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The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Web Novel) - Chapter 559: Versatile Bone King

Chapter 559: Versatile Bone King

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Would Loopy Toad be unable to get away from “green” for the rest of its life…

At first, its inward reaction was to reject it, but when it calmed down and took a careful look at this refined “Bone King,” it found that it was in fact very beautiful. It wasn’t pure green, but shot through with white. It felt a little like jade, and the more one looked, the more pleasing it was to the eye.

After it was refined, the Bone King no longer showed any traces of having being broken. After polishing, it seemed more delicate compared with the raw material, but it was more compact. If you had to describe it, it looked a little like the green jade dog beating staff 1 Loopy Toad had read about in martial arts novels…

“It looks good.”

Loopy Toad said, “But… is it fragile?”

“Hehe, this is a third-class holy weapon, how fragile can it be?” Fatty Luo waved his palm-leaf fan and took down a black longsword from the shelf next to them. “This is a magic weapon for testing. I’ll give it a slice and show you.”

After that, before Loopy Toad could react, Fatty Luo brought the sword down. With a bang, green spirit light reflected off the Bone King and the black longsword directly shuddered before splitting into two parts.

“This Bone King now might not be the most deadly, but it’s very tough. Furthermore, it’s also very versatile and can be adapted for use in various situations. Its outer form can change at will,” Fatty Luo said.

“Change the outer form at will?” Loopy Toad was dazed. This was the first time it had heard of such a magic weapon attribute.

For example, the Wuji Umbrella which belonged to President Bai, President of the Demon Hunters Association, had the “space” magic treasure attribute.

Evil Sword God’s “Heaven-Cleaving sword,” obtained from his master Sword Immortal Fanrui, had the “chaos” magic treasure attribute.

The magic treasure attribute of Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal’s Brilliant Victory sword was “supreme defense.”

Little Master Ling’s Lord Jingke had the “strength” magic treasure attribute.

But what kind of attribute was “change at will”?

“It’s a little troublesome to explain, but it can also be described as a kind of spatial ability. However, it’s a very special spatial ability, different from common spatial attributes like space teleportation. As for the Bone King in your hand, it can change freely according to the environment and become whatever you want it to be.”

It was actually a little complicated to explain, so Fatty Luo simply gave a direct demonstration. Holding the Bone King in his hand, he injected spirit energy into it before shouting, “Sword, come!”

Loopy Toad then saw green spirit energy spring up over the Bone King, and it actually turned into a jade sword in Fatty Luo’s hand…

“It can do that?” Loopy Toad was amazed.

After the demonstration, Fatty Luo dropped the Bone King into Loopy Toad’s paws.

“Mmm, that’s what ‘change at will’ means,” Fatty Luo said. “When used properly, this bone from Dog Saint is a very strong magic weapon. It can both attack and defend. ‘Change at will’ isn’t a common attribute. But as you can see, it takes time to transform; the more complex the shape, the longer it takes. It’ll require a lot of practice.”

At that point, Fatty Luo said, “Have you wondered, when your rapport with this Bong King has improved after some time and produces a weapon spirit… what kind of weapon spirit will it be?”

Loopy Toad: “All I want is, no more green…”

Fatty Luo: “I don’t know whether or not it’ll be green, but since the raw material of this Bone King is Dog Saint’s bone, the weapon spirit might very likely be a dog…”

Loopy Toad: “It’s fine if it’s a dog. We also have plenty of them with loli voices in the dog circle now.”

“Loli… loli voice…” Fatty Luo sweated.

Generally speaking, however, a weapon spirit’s form was produced after the magic weapon and its owner had been in close rapport with each other for a long time. Usually, a weapon spirit’s appearance and personality wouldn’t stray too far from what its owner wanted.

Of course, there was also a very small chance that its form would be the complete opposite of what its owner wanted… For example, Dog Two currently wanted its weapon spirit to be a dog with a loli voice, so the chances of it getting a brawny brother dog were very low.

Loopy Toad nodded and mentioned Wei Zhi. “Yep – I have a pet trainer friend, right? After getting to know him, I learned a lot of secrets about the dog circle.”

Fatty Luo: “…”

Loopy Toad spread its paws. “In our spirit dog circle, there’s a little radish 2dog who rakes in loads from a shit-shoveling officer called Paladin by chatting with him through their headphones everyday as they game online.”

Fatty Luo: “Little… radish dog?”

Loopy Toad nodded. “That’s right! A little radish dog! Aren’t puppy dogs 3 and wolf cubs 4 popular now? Little radish dogs are another type.”


Fatty Luo suddenly felt that his understanding of the world had increased.

Loopy Toad retrieved the Bone King from Fatty Luo without a hitch, and the whole process didn’t take long.

At Fatty Luo’s store earlier, it had already dropped some of its dog blood onto the Bone King to create the bond between weapon and owner.

It decided to refine its cultivation of the “Basic Dog Skills” and learn how to use the Bone King for the rest of the day after it returned home.

Tomorrow was Thursday, which was when the battle of soul pets would happen. Since it was able to obtain the Bone King in time, Loopy Toad decided to test out how good the Bone King was in actual combat.

Real fighting experience was often very important.

Of course, tomorrow’s “battle of soul pets” was just a bit of fun for Loopy Toad; it wanted to conserve its true energy for the upcoming fight when it returned to its clan.

“Friday…” Loopy Toad had already decided on a time. The time prophesied in its dream was drawing near; it had to go back and settle everything once and for all.

To this day, Loopy Toad couldn’t forget that scene in its prophetic dream where venerable Elder Wen of the Toad clan led the ministers in tearful prayer in the main temple hall; it was as if it had turned into a nightmare, which haunted Loopy Toad from time to time.

It was time to put an end to everything…

On the way home, Loopy Toad looked up at the sky. For a moment, the scene seemed to blur as Loopy Toad saw the blue sky that could only be seen in its native land.

When Loopy Toad got home, it changed into its yellow skintight exercise uniform and planned to ask Sheep to be its training partner. Yesterday, it had executed the first and second forms together, and had grazed her skirt… This was an immensely groundbreaking improvement! And Loopy Toad’s ultimate goal was to lift Sheep’s skirt!

But after searching for a long time, it didn’t find any trace of Sheep.

Loopy Toad looked at the time and only then remembered that this was precisely when the old man went grocery shopping, so it was very likely that he and Sheep had gone out to buy groceries.

Wang Ling had already come back from school; looking out the window on the second floor, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

He glanced at Jingke on the bed. Jingke trembled slightly in response and swiftly transformed into his human shape as he came to Wang Ling’s side.

Wang Ling looked at Loopy Toad in the garden, who was looking for a training partner, and rubbed Jingke’s head.

Jingke yawned, then turned into a stream of light and landed directly in front of Loopy Toad.

The sudden descent of this brown spirit light scared Loopy Toad. “???”

Jingke’s face turned serious. “I’ll, be, your, opponent.”


Loopy Toad: “Can, I, refuse…”

Jingke: “No, way.”

Loopy Toad: “…”

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