing are random; there are records of it landing not just locally but also abroad. Although the number of times it has descended is low, it isn’t zero. As everyone knows, the Gate Between Worlds is connected to the demon world, which has all kinds of demon beasts, demon kings and even demon gods who control several major territories among the demon race. But do you know, above the demon gods, there is in fact a supreme ruler of the demon race…”

“A supreme ruler?” Everyone was shaken.

Many of the people present, including Wang Ling, had heard plenty of stories about the Gate Between Worlds from a very young age. As far as they knew, demon gods were already the rulers of the demon world. A demon god governed a demon territory and its rank was equal to that of a head of state in the human world. This was the first time everyone was hearing about a supreme ruler.

“It’s quite normal for you to not have heard of this concept. After all, this is historical knowledge you’ll only come across once you enter university, so at this stage it’s still a little remote for you. I’ll just say a little bit… This demon ruler is also known as Demon Saint. However, up until now, Demon Saint hasn’t been involved once in any battle between the human race and the demon world.”

“So… does Demon Saint actually exist?” Someone started to raise doubts.

“Yes, Demon Saint certainly does exist. This is information we extracted from the memories of demon gods who died in battle. What we’ve learned from their memories is that Demon Saint is extremely powerful… But so far we don’t know why Demon Saint hasn’t made a move in any conflict, and has chosen to lurk instead.”

A slightly reminiscent expression on his face, Old Antique said, “Currently, our country actually has very limited information on Demon Saint. But there are three things we can be sure of…

“First: Demon Saint does exist.

“Second: The position of Demon Saint can be handed down based on an inheritance system; the current Demon Saint is a second generation successor.

“Third: From the memories of the demon gods, we know that the current Demon Saint is a merman. We also call it: Second Generation Merman 2 …”

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