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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 558: Loopy Toad’s Customized Magic Treasure

Chapter 558: Loopy Toad’s Customized Magic Treasure

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The legend of Demon Saint had actually already been around for a long time, but as Old Antique had said, this was knowledge that students would only learn about in advanced textbooks at university; most students in high school wouldn’t come across it.

Demon Saint did exist. According to Old Antique, General Yi and the other nine Founding Generals had concocted a plan to capture demon gods alive, which was far harder to do than just directly killing them. They had learnt about Demon Saint from the three demon gods that they had captured alive, but not long after their memories were extracted, the skins of these three demon gods had started to disintegrate before everyone’s eyes, until they were finally reduced to flying ash.

“Did those demon gods die?” Listening to Old Antique’s story, everyone in class was a little confused.

“Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t… The only thing we can be sure of is that Demon Saint was behind all this,” Old Antique said, frowning. “After the human world and the demon world were connected via the Gate Between Worlds as the hub, human cultivators have since been researching the demon race. Their power source is different from our spirit energy; whenever they have to use a technique of any kind, they have to rely on the demon qi of the demon world.

“And it is precisely because the composition of their power source is different from ours that the way in which the demon race inherits power is certainly different from true human cultivators. The so-called demon gods are just subordinates appointed by Demon Saint, the biggest ruler behind the demon race. As long as it finds a suitable successor, Demon Saint has its own way of turning them into gods.”

“Is it a legacy inheritance?” Little Peanut asked again.

“It’s a little similar, but there’s a difference. To ensure that their Daoist teachings would last for a long time to come, the Almightys of the past would choose to take in disciples and impart to them whatever they had learned in their lifetimes so that their disciples would inherit their legacies. By personally passing on these teachings as well as embedding the power source in their bodies, this could greatly reduce the time it took for a successor to cultivate this legacy. However, a genuine legacy inheritance cannot be absorbed in one go.”

After this, Old Antique fell silent. In fact, there was one particular thing he didn’t mention, and that was about Immortal She Pi, who had used new life as a way of directly passing his inheritance down to his child. This was an extraordinary way of passing on a legacy. However, the success rate was generally very low, and required that special attention be paid to the elements in the harmony between Yin and Yang.

Moreover, those who chose this way to pass on their legacies would eventually use up their lives and die.

So Fang Xing was a special case in which this method had succeeded… But this kind of special case was truly rare. Immortal She Pi’s success was largely due to the fact that he was both Fang Xing’s father and mother, so there was no need at all to pay attention to the theory of harmony between Yin and Yang, since they would be very attuned to begin with…

“Like in the previous incident with the old devil, he took advantage of many cultivators who sought instant success, and tricked them into looking for the stone ghost mask in the name of legacy inheritance when he was actually looking for a corporeal body to possess.”

Old Antique said with a smile, “So, dear students, if you come across a wonderful thing like this legacy inheritance, please go to the Regulatory Legacy Inheritance Agency to register; this is a department which our country has. On the whole, however, the probability of coming across such a good thing basically isn’t high.”

“Wh… why?”

“Becoming a disciple now isn’t as easy as it used to be. In the past, as long as you were talented, you might get noticed by the big names. But now, following the increasing advancements in science in the cultivation world, it can be said that the scope is becoming increasingly wider for these big names. Talent alone isn’t enough; you have to be able to talk and handle various matters as well as endure a test of your nature… If you’re told to serve tea, you serve tea. You need to come when called and go where you’re ordered to, and even if you become a waiter for a hundred years, you can’t complain. Nowadays, isn’t it the trend to enter a family tree? This is in fact one way of finding a successor to the legacy.”

Old Antique’s words were spoken a little mockingly. Although his tone sounded relaxed, Wang Ling noticed that many of the students in class became lost in deep thought.

As kids, a lot of people had probably fantasized about what it would be like to suddenly wake up one day with the power they had always dreamed of. The typical channel of legacy inheritance was indeed a way to obtain strength in a short time, but it was often very difficult to achieve.

Today, you could join someone else’s family tree and become a disciple, but if your ” shifu ” wasn’t satisfied with you, you could be directly struck out of the family tree in a matter of minutes.

To be water-injected pork 1 , or to be a thinking reed 2 ?

This was a question worth pondering.

As a result, legacy inheritance wasn’t as glamorous as it seemed. In this world, meat pies didn’t just fall from the sky. Sometimes, the truth behind something was a lot more complicated than it seemed.

Staring at the relaxed expression on Old Antique’s face, Wang Ling realized that this was also a large part of Old Antique’s great charm, that he could inadvertently cause the students to reflect on a series of things.

Perhaps he realized that the atmosphere in class was a little heavy; Old Antique rubbed the back of his head and smiled as he said, “Of course, if I accept a disciple, I don’t have too many requirements. First, they definitely have to know enough about history, and also a lot of gossip. Second, they should know how to play!”

Dopey Guo suddenly raised his hand in excitement. “Teacher, teacher! How about me?”

Old Antique looked at him. “Do you eat latiao ?”

Dopey Guo: “No…”

Old Antique smiled broadly. “Looking into your eyes 3 , you’re not the one I’m looking for…”

Dopey Guo: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Today was Wednesday and the day that Loopy Toad had arranged with Fatty Luo the last time to pick up its custom-made magic treasure. Because Fatty Luo didn’t use chat apps, Loopy Toad didn’t even know what the final design of this custom-made magic treasure looked like.

There was only one Bone King, which had been left behind by poor Dog Saint; it could be said that it was quite rare. If Fatty Luo had messed it up, could the cover of that Dog Saint hot pot be kept down 4 ?

Since Sheep had already shown the way the last time, Loopy Toad went by itself this time. This Amitayus Road was a smithing street. Fatty Luo’s metalware store wasn’t eye-catching, but according to the cultivation review website, it was an excellent five-star store on Amitayus Road.

Even as it approached the entrance, Loopy Toad was still trying to imagine what kind of magic treasure Fatty Luo could have forged the Bone King into.

Fatty Luo nodded in tacit understanding when he saw Loopy Toad enter the store. “Wait here, I’ll go and get the thing.” With that, he turned around and went to the room at the back of the store which was solely for refining artifacts.

After a few minutes or so, he came out holding a box which he gently placed in front of Loopy Toad. “Brother Dog, this is the magic weapon that was refined from your Bone King. It’s a third-class holy weapon, but there’s still a lot of room to expand on it. If we can find the appropriate materials later, we can continue working on it and upgrade it to second class, or even first class.”

“Third class? Not bad!” Loopy Toad’s eyes lit up.

After all, it had been forged in such a short time. Loopy Toad wasn’t too picky about the weapon’s grade, as long as it could use it smoothly. The main point, moreover, was that there was still room to upgrade the Bone King.

Folding his arms, Fatty Luo was very pleased with himself. “Brother Dog, open it, I’m in fact very satisfied with this work.”

When Loopy Toad opened the box, a lustrous green light burst forth.

Loopy Toad’s expression was a little despondent.

It understood that during the refining process, the Bone King as the main component might indeed be affected by other supplementary materials, resulting in a slight discoloration of the product…

But why…

Did it have to be green again…

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